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Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai 16th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Rochak Saves Kajal

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Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai 16th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tanya’s aide calls her and informs that Kajal is found. She asks him to video call her and show Kajal. He does, and Tanya sees Kajal standing at cliff trying to suicide. She rejoices thinking Kajal herself is getting out of their lives. Kajal continues blabbering she needs to die and end everyone’s ordeal. Tanya not seeing Kajal suiciding orders her aide to push Kajal from cliff. He runs towards Kajal when Rochak pulls Kajal back while she resists. Aide hides. Tanya asks if Kajal fell from cliff or not. Aide informs that Kajal’s hero rescued her on time. Tanya asks who. Aide says Rochak. Rashmi calls Kajal’s number. Rochak picks call and says Kajal is found and is safe. Rashmi happily informs family. Sunehri asks why Kajal left home. Rashmi says Kajal wanted to dance with Anshuman in a dance competition. Rajiv asks if Kajal knows about Manu. Rashmi says no and she doesn’t want her children to know about it. Parth asks about what. Rashmi changes topic and sending Parth in requests Rajiv and Sunehri not to inform her children about Manu Bhargav. Rajiv agrees, but Sunehri determines to inform them about Manu Bharghav. Tanya asks aide to push Kajal at any cost, but he says he cannot tolerate Rochak’s trashes again, so better they get rid off Rochak first.

Anshuman searches Kajal everywhere. Tanya calls and informs him that Kajal was just playing with his emotions, she was actually enjoying night out with Rochak and Rochak will never want Kajal to be Anshuamna’s dance partner. Anshuman fumes hearing that.

Rochak asks Kajal why she wants to suicide. Kajal says she doesn’t want to trouble her family and Anshuman. Their argument ensues. Rochak asks how is she related to Anshuman. Kajal accepts that she loves Anshuman. Rochak shatters hearing that and asks her to repeat. Kajal says she loves Anshuman and doesn’t know when this happened. Rochak moves behind in a shock and falls down from cliff and gets severely injured. Kajal shouts Rochu… Rochu..

Rashmi calls Rochak and gets tensed when he doesn’t pick call. Naani says Kajal is with Anshuman, so she need not worry. Rashmi says she is worried that Kajal’s anger on Rochak may make Rochak break their friendship. Naani continues consoling her.

Kajal sees Tanya’s aide and pleads him to save Rochak. Aide sensing opportunity pushes her, but Anshuman holds her on time.

Precap: Kamini alleges Rashmi and Kajal that they are trying to kill Rochak. Kajal says she is responsible for all the ordeal and not her mother. Rashmi blames Kajal for her insult. Kajal asks Rochak not to come back to her house again.

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