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Ishq Subhan Allah 16th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Zara and Kabir argues again over clothes

Ishq Subhan Allah 16th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Zara, Reema and Kabir comes to restaurant, he pulls out chairs for them and sit with them. Reema asks if he is hurt? he says no. Zara thanks him for helping. Kabir says I would have done it for any girl. Reema says there is no difference between Zara and any woman? KAbir says if a man doesnt help woman in need then he is not a man. He says I want to say that you shouldnt wear clothes like that. She says what clothes? he says those which showed your body. She says what was wrong with them? he says they show off body more. Zara says so what? Kabir says they provoke goons and they get chance to take photos and harass. Zara says you think that I should ask all goons before making my wardrobe so it wont make their animal come out? Kabir says I am just saying to follow code of conduct of

Islam. Zara says God have given code of conduct for men too, they have to keep eyes lower, he says yes. Zara says then tell those goons to not come in girls’ trial rooms, we can wear anything we want and if they provoke men then its their problem, not ours.. goons or educated men like you have same cheap thoughts. Kabir says you keep having fight between man and woman but if you had worn burqa today then this wouldnt have happened, he leaves.

Shahbaz Ahmed recalls how head priest Irfan didnt listen to him on instant divorce bill. He meets some man Khalid. Shahbaz says you are member of sharia board, its time you take on your duties, call a meeting. Khalid says whats the agenda? Shahbaz says tell them that vice president Shahbaz Ahmed wants to give resignation, he leaves.

Zara is on bike with Reema. Zara says what rubbish he said? that our clothes provoke men, all men are same except my father Irfan. Reema asks her to calm down and drive scooty. Zara drives it and smiles.

Shahbaz comes home and recalls how he made Kabir promise to become head priest of town. He sees all women smiling and asks what is happening? why you are all looking in kitchen? who is making food there? his daughter says we have hired a new cook, he says what Ayesha(his wife)? She says yes and calls male cook.. it turns out to be Kabir cooking there. Shahbaz sees him in chef’s clothing and glares at him, He says to Ayesha that what is this? men are not meant to work at home, you know what I want him to become, he asks him to get ready for meeting.

Zara asks her father if she can go to meeting with him? Mom says no, Zara says I am educated. Mom says girls are not educated to work, they do it to know difference between good and bad. Zara says our religion asks to spread education. Mom says our family didnt have women work with men, you cant go. Irfan says no one can other than board members, we will talk about it later, he leaves. Zara says to mom why you talk like that. Mom says it never happened, what will people say? Zara says we can change, why we shouldnt do what you didnt do? Mom says its called culture and traditions. Zara says I want to live my life freely. Mom says no one stopped you, whole house is yours, live like you want, she smiles and leaves but Zara is hurt.

Scene 2
In sharia board meeting, Shahbaz says to members that I am founding member of this board, we all can position to anyone in our place so I want to give my position to my son Kabir, I want him to become member and also vice president, he became priest recently. Irfan asks if anyone has objection to that? all say no. Shahbaz calls Kabir. Kabir greets Irfan and others. Irfan says we welcome you and hope that like your father, you serve this nation too, he says I hope so. Irfan says you have to take oath, Kabir says ‘I Kabir, promise to follow Quran and work for this country’s benefit’. All congratulate him. Shahbaz says now I want to talk about something, the topic of instant divorce.. Irfan says we have already talked about it and we have already finalized decision, we will take decision here and now you are not member so your son is member and you dont have any right in this committee, I would request you to leave. Kabir is hurt. Shahbaz cant believe it and leaves. Kabir goes behind him after asking Irfan. Kabir comes to Shahbaz, he asks him to go inside, he says but.. Shahbaz says you want to take revenge of my insult? so take that chair of Irfan, go.. he leaves. Kabir looks on.

Shahbaz meets Khalid, Khalid says Kabir did well, Irfan likes him a lot, his voice and knowledge is great, I am sorry I didnt take stand for you. Shahbaz says I cant bear this anymore, bring some weakness of Irfan then I wont spare him, he leaves. Khalid looks on.

Irfan’s wife asks why he is worried? Irfan says I am shocked, one man in board thinks that I dont know anything but his son is sensible. Zara comes there and asks what about my future? Mom says girl’s future is decided when she is born, you should learn to work in home, to make your inlaws happy. Zara says then you shouldnt have sent me to study. Mom says your father wanted you to study. Irfan says we run many schools and there is a place for teacher, you can give interview there but I cant recommend, vice president of board have duty to give position to teachers and new vice president (Kabir) is very good.

Kabir comes to his sister, she is miffed with him. Kabir takes her phone so she will talk to him. Irfan calls Kabir, Kabir says yes? Irfan says you know we serve nation, one school is run by us, there is a teacher position available there, there is one applicant, take her interview and if she is capable then hire her, Kabir says okay and ends call.

Kabir comes to Shahbaz, Shahbaz says you are upcoming head priest of city. Kabir says Irfan called and asked me to take interview for a teachers position. Shahbaz says if he is taking interest then it must be someone from his clan, reject that person even if applicant is capable, we have to defeat Irfan. Kabir says that is against our religion, Shahbaz says but its good for politics. Kabir says we are not politicians but priests. Shahbaz says you have to do politics to do good in society, I want people to have nice leader. Kabir says right so head should know difference between right and wrong and he should always do justice irrespective of anyone infront of him, he leaves. Shahbaz says now I am sure you can be head priest of whole country.

Zara is giving mock interview to Reema, Reema asks if she have experience? Zara says no but I have taught my friends. Reema says you wont be selected like this. Zara makes her wear her father’s coat and turban to have a more feel. Zara says I feel I have guts and determination to teach, experience doesnt matter if you have will to change. Reema says great and hugs her. Irfan sees it and says vice chairman will have a tough time.

Kabir is leaving home, mom blesses him. Alina takes off evil eye from him and says you are looking so beautiful, if applicant it a girl then she can cast eye. Kabir laughs. Imran comes home, Kabir greets him and leaves. Imran says to Alina that I will show your would be Bhabhi, all are stunned.

Zara is leaving for interview, mom covers her head with dupatta and says now its good. Irfan blesses her and says even if you fail then its first step to success, I will pray for your success. Zara says have faith in me. Reema says my grandma says you should eat yogurt and sugar before leaving for big work, Zara’s mom eyes her. Irfan says eat fast and leaves, Zara eats and leaves with Reema. Mom says this Reema girl is not good, whats the need of eating yogurt? Irfan says its not about yogurt but determination which our girl has.

Zara and Reema comes to school. Receptionist take her to office. Zara sees Kabir sitting there and is stunned, they recall their argument. Zara says you? he says you?

PRECAP- Shahbaz brings Zara to committee and says whatever you said against triple divorce in train, repeat that, we have video too. Zara is in tears.
In committee, they ask Kabir if the video of Zara going against triple divorce is real? Kabir says there is no truth to it.
Zara’s photo comes in newspaper with heading that head priest’s daughter goes against triple divorce. Zara cries as mom says that what you have done have destroyed our respect, there is no respect of this family left.
Zara comes to Kabir’s home and says Kabir Ahmed, whatever you are planning will not be successful as Irfan is not alone, his daughter Zara Ahmed is standing with him. Kabir glares at her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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