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ishqbaaz FF: My Brothers Are Everything To Me- Chapter 37

…My Brothers Are Everything To Me…


Chapter 37:




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Chapter 37:


Just a little baby…


She was just a little baby in the crib, crying her heart out while Shivaay, Om and Rudra danced around the crib to make her laugh..


She had never been so strong,..


She was always picked up and bullied in her school so Shivaay had forced his bade papa to change her school to which school they studied..


His bade papa was reluctant thinking that Oberoi men and women are different and they don’t have to have equity in their studies and stuff but Shivaay had been stubborn too till he convinced the elders to let Prinku join the same school..


And no one had even dared to look at Prinku after she came to their school..


Priyanka was like a flower bud and she blossomed into a beautiful flower as she aged..






Shivaay was on the verge of getting suspended when he beaten up the teacher trying to molest her..


He was livid that time and soon he had to leave school and join the college in London…


So he had warned Om and Rudra to look after her no matter what..


She may not be his own sister but she’s even more than of what would his real sister has been to him if he had one..


He did shopping whenever he went abroad to Rudra, Om and dresses for Prinku..


Shivaay loved picking them for Prinku because he was always proud that he knew Prinku’s tastes even more than her parents..


Then came the problem of her stuttering..


He knew that something must have happened because she had become strong as she grew up..


Shivaay didn’t pressurize her into telling him instead he researched it himself. He knew there was an accident involved and she’s trying to hide it from everyone, feeling guilty even though it’s an accident..


He let her… And even pretended he doesn’t know anything..


Because he loved Prinku just like he loved his brothers..


Shivaay had called the specialists from all over the world and treated her, so she would let go of her fear and guilt.


Priyanka had been a fresh air in their suffocated life.


The whole family had pampered her since she’s the youngest…


Shivaay could move the world for her with just an eye glance from Prinku..




To hide it from him…


Shivaay, after so long felt like he was betrayed by his family which he always valued above everything..


To think Prinku will do this, he had never expected this even in his dreams..


Shivaay now realized why Prinku was so adamant for the past week about staying in her room most of the time and wearing long necked dresses even though it’s summer..


A week before did it happen or even before than that..?


Shivaay’s hands trembled but he clenched them tight, not wanting to show it to anyone.


Om could see Shivaay’s hands trembling and he knew that only most emotional things can make him like that but Om is not too strong to comfort Shivaay because his mind had already became a chaos..




The thing which Om hated most in the world…




For how long Prinku had been lying to all of them.


Om was no better than Shivaay in emotional state he’s in.


The little girl who always waltz around the whole mansion cheerfully..


She’s like a lucky charm of the whole Oberoi family..


Because when she was born, their parents sort of stayed with each other even though it’s only a short period of time..


She brings peace wherever she is..


Om took the blame for her when she was already started stuttering with her guilt and Om could shoulder the blame along with his darkness in his life..


To Prinku, Om had never behaved like a brother but he had been her guardian and a best friend in times..


Granted, she looked Shivaay as more of a brother figure but Om and Prinku were just as close.


Om could not even imagine whom she had married..


Rudra let go of Prinku’s dupatta in shock and Prinku quickly put it on her..


One person…


The only person he had a chance to be a big brother…


Rudra had always tried to be a big brother for Prinku and he looked after her in school and even in college since they’re not apart for more than three years..


While he’s in his final year, Prinku had joined the same college and finished her first year just now and he cannot even think that she got married..


He watched in numbness when some of the guests had witnessed it and he won’t be surprised if it’s appear on flash news with in an hour.


Rudra was afraid to even look but he dared to look at his father who barked at the guards to usher the guests out..


Rudra looked at Om’s shocked expression and he slowly peeked at Shivaay bhaiyaa’s face to see what he’s going through..


Rudra’s eyes widened in shock because there was only one expression on Shivaay bhaiyaa’s face..






Rudra’s heart felt heavy and he cannot even think of what Prinku must be going through looking at Shivaay bhaiyaa’s expression..


Even before the guests were guided towards the exit, his father walked towards Prinku with rage in his eyes and slapped.


“What have you done Priyanka…? What have you done? Have you thought before doing all this..? How could you?”


Another slap to which Prinku silently stood there, tears trailing down her cheeks..


Shivaay gritted his teeth and moved forward, he still can’t let bade papa slap Prinku like that..


Her cheeks had already reddened but stopped in track when one of the guest pushed past the bodyguards and came towards where they are..






He was strangely attending all his function even though uninvited, saying that Gayatri case still hadn’t closed and the suspect will definitely be attending his function because there’s definitely enmity between the suspect and him because they tried to frame him. So Shivaay let him since he cannot stop the order ACP has..


