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Ishq mein marjawan (ardeep fan fiction ) part 7

After 1 month deep and arohi visited the same doctor to make sure she has recovered properly

Doctor:She is alright now but don’t take too much stress

Deep:Thank you doctor

Doctor:By the way you can also take the reports from the reception

Deep:Once again thank you doctor come arohi

Deep:Arohi go and sit in the car iwill come back for reports

Deep collects the report and come back in the car to see arohi sleeping peacefully

Deep:Finally after soo long I have seen her sleeping peace fully

He pushes her seat back to make her more comfortable he drives the car slowly after an hour he reaches the raichand mansion he picks arohi in his arms and goes inside he puts her in bed and goes out

Bhabi:How is she now?

Deep:Doctor said she is fully recovered now but for the first time in two months I have seen her sleep this peacefully

Deep’s dad:That’s a good news we should let her sleep now

Deep:Dad by the way when is mister sharma’s son’s wedding

Deep’s dad:It’s tomorrow so we are leaving in an hour

Deep:I will send driver with you I should have come but if arohi needed something she will be alone in home

Deep’s dad:No its good she have suffered a lot we will go by our own

After an hour bhabi Nikku and deep’s dad are leaving for airport

Deep:take care see ya in one week

Deep come back in to check on arohi he brings food with him and checks the time

Deep:Arohi wake up its time for your medicines

Arohi wakes up and eats her dose of medicine and eats food she hugs deep

Deep:How are you feeling?

Arohi:Good.For the first time in these two months I slept this good without any pain

Deep:it’s night time so I guess it’s time to sleep I am going to change

Deep changes his cloths and comes to arohi he kisses her forehead turns the light off they both sleep in the morning arohi prepares the breakfast

Deep:Finally it’s been ages since I last ate the breakfast you made

Arohi:Stop acting eat quickly your getting late for office

Deep quickly finishes his breakfast and hugs arohi

Deep:Take your medicines on time

In the evening while driving home deep thinks about arohi

Deep:Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary and I am going to make it special

Next day is also the day of tara Roma and virat execution in the evening deep gets a call from comissioner that tara Roma and virat have been executed

Deep:Now I can live with my arohi peacefully oh I forgot I have to decorate the room as well

After sometime deep orders all the servents to go back to their houses early

Deep:Today I will make you mine arohi


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