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Ek Deewana Tha 16th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Vyom tortures Freddy and Odhni

Ek Deewana Tha 16th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sharanya jumps in the lake. Shiv shouts her name. Vyom and Rajan also run to the lake but police stops Vyom from jumping inside. Shiv comes inside as well. His eyes are pinned directly on Sadhvi ji’s body. Sharanya tries lifting her but in vain.

Vyom shouts at his father to let him go. Sharanya is all alone. Rajan tells Vyom to pray that Sharanya only finds Sadhvi ji’s dead body in the lake. This lake hides our age old secrets. Hope no new story will begin!

Shiv watches Sharanya struggle lifting Sadhvi ji’s dead body.

Sharanya has pulled out Sadhvi ji’s body safely. Vyom asks her what if something had happened to her. There are so many snakes in the lake. You have hydrophobia too. Shiv praises Sharanya calling her small detective. Vyom begins talking to her again but Sharanya

smiles hearing Shiv’s words. Vyom notices her thus. Did Shiv encourage you to jump? She looks at him.

Shiv asks Sharanya to come in the pool. I wont let you drown. She sits in a corner and asks them to come out. Sharanya tells Vyom to tell Shiv she is afraid of water. Vyom tells Shiv but Shiv does not want to listen to her. Sharanya says it is my friend’s farm house. Come out. Shiv says it is my friend’s farm house too. we wont come out. Vyom asks him how he makes his everything his own. Shiv and Sharanya look at him. Vyom calls it a joke. You are my best buddy. Come now. Shiv says I wont come alone. He pulls Sharanya in the pool suddenly. She shouts out of fear but he assures her that she need not fear anything or anyone till he is there. Vyom looks on unhappily.

Sharanya reminds Vyom that Shiv not just shed her fear but also taught her how to swim. She turns to Shiv. You always used to say that we should fight our fears. What you taught me then has come handy today. Both Shiv and Vyom are different. Vyom cannot see me in pain and can do anything to take it away whereas Shiv always gave me strength to fight it off. He may or may not be with me but his strength with always be with me. Vyom gets up and steps back in shock. Vyom thinks Shiv and I are very different. You love him while I love you!

Inspector says her face is damaged. Even her body has begun to rot. We have to do forensic tests to identify her. Sharanya is positive it is Sadhvi ji only. Get all your tests done. We found that necklace in cupboard. It belongs to Sadhvi ji. it is missing here. It proves that Madhvi Bedi has killed her!

Rajan frees Suvarna. Pardon me. I dint want to do it but I had no option. She apologizes to him instead. You are about to lose everything now! Police never came here till date but they came today. Your past will come out before everyone. Police will find a clue about my husband. Entire world will know your secret! Your karma will make you shed tears of blood! You will regret it. He keeps apologising to her. I hid Dhananjay’s body in the lake only.

Rajan ties Dhananjay’s dead body to a stone.

Sharanya says finally the mystery is solved. You were attracted to that place because of Sadhvi ji’s dead body. Shiv declines. it pulls me to it since childhood. I used to go there after every good or bad moment. The reason of me going there is something else! I still haven’t understood it. She tells him to relax. Like we found out that Madhvi ji is the murderer, we would find out this secret too! Shiv says you are still mistaken. Not Madhvi but Vyom is the killer. I will prove it! She begins to say something when Vyom enters. I am very bad. Sharanya gets concerned. Why do you say so? Vyom says everyone would think that I took a stand against my father for my love. Is Shiv around? You both know that I have always supported truth even if that means going against my own people! Why am I bothering you anyway? Let it be. I will sleep in the guestroom. She bids him goodnight as he leaves. Vyom is standing right outside the door. Shiv will stay with my wife in my room? Sharanya is unable to love me, trust me because of you! My mom is in jail because of you! My dad has to bear so much pain because of you! You are giving too much pain! You will have to pay for everything! I will punish you in such a way that you wont think of coming back in this world ever again, neither dead nor alive!

Sharanya speaks positively to Shiv about Vyom. He cares so much about this friendship that he took a stand against his own parents. He must be feeling bad yet he behaves nicely with her. He is innocent. Shiv tells her he has no proof as of now but very soon he will prove it to her that Vyom is the real culprit. You will then understand if our friendship matters to him or something else! She tries to make him understand but he tells her to stop. I cannot argue with you anymore. My detective jumped in the lake today! Aren’t you tired? She denies. He offers to sing a song for her. she lies down and Shiv songs a lullaby for her. She thinks of the old times and keeps her hands near his cheeks. She gets emotional but he closes her eyes. Shiv looks at her as she sleeps peacefully.

Freddy shouts in pain. Odhni requests Vyom to leave Freddy. Vyom says my father beats me daily. I don’t cry like this. No one even comes to save me. Freddy agrees to go far away but Vyom says it is my work to free everyone permanently. Tell me how Shiv’s spirit will leave us? Freddy is clueless. Odhni repeats the solution to him. Vyom asks them to do it for him. Odhni tells him she wont be able to find Shiv’s body using her powers. If you can find it and bring it then I promise to help you in doing his last rites. Vyom says you are so simple and cute. I haven’t seen such a cute tantric till date. I would have been caught if my mother hadn’t taken entire blame on herself! I will have to do something about you two. He fixes a transmitter in Freddy’s ear. I will keep a tab on both of you now. If you act smart then I will press a button and his wavelength will be gone. You will have to help me to get Shiv out of my life. He thinks of teaching a lesson to Shiv. You stayed with my wife in my room last night. See what I will do to you now!

Precap: Vyom tells Odhni to do it. She refuses but he insists upon her to do it. I cannot let you go. I am doing it all for Shiv and Sharanya. I have understood that they both love each other a lot and I have to separate them at any cost! Sharanya and Shiv seem to have heard it all.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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