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Badho Bahu 16th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Zalim Singh saves Titli

Badho Bahu 16th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pradhan’s son’s looks at everyone’s surprised faces. Titli hits him. People are impressed with Titli for the way she is tackling Pradhan’s son. Titli and Pradhan’s son argue.

Vimla ji is in the market. I am tired walking. She notices Pragya leaving from there in her car. She decides to take lift from her and calls out to her but Pragya is staring blankly in front of her. Vimla ji realises that the car is going towards Jamuna ji’s house. My house is in other direction. Does Teji know what’s happening behind his back?

Titli tells the girl not to worry. No one can punish someone for falling in love. Instead, these sinners will be punished! She tries hitting Pradhan’s son but he holds her hand and ends up slapping her instead. He holds her from behind but Titli hits him.

It’s fun now. Clap. Everyone around them starts clapping as Pradhan’s son fails in hitting her this time. Pradhan stands behind Titli but she moves aside. Pradhan tells his son to catch her. Titli gets distracted fighting with Pradhan’s son and Pradhan manages to catch hold of her from behind.

The goons notice Komal. One guys show her a piece of paper asking to guide him to the address. She points out that the paper is black. Why have you covered your face? One of the goons puts chloroform in his kerchief and it keeps it over Komal’s neck. Komal passes out. Pinki tells them to leave right away.

Titli calls it injustice. You should have fought alone. Why did you send your Bapu? Do you want me to beat him too? Pradhan addresses the villagers. I warned everyone already not to meddle in my family matter but this girl didn’t listen to us! See how we will punish her now! She will go bald before my daughter now! People begin to gossip about it. Pradhan’s son inches closer to Titli with a blade / razor. She warns him to stay away from her. I wont spare you if you dare touch my hair! Pradhan tells his son not to pay heeds to her words. Titli tries to free herself but Pradhan holds her firmly. Pradhan’s son is about to shave her hair but Zalim Singh holds Pradhan’s son’s hand. It irks Pradhan Singh very much. Will my disciple tell me what’s right and wrong? You are here because of me only! Zalim nods. I went to jail because of you only. I understood a lot many things there. I am outside now and cannot see anyone doing such things! He pushes Pradhan’s son away.

Vardaan reaches home. Jamuna ji is thrilled to see him and hugs him. How did you lose so much weight? Vardaan smiles. I might gain weight but you always find me weak. I know you have cooked something nice for me. How are you? She says I am fine as I saw you now. She wonders if she should ask about Pragya. He replies that she is fine. Jamuna ji says it is nice. I miss her very much. Pragya enters just then. The ladies share a hug and begin talking. Jamuna ji says I have made something that you both like. Payal was saying! Payal comes just then. You have an appointment today. Let’s go. Jamuna ji wants to feed Vardaan and Pragya first. Payal says they are not kids. They will eat. Payal tells them to eat the food together before she leaves with Jamuna ji. Vardaan finds Pragya uncomfortable. She says anything at times.

Titli tackles Pradhan and even saves Zalim Singh. He watches her mesmerized. Pradhan puts the hunter around his neck. Zalim Singh keeps his eyes pinned on Titli as she beats Pradhan’s son. Pradhan also falls down in the process and Zalim Singh hits him hard on the stomach. Pradhan begs for mercy.

The guy leaves Kamla ji next to a beggar and goes. Kamla ji sits down and starts asking about Badho. Beggar says seems like you are new here. Kamla ji says you might not have understood me because of my goggles. She begins to give her intro but he is not interested. This is my area. Just leave. She says don’t know what days have come. People are talking to me like this! Someone keeps a coin in Kamla ji’s hand. The beggar snatches it from her hand. You look fine. You are wearing nice clothes and wearing a goggle. You seem blind. Are you joking by sitting amidst us beggars? Kamla ji realises how Pinki trapped her. Malti ji notices her outside the temple and questions her. Kamla ji cooks a fake story. Malti ji says I came to check on Titli as she went to temple. I dint find her though. Let’s go home now. She takes Kamla ji with her.

Pradhan and his son are sitting on their knees. Titli says I will show everyone the real drama now. She assures Pradhan’s daughter that she need not worry. Those who love are never wrong. These people will be punished instead. Zalim Singh adds that now they will shave Pradhan and his son’s head. Everyone will see you then. Titli too is anxious to see them bald. Pradhan seeks his apology but Zalim Singh tells him he will be forgiven once he turns bald. Titli says he was acting all manly a while ago. What happened now? I wont be at peace till I see his bald head! Start now.

The goons click a photo of Komal while she is lying unconscious. They keep fruits around her and also click selfies with her.

Malti ji and Kamla ji reach where everyone is gathered. Police also reaches there. Inspector stops Zalim Singh from shaving Pradhan’s head. Titli says the program was about to begin but you stopped it. We wouldn’t have to fight with these fools alone if you had come a while ago! They don’t mind that they were going to harm their own daughter. She tells them everything. Zalim Singh keeps looking at her. Inspector assures everyone that the culprits will be punished by law. Pradhan and his son are taken away. Pradhan tells Zalim Singh he did what he wanted to. It is my turn now. I will be out of jail in no time. I will show you your place when I come. Zalim Singh nods uninterested and keeps looking at Titli. Malti ji asks Titli what she was doing here.

Precap: Komal gains conscious. Lucky thinks Komal dint call him even once and even her phone is unreachable. Komal thinks Lucky would be back now and would look for her the moment he is back.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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