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Do you like the marriage track in Jiji Maa?

Star Bharat’s prime show Jiji Maa has got a marriage track. The story has taken an interesting twist. Uttara plans to get her sons married to Falguni and Niyati. Falguni has always looked after Niyati as her daughter. Niyati finds a motherly figure in her. She doesn’t want Falguni to sacrifice her happiness for her sake. She wishes Falguni gets married to her lover, Suresh. Niyati attempts to stop Falguni’s marriage with Vidhaan’s brother Suyash. The sisters have no idea that Suyash Rawat, the super rich businessman befriended them by a poor guy’s identity.

Similarly, Uttara has no idea that Suyash and Falguni are already in love. She thought to bind them together in a unwishful marriage, so that they never have any love prospering between them. Uttara gets Vidhaan and Niyati married, only on the condition that Falguni marries Suyash. Falguni breaks up with Suresh to marry Suyash. After the confusion gets cleared, Falguni and Suyash find themselves as husband and wife. The story will get more dramatic from this point. Do you like the marriage track in Jiji Maa? Let us know your opinion.

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