Shivaay opened his mouth to yell at Ranveer to not interfere in their family business but closed it when Ranveer pushed Prinku from the next slap and bade papa’s hand met with Ranveer’s cheeks..




Don’t tell me..


“Do not hurt my wife Mr. Oberoi else you will regret it”


Shivaay closed his eyes and breathed in and out to calm the boiling rage inside him..


Shivaay gritted his teeth and pulled Ranveer’s collar, looked at Prinku,


“Did he force you Prinku.? Did he hurt you?”


Priyanka didn’t know why the situation had became like this. Even in this situation her bhaiyaa still trusted her that it made her heart ache thinking of what she’s going to do..


She was going to tell them after Shivaay bhaiyaa’s marriage completed without any problems but to think it will end up lie this..


“No… Bhaiyaa…”


Shivaay bhaiyaa let go of Ranveer’s collar and took a step back.


Granted she didn’t marry voluntarily but if she said that now, they will kill Ranveer..


She cannot let her family hurt Ranveer..


She knew very well that in anger Shivaay bhaiyaa will do something without thinking about anything..




Her mother looked at her in disbelief along with dadi and she turned her eyes away from them, not able to bear their pain filled eyes..


“Did you for one second thought about being an Oberoi? Did you forget the family reputation we have and decided to just marry some beggar like him?”


His father asked her and she gathered all her strength..


“I love him papa..”


Her father raised his hand again but Ranveer stopped it and pulled her little back even further.


“Please forgive me papa.. Om bhaiyaa.. Rudra bhaiyaa.. Shivaay bhaiyaa.. I was going to tell you all after Shivaay bhaiyaa’s marriage but this happened suddenly”


“Does that make what you did right Priyanka? Is it what we taught you? Married secretly? You didn’t even ask any of us nor did you tell us anything?”


Her mother scolded her and she knew she deserved it..


She couldn’t do anything…


She had fallen in love with Ranveer and even still she never wanted to do this but if she told them Ranveer put Mangalsutra on her, his father will definitely kill Ranveer with the way he’s fuming in anger.


“I am sorry ma.. Dadi.. Please forgive me.. Please..”


“Prinku.. I didn’t expect this from you. You could have tried to tell your love to us at least..”


Her dadi asked her still in kind tone she always uses while her father’s eyes was blazing more and more with anger.


“No.. Even still we could never accept a low class person Ma..”


“Papa.. I love him..”


She knew this will end this way no matter what because her father will never look past class and family background.


This is why she warned Ranveer off countless times to give up on her but she knew this love is going to ruin their family since Ranveer’s aunt will never accept this too.


“But you lied to me Prinku.. You know how much I hate lies. We all grew up together Prinku.. I know Mr. Oberoi must not accept you but you could’ve at least told me..”


“Om bhaiyaa..”


Om bhaiyaa’s every word were arrows to her heart.. How could she explain to him when he was coping up with break up with Ridhima and his art gallery. She didn’t want him to stress more..


“At least you could have told me Prinku.. I.. How.. How could you…?”


Her father cut off Rudra bhaiyaa’s speech,


“Enough of this.. Let us decide what happens now.. Leave this marriage and him Priyanka.. Right now.. Remove that mangalsutra and come to us else I will forget I had a daughter.”


Her father asked ignoring her mother and dadi’s cry of denial about removing a mangalsutra from a girl’s neck..


If only she could, she would’ve removed it long ago..


She loved him.. God…! She must be insane to still love him over hurting her family like this..


Family had been everything to her..


Yet still…


Ranveer too is her family now…


“How can I do that Papa?”


Before her father say anything, Shivaay bhaiyaa asked her,


“How long?”


She looked at him confused and he elaborated,


“How long since you love him? How long you’re dating him?”


“A.. A y-year bhaiyaa”


She winced hearing how her voice sounded and she couldn’t even meet anyone’s eyes least of all Shivaay bhaiyaa..


She knew he’s hurt above everyone because he was always the one who did everything for her.


God! She didn’t want to hurt anyone and least of all her Shivaay bhaiyaa..


“How long since you married him? When? Where?”




“When and where?”


“Just a week above.. In a temple”


Ranveer opened his mouth and she knew he was going to say the truth but she can’t let him so she grabbed his hand, silently indicating him to be silent..


Shivaay bhaiyaa looked at their entwined fingers and her whole body trembled knowing that her Shivaay bhaiyaa is remembering all those times Ranveer insulted him and Oberoi family and even one time he tried to arrest Shivaay bhaiyaa..


