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A wobble in the plane dropped her mirror down on the floor , Just near the feet of the man .

Pari spoke : Oh Lord please don’t wake him up

She bowed down to pick it up and got shocked seeing the reflection of his face ,

She spoke in terror – Ni ….kh…Ill

Sweat could be seen on her forehead .

She looked back and finds out Veer busy in playing games on his smartphone .

She exclaimed : Gosh ! Before he opens his eyes, I’ve to do something .

She could very well see the plane was fully packed .

Suddenly Nikhil shakes and He woke up .

Pari got troubled and she jumped up .

Lady on service asks – Mam , Can I help you .

Pari : Yah! I want to go to washroom .

Lady : Sorry , Mam it’s occupied , Please wait .

She sat down , And quickly covered her face with a veil .

Nikhil was stretching himself , Then he played some music * Laila main laila aisi hoon laila
Har koi chahe mujhse milna akela
Jisko bhi dekhu duniya bhula doon
Majnu bana du aisi main
laila *

Pari got very angry and uneasy ” My mind is saying to just give him a tight slap , But I can’t , what to do ” – She realized .

Seeing white girl’s hand on her lap , He touched them .

Pari shouts ” What are you doing ?”

Nikhil spoke : Oh sorry / In his mind he thought ” Wah ! Kya tikhi mirchi ha ” ( wow what a hot girl )

He started whistling .

Pari tried to console herself : Be calm, Pari , You can protect yourselves ”

The lady on flight came and told ” Mam now you can use WC ”

Pari hurriedly got up ” Thanks mam ” .

She ran away , And goes to Veer ,

Pari dragged him to the food section .

Veer : What happened , You look worried .

She got low and Moved near him and hugged him . She could feel herself warm and secure .

Pari spoke with wail ” When I was Angel then I could deal with any problem , But Now I’m Pari , I’m alone and I can’t handle this situation ”

Veer hold her shoulders and said softly ” What has happened ? ”

Pari : I want to be with you

Veer : We are always together , Never think you are alone , I’m with you , And you are not weak ”

Pari : The passenger sitting with me is , My enemy , NIKHIL .

VEER : What are you sure ?

Pari : Yes , I am , And , If he saw you , Then he would … We both have to hide .

Veer : Yes ! Only 30 minutes are left , We can bear this .

Pari : Just keep yourselves out of his sight

Veer : Would you be able to deal with it .

Pari : I’ll try my best .

Veer : Okay !!

They both came out and could hear A girl announcing ” Its a request to Mr.Veer and Ms.Pari meh…”

Before she could speak their full name , Pari interrupted ” Yes ! Mam ”

Lady : Mam please be on your seat , We’re going to land

She sat . Nikhil was glaring at the girl , Sitting with him , Covering her face with a scarf .

Nikhil was thinking ” Pari and Veer M !!! M what ! Who is this girl ”

Finally they landed .
All came out .

______________________________ Everyone took taxis and cabs …

Nikhil was sitting on soft seat of a large car .

Mahesh ( on phone ) : Sir , Welcome to Mumbai your homeland

Nikhil: What task I gave you is done ?

Mahesh : Yes don’t worry sir , Everything is on right platform

Nikhil : Very good see you soon , Bye .


Veer and Pari were in Taxi . Instantaneously a mob of people , Shouting , Yelling stopped their way .

Veer : What is going on here ?

Pari : I think we should check it out .

The large group consists of men , Both young and elderly , Fierce , Angry crowd , Holding placards and boards .

Veer : Be careful , Media would be there .

Pari : Yes !

They both sneak out to see what’s the matter .

One of the Man from the crowd said ” We want our minister back , We want khan back ”

” Who the hell made that video , It’s fake ” – Someone shouts .

Another big and heavy men yelled ” That video was fake , We’ll kill the person who made it , Our khan is pure ”

Pari and veer moved to a corner of road to talk as the place was chaotic .

Veer : Pari , what’s this ,

Pari : They want their minister back , They don’t know it was only he , Who raped their daughters .

Veer : They are saying the video was fake , And what about those girls statement , They were also speaking false .

Pari : These all people are stuffed with money , To create sensitive situation in city , Put pressure and to save khan .

Veer : We should go home now , It could be dangerous to do anything right now .

Pari : Yes ! Let’s go .


NIKHIL’S POV ( point of view )

He tuned on television .

* Breaking news , Around thousands of men gathered on the roads , Saying that Mr.Khan is innocent and the video shared was a fake one , People want their Leader back into power ”

Nikhil : Wow how great I’m , My plan worked .

