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RadhaKrishn 16th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Krishna’s Startling Demand

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RadhaKrishn 16th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ugrasen asks Krishna who are Balram’s wedding arrangements going. Balram says Krishna is making arrangements really well. Krishna says he wants Ugrapath to gather all Mathura citizens at one place as he wants to give special invitation to citizens which any other king wouldn’t have given till now.

Sishupal taunts Jarasand to stop foolishly sending his soldiers each day and accepting defeat each day. Jarasand shouts he will continue to send army and make Krishna’s army weak. Krishna’s messenger enters and gives him a letter. Jarasand reads Balram’s wedding invitation and says it is compromise letter, he will attend Balram’s wedding with whole army and kill everyone. Sishupal says he will also attend wedding and will flow blood river, then will fill Radha’s forehead with Krishna’s blood and marry her. Sishupal then walks to Rukmini wearing peacock feather and bansuri like Krishna and asks how is he looking and extends his hand towards her. Rukmini warns dare not to touch a woman without her permission. Sishupal holds her hand. Rukmini says Krishna stays in her heart and he did a big sin by touching her, so she curses him that Krishna will kill Sishupal. Sishupal says uses bad words against Krishna and says he cannot even touch him. Krishna counts words. He drags her to a room and says she will stay here til their wedding away from her old father Bhismak. Once he leaves, messenger walks in and says he is Radha’s messenger and came here with Balram’s wedding invitation so that he can ask Rukmini if Krishna came for her help or not. Rukmini thanks Radha for her support and says not yet.

Krishna walks to Revathi and sends all her servants out. Revathi asks reason. He says he needs to talk something important and shyingly asks if she met Radha, how is she. Revathi says she was expecting it and says Radha is happy thinking and eagerly waiting for his invitation. Krishna gets sad. Balram enters informing Mathura citizens are waiting for him. Revathi asks why his facial expression changed when she informed about Radha’s eagerness for his invitation. Krishna says he doesn’t want to give invitation to Radha. Krishna then addresses Mathura citizens inviting them for Balram and Revathi’s wedding and says they all need to gift all their gathered wealth. Citizens get tensed hearing that.

Precap: Rukmini hopes for Krishna’s support. Radha aasks messenger to inform Krishna that if he loves her, he should right now go and help Rukmini.

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