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Ishqbaaz 16th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Everyone shares secrets

Ishqbaaz 16th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Veer drinks thandai. Shivaye and Anika join everyone. They all dance on Ang se ang lagana….plays…. Tia says this is the right time to leave from here. She sees Veer and gets tensed. He says what am I doing here. She says my son… He says I m finding that child. She says my husband… He says go to them, sister sorry I m wasting your time, go and play Holi with them, I will give you colours, have it, play well, go. Tia leaves. He says poor girl… Everyone dances.

They all get seated. Soumya says Aloo paratha is yummy, have it. Rudra says when I see them together, I get a laugh. Bhavya says Rudra is laughing on us. Shivaye says Rudy you shouldn’t laugh on her, no one will laugh now. Veer and everyone laugh. Shivaye asks why do we feel weird. Anika says because we are high

on Bhaang, we three served you spiked thandai. Shivaye asks what, hold on, we fed bhaang to Soumya, that too in aloo paratha. Soumya says it means we all are high. Bhavya says not we, just you four. Soumya says no, you had Gujiya right, Veer added bhaang in it. Veer says yes. Bhavya asks how do you know this. Soumya says I know everything, Veer and I teamed up.

Shivaye says we know that, but we don’t know what’s your plan. Veer says tell them, they are friends. Soumya says its a dangerous plan. We want to call off Rudra and Bhavya’s marriage by telling everyone that Rudra and I have a baby, then Rudra will leave Bhavya and marry me, then I will become Oberoi family bahu and ruin you all. They laugh. Gauri says it means they got that little kid home. Veer says I got him. Soumya says don’t know where is he. Anika says ask me about him. Gauri says we have hidden him. Shivaye says hold on, you were behaving weird as you were hiding that child. Anika hugs him and says you thought I m jealous of Tia. Veer says Rosie, where is that kid. Anika says partner, he is in our room. Veer says you are smart. She says you didn’t see our smartness yet, we are fooling you big time, I m not that Kumari Rosie Rani, I m that amazing Anika, I was never dead, all that was a drama to fool you. They laugh.

Veer says you all are very smart, no wicked, but I m more wicked, because you all shared your secrets, but I didn’t. Anika asks what is it. Veer says your aunt, she is my mummy. They get shocked. Veer says I m your brother, you are my cousins, I came here to take revenge for my mum. They laugh. Tia gets leaving. Roop holds her hand. She asks are you running away or going to your husband and child, go ahead, it won’t do any good, because they will be dead before you reach them, I just have to make one phone call. Tia stops her. She says if anything happens to them, I can’t live, I will do what you say, I promise. Roop says come with me. Tia sends the taxi. She goes inside. Roop says if I hadn’t come, she would have run away, where are Veer and Soumya. She goes in and sees everyone sleeping. She then sees Veer lying in the pool. She says everything got ruined, plan was to feed bhaang to girls, this fool for drunk, no use to talk to him, I will see him tomorrow.

Its morning, Shivaye says stop this hammering sound, my head is aching. Khanna says no, its result of having bhaang. Pinky asks him about caterers for the ceremony. Shivaye asks her not to shot. She says this is my normal tone. Rudra asks what’s your loud tone. She asks are you joking with me, have shame, its your function in evening, you are here, what about you all, get up. Omru asks how did we have bhaang. Shivaye says that doesn’t matter, we have to get over it, pass those eggs, Khanna get some lime juice. Anika asks him to make it for everyone. Shivaye adds eggs in lime juice and passes to everyone. Everyone drinks it. Shivaye says now lets recollect what happened. Anika says I don’t remember anything. They all say the same. Rudra says I remember we played Holi. Om says we also know this. Shivaye says I will think. He recalls Veer’s words and says Veer. Om asks what Veer… Shivaye says secret…. Om asks what secret. Shivaye says he was saying some secret that…. He hears dog’s bark and barks. Anika says no.

Gauri asks was he barking. Shivaye says don’t know, I just remember this. Rudra says he can’t be a dog. Shivaye says let me try and recollect, then Anika…. why do I feel you are hiding something from me. She says you always feel so, I don’t remember what I did. Shivaye recalls and asks why were you saying so fast. Anika says I always talk fast. She sees Aryan… Gauri and Bhavya get shocked seeing Aryan coming. Anika signs to Aryan. Shivaye says don’t stare at me, you have definitely hidden something, a secret that’s close. Gauri says its behind. He asks behind, what’s behind me? He turns…. Aryan goes. Gauri says I meant, you are after Anika. Anika says I m going to my room. Gauri and Bhavya also go. Anika says we couldn’t take care of the kid. Kulfi comes and introduces herself. She sings a song. Gauri says you are a great singer. Anika says always keep singing. Gauri says keep visiting us. Kulfi promotes her show. Anika wishes her. Bhavya says lets have a selfie. They take selfie with Kulfi. Shivaye says I have to recall what Veer told me.

Aryan sneezes. Bhavya says maybe he has allergy. Gauri goes to get medicine. Bhavya goes to get tissue. Veer looks on. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya get shocked seeing Aryan gone…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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