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Kaisa yeh ishq hai (Ragsan ff) Pt 4 by Aliya

Let’s begin….

San goes out….

He gets rishi’s call

San picks:ha bhaai
Rishi: Sanskar… She isn’t target of your angry ryte?
San just then remembered he was lil rude to her

Finding his silence: wn you will change Sanskar! For god sake atleast be her friend

San:i hv told you many times Bhai…
Rishi: she came with you trusting you..m just asking you to be her friend atleast.. She deserves that
San:bhaai..i hv important meeting will call you back later.

He disconnects the call…
He unlocks the car and was abt to open the car…bt again locks it and moves in..

Sanskar opens the apoartment

He sees Ragini still was stanfing in the kitchen
He sees the coffee she prepared..he takes it..

Rag sees him:that coffee is made by me

He looks at her..

San:u don’t need to do from now on

Rag herself: why is he confusing me? Is my life less in confusion that i got whole packet of confusion in form of husband

San goes to sink and was abt to wash cup

Rag:i would do that….
San:no i told u..i will do my work myself

Rag murmurs:then do mine too

San after washing his cup..takes her cup from her and washes it and goes



Rag was bored…and she moves to the room wch is locked

She tries to open it bt it isn’t opening..
Thrn she moves to balcony and looks the whole area wch was looking so beautiful

Then she calls her family and talks…

She sees down and smiles..

And she goes down..

Where some old men’s were playing carrom and old ladies were talking

She goes and introduces herself to them.. She to joins on carrom
She mingles with all

And the whole day passes…

She waits for sanskar….

Then she gets rishi’s call..
Rag:hello.. bhaiyya..(m only laughing typing this “bhaiyya”😜😜)

Rishi:so did you like chennai
Rag:ha bhaiyya…this place is so good

Rish: is sanskar back home
Rag:no..i think he is busy
Rishi:ha may be…
Rag: bhaiyya…where you did my posting
Rishi: don’t worry Ragini.. u can join after 15 days
Rag:no i want to join tommorrow
Rag:plzz Bhaiyya…
Rishi:ok then i will text sanskar the address..he will droo u there
Rag: thankyou
Rishi:before this relationship.. We were friends
Rag: ha…
Rishi: if you hv anything to share remember me….
Rag: ok..and i will
Rish:ok then bhaiyya

Rishi was getting angry on sanskar that for whole day he left Ragini alone…

Rag waiting for sanskar sleels in sofa..

Sanskar opens the door with spare keys
He sees Ragini sleeping on sofa…

Rag wakes and sees him

San:sleep in room and from tmrw onwards you don’t wait for me…

He goes and opens the locked room…after entering he locks it

Rag:why is he like this?🤔🤔


Rag: suniye ji…did bhaiyya sent you the address

San was toasting the bread for him


Rag:if you could drop me there

San:i hv said vighnesh…he will drop you

Rag:i expected you would come with me…this is my first…..she feels sad

San: Wats the big deal in it?
He opens his laptop…

Rag herself:i m seeing from yesterday..this guy is confusing with his…. attitude saala😡😡😡 she was glaring him like she would kill him any moment…

Sanskar felt her gaze and he looks her.. Rag immediately changes her expression into a wide smile…

Rag:ok…i vl come now as neeche ki floor ki aunty ne bulaya hai

He didn’t say anything

Rag moves to the door

San:i hv 5 min work and then i will leave

She turns and smiles widely bt he was on his laptop only

Rag: for Ragini…5 min tho bohoth hote hai…

She runs to lift..and goes to ground floor….
She sees small cycles of kids there

She keeps it in the middle of the lift

She looks at the car’s parked there she gets confused…

She sees the watch man

Rag: uncle.. Uncle

Watchman turns and looks at her
Rag: do you know my husband’s car

Watchmen:are you sanskar sir’s wife..18th floor..flat no 1806

Rag: yes..
Watch man: see it’s here.. Your flat number

Rag smiles: thankyou uncle

Rag goes to the car..bends towards the tyre

Here sanskar was pressibg the lift button….wch is showing ground floor only…
He takes the steps…as he was late…

Here Rag takes the pin and removes the air from front 2 tyres…

Watchman was like😨😨😨😨: wat r u doing Mrs.Sanskar..