He called Inspector ” Eh! Man you are doing right , Just increase , Bring more people , Order them to break glasses , Killing , Riots , I want Khan back ”

He was now thinking about The names spoken in flight Pari and Veer M.. , ,,, Unexpectedly he saw in the live news Veer with some girl covering her face .

Nikhil was now looking strangely into the screen ” What ! He’s Veer , But who’s this girl with him , She looks so similar to girl I was sitting with ”

Nikhil spoke in suspicion – Something is dark here , Something which I don’t know .


Veer and Pari reached Veer’s house .

Veer held Pari at threshold .

Veer : Wait ! You are coming to your husband’s home for first time after marriage , Let me do what everybody do .

Pari : what !

He quickly opens his kitchen bought a vessel containing rice and a platter fixed with ‘ Kumkum ‘ and ‘ jyoti ‘

, Pari entered house by kicking the vessel .

Veer : Welcome my bahu .

Pari smiles ” Thanks Sasu ma ( mother in law )

Veer : Now this is your house , Okay , Never leave it and me too .


Veer was talking to Sameer about riots , While Pari was in Veer’s room .

She opens the door and saws

A beautiful big room , Only her photographs pasted on all the four corners .

A wall on which a board was hung , On which little hearts were swinging , ” I miss you ” ” I love you ” ” Come to me ” ” I can’t live ” written over it .

Her eyes got watery . She moves down .

Pari : Veer it’s our first day after our marriage together , Just forget all about Nikhil

Veer : Okay ! So what’s the next plan .

Pari : Let’s cook something to eat .

Veer : I don’t think we have anything in kitchen .

Pari : Don’t worry , I got some grocery items from airport , While you were busy on your phone .

Veer : Hmm !! You’re very smart .

Pari : Shall I cook a cake .

Veer : No please , you’ll convert it into a masala pie .

Pari : If I’ll don’t try , then how’ll I learn .

Veer : Okay , We both will make

Pari : You know cooking

Veer : I’m a master chef

She took out the ingredients .

Veer : Okay ! First take out flour and add some butter and sugar .

She adds

They both were preparing cake .

( Background music – O karam khudaya hai
Tujhe mujhse milaya hai
Tujhpe marke hi toh
Mujhe jeena aaya hai.

O tere sang yaara…
Khush rang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitaara )

Pari : what to do with coca powder , Where to use it .

Veer : I tell you .

He takes up a handful of powder and stood behind Pari .

Pari : Veer , What are you doing at back of mine ?

Veer : Just making you learn the recipe .

He colored her face brown .

Pari : what it is ?

She looks into mirror .

Veer : You colored me first in the Holi so I took revenge .

Pari : wait ! I tell you , How to take avenge .

She grabs a bowl of white flour .

He ran away . She was chasing him .

Pari : Where are you going ha ! wait !

Veer : Black bunny , Come come .

Pari : I’m just there.

They were running here and there .

Suddenly the electricity cuts .

They were now at different corners of house .

Pari : Veer ! I will not leave you uncolored today .

Veer hiding behind the big sofa : Try ,Try , but don’t cry dear Pari , This time I’ll win .

Pari saws a head , Black colored , From back of sofa ” Hmm ! So here you are ha ! ”

She goes and silently stood behind him .

She knocked on his shoulders .

Veer looks back slowly and the moment he looks back she threw the whole flour on his face .

The light glows now .

Pari laughs loudly seeing white face .

Veer laughs seeing her brown .

Pari speaks into her mind watching her boy smile ” This mess will go on , But we’ll never destroy our love story because of others”

Then Veer thinks on observing beautiful smile on her face ” This smile of yours blew my mind , I promise you I’ll never let this curve on your mouth fade away ”

Pari comes near him , Puts her arms over his shoulders and says happily ” I LOVE YOU ”

VEER looks into her eyes , He bought his mouth near hers and says ” I LOVE YOU TOO ”

( Background music – Maine chhode hain baaki saare raste
Bas aaya hoon tere paas re
Meri aankhon mein tera naam hai
Pehchaan le… )


(( background music continues – Sab kuch mere liye tere baad hai
Sau baaton ki ik baat hai
Main na jaunga kabhi tujhe chhod ke
Ye jaan le )))

Veer : Did you remember once when you were crying , Then what I told you

Pari : Yes I do .

They together spoke * Aasman mein jabtak
sitare rahenge
Ek duje ka
ham sath nibhaege
Kuki yeh hai
dil ka rishta *

( Until the stars
will remain in the sky
we both will
be there for each other
this is
heart to heart love )






Love guys

And do you have one in your life for whom you can even die , I know your parents must be , Someone else ????💟💟💟💖💖

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