A girl was standing in the edge of the cliff

Blood were oozing out from her head and the corner of lips

She folds her hand: plz… Plz leave me…. She cries… you were my friend …u were my support…

And a girl infront of her was smirking with a hate:yes…yes i was your friend and i was your friend bt…bt just for Sanskar…did you get that…u hv took away from him….

Girl:if you would hv said..i would hv happily back off…

A guy comes:ch ch ch ….look at you…wat hpnd to you…

Girl 2:now you hv to die…i m really feeling bad(she laughs)bt i hv no other choice…and before u die i want to say something…

Guy:not you…it should be said by someone else….his phn rings…see his phn came too….

He picks:see we r with the special lerson she is counting her last …..he takes a knife and stabs on her stomach…

She winces in pain and she was loosing conscious

Caller:how dare you to touch my JAAN-E-MANN

Guy:oops sorry…

How cannot she identify the voice …the voice is of her life her love….


San:kya karoon JAAN-E-MANN …i wanted your properties….more than you…bt i would pray that you go to heaven…

Girl:sanskar…you..i know you had a misunderstanding…..she was trying to clarify as she couldn’t believe her ears

San:remember that day..wn u proposed me..more than you i was happy not for our relation bt for wat u r hvng..that day was the bestest day i ever had in my life

Girl:i had loved you Sanskar….i still love you….

San:i m not feeling good while saying this…abhi tumhe marna hoga JAAN-E-MANN….for my better life…

More than her physical pain … HIS words are hurting….

Girl cries…

San:kill her……..

The other girl pushes her…

And she falls……..


A girl in red and white colour lehenga…she was dancing….

She sings…
Sab Ki Baaraatein Aayi Doli Tu Bhi Laana
Sab Ki Baaraatein Aayi Doli Tu Bhi Laana
A guy was standing there..he gets startled and he is revealed to be Sanskar
Dulhan Banaake Humko Rajaji Le Jaana
Sab Ki Baaraatein Aayi

Tears were falling from her eyes
She sang the below lines like it meant to…..

Chaaha Tha Maine, Socha Tha Maine
Kya Kya The Armaan Dil Nadaan Ke

She was wiping her unstoppable tears..
Aankhon Mein Aansu Aaye
Ho, Aankhon Mein Aansu Aaye Par Koi Na Aaya

Ab To Kisi Ko Bhi Apna Ke Hai Bulaana
Sab Ki Baaraatein Aayi

San stands and moves to her….

In Aankhon Mein Thi Ek Raat Saji
Haathon Mein Kabhi Choodi Si Baji
Par Aankh Khuli To Aaya Nazar Na Raat Saji Na Choodi Baji

Sanskar remembers a girl….dancing around him

Mera Toota Tha Dil, Uski Jhankar Thi
Saara Voh Rang Tha Mere Khoone Dil Ka

He remembers a girl begging him….

Yeh To Hai Rona Dil Ka
Haan, Yeh To Hai Rona Dil Ka Kaahe Ka Taraana
Ab To Kisi Ko Bhi Apna Ke Hai Bulaana

She moves to him…. And rotates around him….

Sab Ki Baaraatein Aayi Doli Tu Bhi Laana
Dulhan Banaake Humko Rajaji Le Jaana
Sab Ki Baaraatein Aayi

He was sweating…. He comes out of his lost world looks for her bt she isn’t there…

“Khooni ho tum.. you are a murderer”
San immediately goes from there


Guy:you did so much to me..wat is your price for your help?

Girl smirks: Destruction of Sanskar Maheshwari

He nods


“Sanskar…Sanskar..u forgot me this soon…”

San wakes immediately….

He looks around…..


Girl pointing to a big photograph: who is she?
San:she is…my…
The other girl: late wife….

Girl:oh..and you
She:after her brutal death..sanskar married me..i m his late wife’s friend


“I love you i love u i love u i love u…..”a girl was screaming on sanskar’s ears

San:ok meri maa i know and….i love you too..and how many times you will tell this…. Don’t you get tired

Girl:never..i would never stop telling this…until..until my last breath

He pulls her to the bone crushing hug


I know i m writing 11 stories with one story on hold

And don’t worry i won’t write this now to irritate..i will start to write wn i end one of my fic….

And m keeping a simple competition for my reader’s who like my stories
U hv to guess the character’s and storyline of this fic…

If you match it to good level then i would be giving back to back 3 updates of your fav ff from my story collection..
Be it a story of a girl or two selfish lovers or complicated or chahath etc…

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