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Laado 16th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Yuvraj helps Meera marry Vishal, stops Rantej

Laado 16th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rantej assuring Tej that they haven’t left any proofs against Khushi or Janvi’s rape case. Meera tells Anu that he wants to marry me and wants to start new life. Anu asks who? Meera says Vishal. Anu gets happy and hugs her. Meera asks Anu to say no. Yuvraj picks a rod and walks toward Rantej and Tej. Meera says she don’t want to marry him as she don’t want his parents to think that she has trapped him. Vishal says lets parents decide. His father on video call tells Meera that they have no objection. His mum tells that they shall get the dress finalized by bahu herself. Meera covers her head with Pallu. Vishal’s mum asks which dress she would like to wear. Meera points finger at red. Anu says she likes red. Meera cries and hugs Anu. Anu asks them not to wait for marriage and

says it will happen today. Vishal says right.

Yuvraj thinks Rantej your game ended. Just then he got a call and hides. Rantej asks who is here? Yuvraj gets Meera’s call and she tells him that she had no option than to leave Rantej. Yuvraj says I understand that you have done right. Meera gets peaceful and tells him that she is getting married. Yuvraj is shocked. Anu takes the call from Meera and says Yuvraj will tell Rantej now and he will try to stop the marriage. Yuvraj comes back to the place where Rantej was and sees him gone. He says you have tortured Meera a lot, who will save you now. Anu asks her Mardani team to be careful and make sure marriage happens.

Pandit ji asks them to call the bride. Mardani gang brings Meera and makes her sit beside Vishal for marriage. Anu says you both are looking perfect. Pandit ji asks them to exchange garlands.

Rantej asks Tej to enquire about the number. Dushyant informs Malhari and Rantej that Meera is getting married to Dr. Vishal in temple. Rantej, Tej and their goons leave to stop marriage. Mardani gang stop their way holding lathi. Anu asks Pandit ji to read mantras. Rantej asks Tej and goons to fight with the mardani gang. They begin fighting. Anu ties the ghatbandhan. Veerpur ki mardani prays….Rantej walks towards the mardani gang. Tej is beaten up and faints. Rantej pushes one of the mardani woman and come to the marriage altar. He shouts Meera and comes towards her to stab sword, but Yuvraj holds the sword. Meera shouts. Yuvraj asks Pandit ji to resume the wedding and says it shall not stop. Meera and Vishal continue to take rounds. Rantej asks Yuvraj to move from his way. Pandit ji says marriage is completed. Rantej says you have done wrong and goes. Yuvraj throws the sword on floor.

Yuvraj tells Meera that he came to know about the truth and prays that she stays happy always. Anu hugs her. Vishal and Meera leave from there. Anu and Yuvraj looks at each other. He tries to speak. She tears her dupatta and ties on her injured hand. Teri Ore plays…..

Rantej tells Malhari what Yuvraj did. Tej comes and tells that the number is registered with Yuvraj’s name. Malhari says it means he came to know that you three have raped and murdered Janvi. Yuvraj comes and shouts Rantej. Rantej says I will not leave him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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