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Twinkle is going somewhere when kunj comes in bike and smiles seeing him and says- hi can I know ur name? And can we be friends? Just then some water get sprinkled on tw’s face and it was her dream her mother was trying to wake up her just then tw gets up suddenly and her mother says- beta plz go bring milk from the market and goes tw- ufff yrr and kunj mere sapne me bhi aane lag gya( n- that day for the first time a boy cam ein my dreams and before only books use to come in my dreams haha) twinkle gets ready and goes outside the house just then her friend kavya comes and says- tw where are u going tw- market k- I also want to go let’s go together tw- ya sure and they goes on their way when tw was going kunj comes their from bike in front of tw nad see stw and smiles tw see him( sajna ve) tw thinks- are yeh Mera sapna h ya Sach an pinches herself and it is was reality(n- haha that time I was Soo confused that if I would have dream about meeting a filmstar also na then that would have beamer real haha but kunj was not less then any hero in my life) tw thinks- what? My dreams are becoming true. Kunj smiles and goes from there kavya- tw where are u lost two comes in senses and say- nothing what happened kavya- yrr u saw that boy he is Soo smart do u know him tw- ya he is my classmate an is Mumbai return kav- wow that nice yrr he so smart mujhe toh pyar hi ho gya tw somewhere feels jealous and goes from there kavya- runs behind and says- tw what happened?? Tw rudely- nothing kav- accha listen u plzz talk with him about me tw- I have more works to do in my life eand goes from there kav- are what happened to her suddenly (n- don’t know what was happening to me that time I was Soo angry after listening kavya’s word I just want to kill her)

Kunj’s house

Kunj’s friends come there but kunj was lost just then they shake and says- hey kunj what happened ku- nothing rahul- yrr we are ur friend tell us na ku- yrr I like one girl rahul- what are u serious who is that lucky girl ku- don’t know yrr rahul- what?? Kunj- yaa I mean I don’t know her are she is in our class only rahul- but who is she in our class there are Soo many girls ku- I will show in schl rahul- ok byee

Ku- yrr I don how but I want to know about her tomorrow I will definitely do this (n- kunj ko Mai psnd bhi aane lagi thi pa vo naam to nahi jaanta Tha isse kehete h Sacha pyar)

To be continued……

Sry guys this is a she one but I am little busy and tomorrow maybe I will not be able to post but will try because tomorrow is my birthday so u can understand but will try byee love u all and do comment

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