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Dil Se Dil Tak 16th March 2018 Written Episode Update

Dil Se Dil Tak 16th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Parth gets a call from office and was furious over the employee. Shorvari calms him down and says he has to handle the situation with much patience, they have to take care of Teni. She is much stressed and called Chutkan for Priya’s kidnap. She says Teni was never weak. She says Teni was all alone before them, she got this family here. She is much nervous, he must speak to her. They hear Ipshita crying and hurries to the room. Teni reached there before them and sits to narrate a story to Ipshita. Parth and Shorvari silently hear from the door. Teni says ‘A man always wander to find happiness but doesn’t realize what happiness is. Teni was also like this, then she got Ipshita and realizes she was the real happiness. Parth and Shorvari owned her but then Priya entered. She shares her fear that

everything might get snatched from her again’. Parth and Shorvari come to share her stress and cheer her up.
In Belan wali Bahu, Roopa wish Laddu his birthday and had decorated the house with balloons as well. Laddu tells Roopa he wish for a birthday celebration through party. In the hall, everyone was suggesting for paying some alms on Laddu’s birthday. Roopa comes to suggest about celebrating his birthday through party and calls it his last wish. As the family agrees, Roopa says it has to be a child themed party. Roopa and Laddu were both cheerful now. Roopa calls Teni who was her friend, she invites Teni to the birthday party with Shorvari and Parth.
Teni brings Shorvari and Parth into the room. She was relieved and sounded relaxed. She tells them Roopa is her childhood friend; and has arranged a party on her deceased husband’s birthday. Parth says they can’t party in such a situation when everyone is blaming them. Shorvari was fearful that this may ruin their party as well. Teni says may be they forget their pains for a while and can find a way out from their situation. Shorvari was fearful what if Roopa’s family doesn’t accept their relation. Teni assures her family isn’t like that. She had already taken permission from Dada ji. Parth and Shorvari were finally ready to go. Teni says the theme of party is Out Childhood.
At Roopa’s house, Parth, Teni and Shorvari enter the main door to decorated house. Everyone in the house was dressed up as children and comes running as a storm to them. There was suddenly an earth quake. Dada ji tells the three to hold something around for support. Roopa welcomes them and introduces them to family.
Later, the Bhanushali’s sit with the family, happy to meet the family. Dada ji tells them not to be worried of the situation, and be happy with both his wives. Roopa asks them to change into children’s attire according to theme. Shorvari and Teni goes with her.

Rest in Belan wali Bahu

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