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Belan Wali Bahu 16th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Dil Se Dil tak team in Laddo’s birthday bash

Belan Wali Bahu 16th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

(First part in Dil Se Dil Tak section)

Scene 1
Parth, Teni and Shorvori from Dil se Dil Tak show comes to Roopa’s house. Parth says its silent in house, I feel they all are gone. Teni shouts Roopa.. Shorvori says there is no one home, its silent.. Suddenly Lata shouts train is coming. They all run to grab things. Parth is stunned and says I think we are in wrong house. Ramnath asks them to hold things too. A vase falls on Parth.. Teni and Shorvori holds a pillar and asks if this house will fall off? Dada says no only things fall off. Shorvori says this is good house, I am enjoying here. Teni says they keep smiling here. Roopa waves at them and asks when did they come? Teni says when train came. Roopa introduces everyone while train is still passingby and everything is shaking in

house. They all greet them. Train leaves. Roopa hugs Shorvori and Teni and says its nice to see you all here. Shorvori says why you are wearing kids uniform, you all look kids. Roopa says we are celebrating my husband’s birthday.

Roopa serves refreshments to them. Laddo’s ghost says introduce me too. Roopa says he is my husband.. I mean its his birthday. Teni says your house environment is nice. Shorvori says there is no hesitation here, you all are great. Lata says we keep smiling here, tension gets tensed here. Dada asks Parth that you have two wives? all are stunned Parth looks around. Dada says I didnt mean that, life happens, you are keeping them happy. Jitendra says so much blessing doesnt suit you Dada, Dada slaps him. Ramnath says to Parth that dont worry, it happens daily here. Lata says dont worry about your relation, it will work out. Laddo’s ghost says make them kids too. Roopa says its kids theme party so you become kids too. Shorvori says but.. Suzzi says be a sport.. Teni says I am ready. Roopa says just leave all tensions and become kid with us.. please please.. Shorvori says okay. Parth says I am good like that, you both become kids. Teni says you are boring. Teni and Shorvori leaves with women to get ready as kids.

Ramnath asks Parth how you handle two women when we cant handle even one? Dada says I am still waiting for my one after first one.. I mean first one left so one after that. All laugh. Parth looks around. Jitendra says girls will take time to come, once my wife took so much time to get ready that my birthday passed. All women come dressed in school uniforms, in skirts. All smile. They all are chattering. Dada says dont talk, kids dont talk but play. They all cheer. Roopa says there are two teams, Teni’s team and Shorvori’s team. First Ramnath from Teni’s team and Lata from Shorvori’s team will come to snatch cloth from each other.. Lata says this cloth was gift from my mom.. Ramnath thinks.. Lata snatches cloth and runs. Next is Teni and Shorvori.. Teni snatches cloth and wins. Shalini wins against Jitendra. Dada himself gives cloth to Suzzi. Parth is in Shorvori’s team and wins against Naren. Laddo’s ghost says I will play too. Roopa says to family that I will play too. They say with whom? she says alone. She plays with Laddo’s ghost as no one can see him except Roopa. they try to snatch cloth from floor. Laddo’s ghost tries to hold cloth but his hand passes from it and says I cant even hold it, you have done this, I dont want to play, Roopa takes cloth and says I won. Roopa says Student of year team is Shorvori’s team, all clap.

They all start playing musical chair. They roam around chairs on music and take seats when music stops. Shalini is out.. they start again. Laddo’s ghost sits on one chair, Parth is about to sit on him but Roopa says no.. this is my chair, I will sit here, he says okay.. only Roopa, Parth, Teni, Laddo’s ghost and Shorvori are remaining.. Laddo’s ghost takes a seat, Parth is about to sit again but Roopa says this is my breakfast chair, you cant sit, its my chair. Laddo’s ghost says to Roopa that I want whistle too, its my birthday, she says but you cant play it, he gets miffed and leaves. Only Shorvori and Teni are remaining in musical chair.. Teni gets a seat and wins.. Laddo’s ghost says to Roopa that I want to be kid too, I cant play with anyone. Roopa says you cant do anything. Teni says whom you are talking to? Roopa says I am talking to my husband, only I can see him. Teni says have you gone crazy? Roopa says no actually I feel he is always with me, giving me strength. Teni is confused and leaves. Roopa says to Laddo’s ghost that I have a surprise for you. She asks him to sit on chair, he does. She hangs cap over his head and says now you are wearing it. Roopa says to family that this chair is not chair.. Dada says then what? Roopa says Laddo is sitting on this chair.. I mean assume he is sitting on chair, he will like if we wish him, please mummy wish him. Lata says okay lets assume he is sitting here, she says happy birthday, he touches her feet. Ramnath wishes Laddo’s ghost birthday, they cant see him but assume that he is sitting on chair. Jitendra, Shalini and Naren wishes him, Shalini even takes photo with chair. Dada blesses him, Suzzi wishes him too. Roopa asks Teni, Shorvori and Parth to wish him, they do. Laddo’s ghost says I am happy, he asks can you make me wear tie like kids? or water bottle? Roopa thinks about it. She brings water bottle and hangs over his head, he asks her to put near shoulder.
Jitendra asks Parth to blow on balloon, Parth is irritated but takes it. Jitendra bursts Parth’s balloon. Parth gets angry and says enough.. this family is mental, he asks Teni and Shorvori to come, he is leaving. Shorvori says Roopa is Teni’s friend, please stay for sometime. Parth says but they are irritating. Teni asks him to stay for sometime. Dada says dont feel bad about kids, we are crazy and kids, just be happy. His family starts dancing likes crazies on arre wah wah.. Parth says one minute.. we shouldnt feel bad about kids, can I be kid too? they all cheer. Teni, Shorvori and Parth starts dancing with them. They all make train and dance. Roopa dances with Laddo’s ghost. Parth dances with Shorvori, Teni dances around them. They all enjoy and dance.

Scene 2
Cake is brought.. they all sing happy birthday Laddo. Roopa blows on candles and cut cake, she feeds it to everyone. Laddo’s ghost says thank them, Roopa thanks Parth, Teni and Shorvori for coming. Parth says we enjoyed a lot, Shorvori says we forgot our tensions. Teni says keep calling us. Shalini takes selfie with family. Dada says God always do good. Train passesby, they all run to catch things. Teni and Shorvori laughs and hi-fives with Roopa. Shorvori says we must leave, they leave.

PRECAP- Lata asks Ramnath if he has affair? Ramnath says I liked one fashionable and educated girl Nirmala.
Later Nirmala enters house. Ramnath is elated to see her and does his friendship step with her, Lata is jealous.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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