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Jab We Met (Shot- 3)

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Jab We Met (Shot-3)

SUHANI’S PoV Cont’d….

Next, he took me to the laundry room to make sure I knew how much detergent I had to use to wash his new clothes and which clothes should only be hand-washed.. In their family, the servants only wash daily-wear clothes and some other stuffs like bedsheets, etc..
“I’m not here to wash your clothes.. I’m not a maid..”
“Just do as I say.. I’m showing you na.. My sisters-in-law do everything that I’m teaching you..”

There was so much to do that day, I couldn’t even focus on anything.. He made me sit on a table and told me the main things there I were to know about him since I had to pretend to be his love.. I felt like I was in high school all over again.. He just went on and on, suddenly it was getting super late and I started dozing off.. Not even five minutes later, I fell asleep at the table..


I chuckled and said, “She has already fallen asleep..” I watched her there for a while, thinking if I should wake her up.. I walked towards her, brushed her hair out of her face and stared at her more.. I was deep into my thoughts.. “Even at this angle, you look lovable..” I grazed her cheek gently with my right hand.. I called for some maids and had them get her room ready..

The girls came back and told me that it was done.. I carried her.. She woke up.. Finding herself in my arms, she screamed so loudly that it shook our mansion.. I left her.. She fell on the floor.. “What the hell were you trying to do with me?” She asked while trying to get up..
“Excuse me? What are you trying to say??”
“I know guys like you very well..”
“Oh hello, you fell asleep here on the table, so I thought to take you to your room..”

I noticed that the servants were staring at us..
“Are we performing for a show here?” I asked looking at them.. They looked down and left from there..

I looked at Suhani.. She stared at me.. “You are disgusting..” She said and turned to leave when she fell over me.. “Ouch….” She said in pain.. “What the hell Suhani.. You were blaming me, and now what are you doing?” I asked.. “Sorry sorry.. There is a sprain in my leg, because you left me to fall on the floor..” She said confidently and blamed me.. I moved her aside and got up.. I carried her and took her up to her room.. I placed her on the bed and left from there..


A week passed by since I came there.. We argued to the extent possible, but there was something that made me stay at that arrogant guy’s place..

We continued on with the same routine.. Everytime I did something wrong, he would always try to correct it.. I had the hardest time with cooking.. We mainly focused on that for the whole week.. I was getting the hang of it, but I always ended up making the food a bit too salty or a bit too bland.. At least I didn’t burn the food anymore..

One day, he yelled at me, “Suhani, aren’t you gonna do this right this time? Why can’t you do anything this simple? It has been a week, you should have already become expert in this..” I fumed..
“Then why did you choose me for this stupid task?? Go and get someone so perfect like you..”
“Fine.. Get lost from here and return me my money..”
“I don’t have..”
I started to walk off when he held my wrist.. “You can’t go like this..” He ordered.. “Leave my hand..” I shouted pulling my hand away and ended up hitting a jar full of of sugar which fell on the floor and broke into pieces..

“You really can’t do anything without messing things up.. Now clean it..”
“I won’t.. It fell because of you, so you will clean it..”
He held my hand again and pulled me towards him.. Cold winds started to blow.. We were alone there, nobody else.. He inched closer to me.. “How dare you, stupid girl? You will clean this mess, else…..” He whispered into my ear.. I tried to free myself from his hold, but couldn’t.. “Else what?? You know what, you are sick.. You need psychiatric treatment..” I said out of anger.. “Thank you for your advice, but for now, go and clean it..” He said leaving my hand.. “I won’t, did you get it? Now leave me alone..” I shot back..

I took up my phone.. The moment I unlocked it, he grabbed it from my hand.. “Clean the kitchen and collect your phone..” He said and smirked.. I tried to take it back from him but he left..

“Oh no.. If he reads my conversations with soumya then…. Let it be, I’m not scared of him..” I murmured.. A servant came there.. I asked her to clean it.. She refused saying her ‘Yuvraj Sir’ had told her not to do so.. I tapped my foot hard on the floor, and screamed in pain..


I was going through her gallery, where I found her cool but stupid pics in really stupid poses.. She was really one of a kind.. There was another girl with her in most of the pics.. Both looked like idiots together.. I kept her phone aside and picked up my phone when I heard Suhani screaming.. I rushed towards the kitchen.. She wasn’t there, but I could see drops of blood on the floor.. I went to her room, and saw two maids bandaging her foot.. I got to know that she had tapped her sprained foot over the pieces of the glass jar by mistake.. She looked at me.. I stood in front of her, crossing my arms against my chest.. “I know you will call me stupid now, but what I did, was really stupid..” She said and smiled sheepishly.. I smiled back shaking my head..


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