She turns and winks at him

Sanskar reach the ground he comes towards his car…

Watchman sees Sanskar and gets worried

San sees him: wat?

Watchman:ji woh.. He looks at Ragini bt there was none..woh woh sir tyres
San looks at the tyres and was shocked

Rag comes behind Sanskar

Watchmen sees her

Rag signs ✌✌✌ and gives him a mischievous smile

San: how’s this possible? I hv checked the air at night and came and now it’s punctured

Rag acting worried: wat hpnd ji?

Rag smiles a bit seeing tensed Sanskar

Rag:oh god..how did this hpn?

Rag was showing the pin to Watchman and smiling

San: i think this is did by someone

Rag immediately fists the pin..

Watchmen: yes sir..

Rag looks at him shocked

San: do you know who had done this stupid prank …
Rag nods in no to Watchman.. She folds her hand

Watchman: i mean i was also saying it looks like someone did.. Bt no one came here..i think while your way back home something hpnd

Rag: oh now how will you go?

At the time vighnesh comes

She looks pissed at Vignesh.. It may spoil her plan

Vignesh:sir.. Is everything ok?
San: tyre is punchered
Vig:how sir?he looks at him…

Rag shows him pin… She smiles mischievously


San:vignesh..call mechanic..and give me car keys…
Rag:how..how will I go?
San:i will drop you.. On my way

Vignesh gives the car keys… And sanskar guess to the car

Rag: thankyou uncle thankyou bhaiyya..

She runs to the car….

She sits in the car…

San drives…

After sometime..

Rag was sleepy…

She looks at sanskar and shows meter which is in between 40 and 60

Rag was cursing herself: why did i do those things mummy 😭😭😭😭isko gaadi chalani bhi nai aati😭😭😭

And finally…. No finalllllllllllllllllyyyy

They reached…

Rag gets down the car

Rag: thanks… She waits for him to wish her luck

Bt he leaves..

Rag sadly moves to hospital..she was shown to the cabin of M.D doctor karthik..

He calls dr.adithya…and tells him to explain the duty of Ragini

Rag goes with adi..

Adi laughs..its his wierd habbit of laughing even if he is happy sad tensed anything

Rag looks at him
Adi:Dr.Ragini..aap kahan ki regna wali ho
Rag:i m from delhi and my husband is working in chennai..so i settled here
Adi: oh nice…

Voice:adi with who you r talking..let me introduce…

Rag turns and sees him with a confused smile she felt like she saw him…

Guy smiles surprisingly:oh god Ragini..its you..wat a pleasant surprise

Rag mentally sleeps for her weak memory wch regained

Rag herself: he is kabeer urf krish…

(If you hv a weak memory like Ragini then i want to make you remember..krish is the same crush krish😜😜😜 Ragini’s crush)

(Kabeer is played by vatsal seth… Don’t even think he is negative… He is positive and happy go lucky guy)


Adi:no dr.Ragini he is kabeer

Kabeer: kabeer is for you dumbo..i m krish for my closed one’s and Ragini you got married…?so soon.. Atleast u could hv waited for me

Rag herself: i had many options be my fate had the box of attitude..so wat can i do??

Kabeer:i was joking Ragini don’t take it serious

Rag smiles

Then they goes to duty…

Few days passed
With this adi Ragini and krish got an unbreakable bond of friendship
And Sanskar as always stayed like a dhuki aatma
Rag was attending her time in hospital or with adi krish or with apartment ppl’s in these days she felt bored with Sanskar

To be continued……

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