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Bigg Boss 13 16th January 2020 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 13 16th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 109
8 PM
The doorbell rings and Mahira’s mother enters. Mahira runs and hugs her. Her mother says that you are my pride, my son. Mahira cries and brings her inside. Mahira’s mother hugs Sid and says you look nice. She hugs Arti and says you are very nice. She hugs Asim and says you are Mahira’s brother, all laugh. She hugs Rashami and says don’t take things seriously. Rashami says no she is a child. She hugs Paras and says I should beat you, she says your friendship is nice, your girlfriend Akansha is nice, don’t kiss her, I don’t like it. She tells him to let Mahira do her fights, she can answer them back. She goes to Sana and says don’t cry, you are a child, I like your friendship with Mahira, don’t fight because of Paras. Mahira sees her name’s tattoo on her hand. Her mother meets Vishal and Madhu. Vishal flirts with her mother and says I wanted to meet you.
Mahira talks to her mother. Mahira says why did you scold Paras? He takes care of me. She says he is your friend but we don’t like him kissing and all that. His girlfriend Akansha is very nice.
Rashami tells Paras that you have no future after this show, not with Akansha and Mahira. Paras says no mother would accept this.
Mahira’s mother tells Mahira that Sana is very nice. Mahira says you just watch 1 hour, you know I don’t like to talk bad about girls. Mahira’s mother says I know, she hugs her. Bigg Boss says she has to go now. Mahira asks her to say good things about Paras. She comes to him and says don’t feel bad Paras. She hugs Paras. Sid says Mahira must have asked her to say all that. All laugh. Her mother hugs Arti and says call me to your wedding, she says something in her ear, Arti laughs. Mahira’s mother asks Sana to be Mahira’s friend. Sana says I will take care of Mahira. Arti says she told me that she likes my pair with Sid. Mahira asks her mother to say love you to Paras. Her mother says you love me Paras? He says love you.

8:45 PM
Paras tells Mahira that what did you tell your mother to say to me? Mahira says to say I love you to you. Mahira says she said that people would make it look bad. Paras says she said to be careful. Mahira says she said that Sana and I look nice as friends but I told her that you see 1 hour, we are here 24 hours.
Vishal says someone does the act and other has to bear it. Madhu asks him to not forget his standard, you are still a prisoner, get lost. Rashami takes Vishal from there to take him to the washroom.

9 PM
The doorbell rings and Sana’s father enters. She runs and touches his feet. He hugs her and makes him meet everyone. He asks Sid if she is irritating him? He says a lot. He tells Vishal that Sana took your side so be nice with her.
Sana talks to her father. He says don’t take what you have with Sid ahead, don’t say that you want Sid to want to win, I want you to win. Also, don’t take Paras’ name, he is your biggest enemy, he doesn’t want to see you as a finalist, Sid cares for you if you have feelings for them then don’t do it here. Sana says no, I have the attachment. He says people like SidNaaz. He says don’t cry, don’t beat yourself. He says you have earned this respect, they are liking you, people cry when you cry. Sana says really? He says yes, focus on the game, you are not jealous, your level is way more than her, Mahira is good but Paras provokes her, he keeps telling her that Sana is jealous of her. You should entertain people. Sana says it’s just one month left. Sana tells him to not de-motivate others here. He asks Madhu and Vishal to live in peace. Sana asks him to praise Sid. Sana’s father hugs Sid. Sid says she is very nice. He thanks him for taking care of Sana. He tells Mahira to not listen to Paras. He used to tell Sana initially that Mahira is jealous of Sana and now he tells Mahira that Sana is jealous of her. This is all Paras’ mess. All laugh. Sana’s father says that Paras started this jealous angle, he should respect girls. He tells Arti to not twist Sana’s words, you change your party a lot. He asks Sid to take care of Sana. He leaves the house. Sana says don’t mind, my father is like that.

Sana tells Sid that he said that people like SidNaaz because we have a limit, he said to not cross the line, he said that he doesn’t like Paras and Paras doesn’t think good about me.

Mahira asks Paras if he said to Sana that I was jealous of her? Paras says you both didn’t get along initially, I said that you are pretty and if a guy is not flirting with her then the girl can be jealous.
Arti tells Sana that I won’t talk in your matters, I never tried to ignite a fire. Sana says my father can have a different mindset.

10 PM
The doorbell rings and Parag enters. Shefali runs and says, hi baby. She kisses his head and jumps on him. Parag laughs. She kisses on his lips. Parag meets Paras and hugs him. Parag comes to Asim and says you were my favorite, when you talk to my wife like that then I don’t like it. You knew Himanshi for 5 weeks and you would fight for her, Shefali is with me for 10 years so if you talk to her like then I won’t spare anyone. You didn’t do any favor on her, someone is waiting for you outside too. He hugs Arti and says you are everybody’s favorite. Parag hugs Asim. Asim gives him a hug. Parag thanks Sid for taking care of Shefali. Parag greets Sana and Rashami. Parag goes with Shefali. Asim says he said that some friend is waiting for me. Sid says so Himanshi was a time-pass? You have a girlfriend?
Parag meets Vishal and Madhu.
Shefali hugs Parag and kisses him. He says I missed you so much. Parag asks Shefali to not be passive, you are a goon, come on the front foot. He says Rashami back-bites too much.
Mahira teases Asim that dear someone is waiting for you outside.
Shefali asks Parag if he talked to Himanshi? He says yes. She says did she break-up with her boyfriend? Parag says yes, she sent the message for Asim that she is waiting. Parag massages her feet and says I miss you so much. Shefali says it’s good here but I miss you here.
Sid teases Asim that if Himanshi is waiting for you then you will sell her old ring?
Bigg Boss asks Parag to leave now. Parag lifts Shefali and comes out. Sid asks Parag to clear who is waiting for Asim? Parag says Himanshi said that she is waiting for Asim. Sid says thank you for clearing. Parag leaves. Asim goes from there and says Himanshi I am coming.

Sid hugs Asim. Sana tells Asim that I told you that he would not tolerate what she had with Asim. Shefali tells Asim that Himanshi sent that message. Asim says I don’t want to be the reason for her breakup. Arti says she might have fallen in love with you.

Sana tells Mahira that my father asked me to not beat myself. Mahira says it doesn’t look good.

Shefali asks Asim to be careful, they are provoking you. Parag was very happy. She hugs him and says I am happy for you. She jokes that Asim is happier than me.

Rashami cries and tells Vishal that seeing Sana’s dad made me emotional. I couldn’t have that feeling, I feel lonely. Vishal says you are a strong girl. Rashami says my dad should have been with me.

Sana tells Mahira that your mother said that we are making them sad by fighting. Mahira says Paras was saying the same thing. Sana says my father said something else, he doesn’t even want me to take Paras’ name.

Asim tells Rashami that they said that people are provoking me, I talk to you and Vishal only, you don’t provoke me.

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Update Credit to: Atiba

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