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Kundali Bhagya 16th March 2018 Written Episode Update; Karan and Preeta spend night in a house on way

Kundali Bhagya 16th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Preeta get down the trolley as the driver took the keys along. They walk together.
Shrishti was in terrace and says falling in love is never deliberate. She goes to inquire Sameer about what’s in his heart.
While walking, Karan spots a cycle and shouts cheerfully. Preeta could see a man peeing nearby. Karan tries to run away with the cycle but Preeta didn’t let him. She shouts there is a thief. The cycle owner hurries and offers a single ride at a time to anyone. Karan says only he will ride the cycle, Preeta never wanted a lift. As he rides Karan rejects the idea of riding the cycle. He asks the man about a nearby place to rest. Preeta spots a house nearby. The cyclist says its haunted place. Karan says Preeta is a doctor, she doesn’t believe in super natural and insists upon going

in. Preeta couldn’t deny but was afraid.
Karan opens the main door of the house, it was resided by colony of bats. Karan teases Preeta who was already afraid. She drags Karan outside as they can’t stay here. There was a sudden thunderstorm outside. Karan makes fearful voices, he says he can sense some dark shadows welcoming them. He says thank you to them. Preeta wasn’t ready to stay in, Karan tells her to confess that she is afraid of ghosts. She also needs to confess that girls need boys for protection and support. Preeta wasn’t ready to accept this. Karan then notices there was a blanket in the hall. Both lay over the straw bed. As she was about to cover herself with the shawl, Karan hands the blanket to her.
Kritika tells Sameer not to act smart. She points towards what happened in the kitchen, and the intensities of eye locks. She thinks about an idea to make both confess their love. She says it was only a confusion, Shrishti is a smart and confident girl and can never fell in love with someone as dumb as Sameer. Shrishti had come behind the wall to hear. Kritika tells Sameer to never propose Shrishti even if he loves her, he will be rejected. Sameer was intrigued and tells Kritika that it’s Shrishti who proposed him; he only accepted it as not to hurt her. Shrishti was irked and says she will remember each word he just said. Kritika was happy about the budding romance between them and wish this happens to Preeta and Karan as well.
Preeta was irritated by Karan’s smirking face. She turns her face around and was fearful of the paintings and walls across. Karan thinks about an idea, he goes to wear another blanket and ghostly mask and approaches Preeta making fearful sounds. Preeta screams in fear and tries to run away, then faints. Karan gets the mask off his face and explains it was Karan. He mocks her who boasted to turn a ghost’s thumb into a finger. He says only men have the real heart. Preeta was determined to teach him a good lesson today.
The driver tells Prithvi that the way to bypass road is not good to go. Prithvi wasn’t ready to listen to his advices. He spots Karan’s car being fixed by a mechanic; he says Karan’s car went out of order but he wasn’t there himself. He brought the car to gallery himself. Prithvi wonders where they left if the car was out of order. He calls Sherlin and asks about Karan and Preeta. Sherlin says they didn’t come here. Prithvi says Karan’s car is in the gallery, but they have vanished. Sherlin says they must take advantage of their missing. She suggests him create a drama that Preeta left with Karan and is out so late. She considers it a golden chance to ruin Preeta’s character. Prithvi loves the idea and was determined to bring a new dangerous chapter into their lives.
Karan felt sleepless and thinks he needs his pillow. This straw is hurting him. He thinks about an idea and lay his head over Preeta’s arm. Preeta was shocked to see him. Karan thanks her for the pillow and says he sleeps on Rishab’s arm when he doesn’t find his pillow at home. Preeta tries to drag her arm, they face an eye lock being close to each other.

PRECAP: Prithvi comes to farm house and asks about Preeta. He says he is sure she must be somewhere with Karan in the farmhouse, she always spend time with Karan.

Update Credit to: Sona

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