When Priyanka blinked her fresh tears away and looked at Shivaay bhaiyaa..


His face closed off, expressionless..


She knew it..


She’s facing Shivaay Singh Oberoi and not her Shivaay bhaiyaa..


She never wanted to do this..


She never wanted to hurt anyone..


Her grip on Ranveer’s hand tightened and she knew it’s painful but he endured it..


“You can be with him..”


“What are you saying Shivaay?”


Her father asked in outraged tone but Shivaay bhaiyaa ignored everyone and spoke again,


“You can be with him.. You can go with him or stay wherever you want to.. But.. I do not have a sister named Priyanka Oberoi anymore and you don’t bave a brother named Shivaay Singh Oberoi anymore”


“Bhaiyaa.. Please…”


She pleaded brokenly knowing that even though the words hurt her, she knew very well how much painful for him to utter those words..


Shivaay bhaiyaa feels betrayed and she knew bhaiyaa’s worst fear and only weakness is being betrayed by his family..


And now she had done it taking side of Ranveer..


“Please.. Please… I am sorry bhaiyaa.. I am so sorry”


Everyone was as shocked as her but Shivaay bhaiyaa ignored everyone and climbed the stairs, without turning back..


Everyone in her family refused to talk and just as they were staring at each other, her father got a call from secretary that it had became a flash news that Priyanka Oberoi married secretly..


“See… What you’ve done? Have you thought about any of this before marrying him? Get out of my sight.. Just get out before I do something I will regret later..”




Her mother protested but one look from her father, she remained silent..


“Gaurds.. Make them leave Oberoi Mansion”


With that her father turned his back to her and Pinky aunty had already left this place along with Sakthi uncle.


Ranveer stopped the guards and told them that they can go by themselves..




Om bhaiyaa refused to look at her while at least Rudra bhaiyaa smiled sadly at her in understanding..


Leaving such a family..


Leaving Oberoi Mansion..


Priyanka gripped Ranveer’s hand harder and took heavy steps away from her family since she knew her father will even kill them if they stayed longer..


Her legs wobbled, reaching the front door and Ranveer pulled her up. He then lifted her and she for once didn’t protest knowing her legs are trembling..


She let her suppressed sobs out, refusing to look at the place she grew up because she won’t bear to look at it.


He leaned down and whispered,


“This is all my fault Priyanka.. Please don’t cry.. Please… Give me some days.. They won’t listen because they’re very angry and they have every right to.. I will kneel on the floor and beg to your Shivaay bhaiyaa and family till they forgive you.. Until then let me take care of you.. Please.. Trust me.. Please..”


Priyanka hugged his neck and buried her tear stained face in the hollow of his neck and for once trusted him..


Om watched Dadi consoling his mom after witnessing how Ranveer carried Priyanka, at least he cares for her and something in his heart settled at that..




Annika looked at Omkara dumbly of what he was requesting to her.


She was still shocked to witness what Priyanka did and how difficult it is for rich family like them because soon the news was telecasted in media.


She knew even if a normal girl did this, the society won’t let them live in peace but the rich people had it hard..


Still the Oberoi family members should have forgiven Priyanka or at least one of them should have reassured her that they’re still family..


While she was still finishing all the things to be packed after haldi, Omkara had came to her with a strange request.


“Can you please go and check up on Shivaay, Annika? When he’s like this, he will never open the door”


“Then how can I make him Omkara?”


“I just want you to try Annika.. Please.. I know you can do it. It’s just he hadn’t eaten well today and he has to take medicines too.”




Fate seemed to have it out for her..


When she wants to avoid him, fate pushes her towards him..


“I will do that but Rudy is not home and everyone’s upset with Prinku.. I am worried about Rudra and Shivaay will ask about Rudy if I went in. If I told Shivaay this, he will be even more worried.”




She agreed reluctantly.


Omkara patted her shoulder and she smiled at him understandingly..


“Thanks Annika..”


“Don’t worry Om..”


With that he went away, giving her the medicines and she gulped down the nerves..


In fact she herself wanted to go towards him to check up on Shivaay since she too had witnessed how affected Shivaay was.


She could almost understand him because if her brother Saahil did this in future, she don’t even want to imagine it..


So Annika moved towards his room and knocked..




She knocked continuously and finally,


“Leave me alone”




Again silence..


“Please open the door.. My dress is inside. I want to go home”


Annika lied knowing if she told the truth, he will never open up.


And after few minutes he did open the door,


Furniture was thrown here and there, his dress was a little torn, his phone broken on the floor and above all,..


His hand were dripping blood..


