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Ikyawann 16th March 2018 Written Episode Update susheel learns Leela will help choose Shivam his bride

Ikyawann 16th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Gulabo says Sarvesh kaka get this list,sejal says get fresh cream too,gulabo asks why,sejal says I’m planning to cook malai kofta,gulabo says you should have asked first as it’s not Gujarati fish,gulabo sees jhano and Leela and ask leela,ba will you have malai kofta,leela says why ask in that go cook,leela sees Susheel and asks do you like malai kofta,susheel says I once had it in a wedding but didn’t like it,leela says done then we shall not have malai kofta Susheel doesn’t like it and leaves.

Gulabo whispers look you gave her credits yesterday and ba will decide things on susheels wish now and don’t forget your elder act like one,Sejal says no one wants it’s ok then,susheel says Sejal di you like kofta right then we shall have it and that too one which you cooked,come I shall help you,sejal

says no no I shal manage alone,susheel says so that I won’t spoil,susheel says even you think I can’t make anything,sejal says I know you can’t cook but you will learn,susheel says you are so nice always give everyone their space I love you and leaves.

Leela says jhano I’m going to susheels room stay here and sign me if someone comes,leela stars clicking satyas pics on her mobile,leela sees satya and susheels pic and says soon satya will be with a new wife a beautiful one,jhano sees Susheel come and goes inside the room and tells leela susheel is here,leela and jhano hide beside the cupboard.

Susheel enters the room and goes to washroom,leela and jhano about to escape,susheel sees jhano and not leela asks what are you doing here,jhano pulls Susheel and hugs her and signs leela to escape,jhano signs thank you for eye brows,susheel says don’t now dadi won’t trouble you,jhano leaves.

Susheel gets call from mehul,Leela’s one chit dropped in the room.kali asks sejal what’s cooking smells nice,Sejal says my favourite North Indian cuisine,Kali asks where is susheel did you look her so that she doesn’t enter kitchen,Sejal says Ma told you about gujiya,Kali says no susheel told me,sejal says Ma always Keeps warning me about susheel taking credits tell her not to think so,Kali says she thinks a little different,she wants you to rule like she does but she is very good at heart,and because of her I could look after clinic and so between you and susheel she wants you to do what she did,sejal says you two have such good rapport and understanding,lovely. Kali says don’t you and susheel have that full time together,sejal says yes me and guddu have a good rapport,Kali asks who is giddy,sejal says Susheel that’s what I use to call her when she was a kid and even now I shall,Kali says nice even I liked it.

Kali gets call from clinic and leaves,sejal says kaki is right guddu and gucku are sisters and won’t compete.
Leela says jhano you thinking right how I’m using laptop,look it’s a trick act foolish in front of everyone and now see what I do and fills satyas matrimonial add and says now susheel will think she is choosing girl for Shivam but it’s for satya.leela unable to load satyas pic in it and starts filling all data as per she noted.
Leela says I should have done this first this susheel wouldn’t be here but no worries now I shall have a perfect match for my satya and look at this Shivam nothing infront of satya,my hero.

The laptop goes off,leela says what’s wrong with this now,jhano looks out,susheel sees jhano and asks what are you looking for,susheel sees leela struggling and says don’t this shall spoil the laptop give I shall help,leela thinks god I just think she doesn’t open satyas profile,susheel says here your laptop,leela says thank you good job go have fun now,susheel says no I shall stay and help you and thank you mapa called me and told me you looking for bride for Shivam bhai,leela says oh he told you I wanted to surprise you.

Leela opens her chit and acts as if it’s shivams,susheel says oh this must be yours too then it was in my room,hobbies chit but these don’t match to shivams but satya,leela says I thought all boys have same hobbies,and picks the laptop and says come let me help you,leela says don’t you trust me,susheel says I do but I wanted to help you,leela says I shall choose few and then you select one,susheel says not done you do so much for me and o can’t do anything give me the laptop and opens the profile.

Susheel starts making correction,susheel says age is 24 and not 26,leela thinks let it be once the girl sees satya she shall forget all thinks,susheel says let’s upload shivams photo,leela says he gave me one,see,susheel says let me transfer and says work family business,susheel says dadi tell me what type of girl you looking for,leela says that you will tell because I trust your choice.

Pre cap: susheel and leela playing tug of war about not changing.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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