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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 16th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Namrata loses the shivlings

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 16th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rahul explaining Gauri that dangerous people are after shivling and they have to take police’s help. Gauri says our ways are different now. Rahul says fine, when we get the shivling, it will go to police station, even if I have to snatch them from you, I will not let you play this blind beliefs. Gauri goes. Rahul leaves. Namrata goes after Gauri and asks will you leave me too, I left village to join you, we will see the nine shivlings don’t go to police. Latika calls Namrata and says we got seven shivlings. Namrata happily jumps and then changes topic in front of Gauri. Latika asks her to go and check on Thakur and Lakhan once. Namrata agrees. She wishes Gauri tells her about the last two shivlings. Thakur and Lakhan get the shivlings chest. Thakur says its temple’s

responsibility, we have to place this in temple again. Lakhan says believe me, I m with you till I die. Thakur and Lakhan check the doors. Lakhan says its all locked. Thakur says we can’t leave from here, we shall go upstairs and find some way. Latika is on the way. Shambu sees her.

Thakur and Lakhan look for some way. Thakur sees a window. He breaks the bars of the window with much difficulty. Lakhan asks Thakur to leave. Thakur says I can’t leave, you go. They see Namrata coming. Thakur asks him to leave before she comes upstairs. Namrata finds them gone and worries. She looks for shivlings. She hears a sound and goes upstairs. Lakhan gets stuck.

Thakur asks him to go fast. Lakhan falls down and asks Thakur to come down. Thakur keeps shivlings in the cloth and throws down to Lakhan. Lakhan catches the shivlings and prays. Thakur asks him to run with shivlings. Namrata catches Thakur. Thakur slaps her and asks Lakhan to go fast. Lakhan asks him to come along, he won’t go without him. Namrata injects Thakur. Thakur says run Lakhanpal, shivling has to be safe. Namrata asks him not to dare run. Thakur holds Namrata’s leg. She gets free from him and takes a knife from her purse. Thakur faints. Lakhan runs with shivlings. Namrata runs after him and asks him to stop. She throws knife at him. He gets stabbed in his leg. He removes the knife and runs. He sees a lorry and throws the shivlings inside it. Namrata shouts stop. Lakhan laughs and gets glad. She angrily beats him to pulp. He says you can’t do anything now.

Shivlings fly in air and take a round. Latika wakes up from sleep and finds the shivlings gone. She sees the bus empty and running without the driver. She gets worried and jumps down the bus. She then sees passengers in the bus. Shambu looks out of the window and smiles. She gets shocked. Shambu holds the two shivlings.

A man gets parcel for Rahul. He says its from Seth ji. She takes the parcel and gets shocked seeing some pics.

Update Credit to: Amena

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