But what hurt her more was that the look in his eyes like he has lost the world..


Annika never wanted to see those azure eyes filled with such pain..


Without thinking and caring about consequences, Annika dropped the tablets from her hand, went straight towards him and hugged him tightly, startling him.


His whole body was stiff yet slowly, very slowly he relaxed and his shoulders dropped from their stiff posture..




If this isn’t love then what it is…


Even though it’s painful she never regretted falling for this flawed yet still perfect person..


She moved him towards the bed and made him sit down, careful of the broken glasses on the floor.


And miraculously he let her lead him..


She called the maids outside to clean the glass while she took the tablets she dropped and got the first aid box from the maids while they started cleaning the floor.


She wiped the blood off with cotton cleanly and put antiseptic ointment on the cut and dressed it.


Through out everything, he sat still, eyes only on her..


After the maids cleaned the room, they went away while she washed her hands clean and gave him the medicine which he obediently took it from her and gulped it with water..


So vulnerable…


And Annika felt like she loves him even more than the previous second..


Omkara did warn her that the medicine makes him a little sleepy so Annika closed his door and switched the air conditioner on.


She didn’t say anything, scared of how he might take them in this situation.


When he laid down on his bed sleepily, she pulled the blanket over him, relieved that he’s physically fine.


When she turned away to go, he was muttering something.


She leaned in to hear him..


“Anni.. Annika..”


Annika’s heart stuttered hearing her name from him.


He opened his eyes a little and her heart really did skip a beat when those azure eyes pierced her very soul.


“You are the nicest girl I’ve ever known”


With that he drifted off to sleep and she was sure she’s dreaming..


She caressed his hair a little and moved away in a daze.


His words ringing in her ears still..


You’re the nicest girl I’ve ever known..




She was disgusted with media people, dragging Oberoi name anyway they can but she ignored all of it along with her aching heart, she started the preparation and arrangements for his marriage continuously for the two days, not wanting anything to amiss.


When the marriage day came, Annika was sure her heart weighed more than ever but she gritted her teeth and endured it because what else can she do..


She was arranging the dress for the bride along with matching jewel set and after that she has to take it to Tia.


But now…


She cannot help thinking it..


Thinking the selfish thoughts while looking at the marriage lehenga..


She didn’t want him to marry anyone least of all that too in front of her..




She was startled by a voice,


“Will you marry me Annika?”


She groaned before turning around.


“Daksh, how many times I have to say no to you…”


She stopped in mid sentence frozen in shock because there was no Daksh but only Shivaay..


“Are you here to ask for Daksh again?”


How many times will you hurt me Shivaay..?


She looked around to see where Daksh is to lash out at him.






She asked Shivaay confusingly.


“Will you marry Shivaay Singh Oberoi?”




While Annika was gaping at Shivaay like a fish for a whole minute since her mind had finally shut down, Rudra was fidgeting nervously standing among the guests, ignoring Om’s concerned looks.




Rudra felt like his stomach has been twisted and he felt like emptying what little he had eaten today.


His hands and legs felt cold even though it’s summer..


He has not been himself for the two days and he cannot even appreciate or flirt with the beautiful girls appeared here for Shivaay bhaiyaa’s marriage including the attracting girl Bhavya..




After Priyanka’s secret marriage news, he could not think about anything other than bhaiyaa’s look of betrayal.


The whole house felt empty and the media has been kept at bay for today’s marriage since they barely managed to silence the news of Priyanka. It has been a complete mess. But Shivaay bhaiyaa was more affected even more than his mom and Om. Shivaay bhaiyaa hadn’t been himself for the past two days.


Bhaiyaa’s reaction for Priyanka had made him feel empty..




There is a reason…


Since he too is hiding something from his bhaiyaa…


Rudra looked at the entry way to the marriage stage set up for today suddenly and his heart skipped a beat just like usual..




How will his bhaiyaa react if he knew his Baby Ru’s married to Soumya..?




(A/N: *laughing aloud* How many of you have I fooled into thinking it’s Rudra and Bhavya…? Seriously guys, I enjoyed fooling you all last week..


Anyway, jokes apart.. I am announcing it finally that it will be Rudra and Soumya.. So how’s the surprise?


I am sorry Ruvya fans.. I don’t know anything about Bhavya since I had stopped watching Ishqbaaz after Shivika separation. So hope you’re all not disappointed.


One of you mentioned that whether the story is going towards anywhere with the romance and that will it not be about brothers anymore. Let me reassure you, this ff was, is and will be about the three brothers, as the title indicates. So don’t worry.


Please let me know your thoughts..


See you all with next update)

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