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Santoshi Maa 16th November 2020 Written Episode Update – The asoors are torturing everybody in singhasan’s family.

Santoshi Maa 16th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with the asoor goons are again making all singhasan family members conscious & indresh trying to attack them but one of them retaliates beating him very much as ushma thinking how to save indresh while bubli & nidhi also feeling bad about indresh. Singhasan & all are shouting the asoor to stop beating indresh while swati feeling restless becoming uneasy & santoshi mata asking her what happened & she tells her feeling like some of my family member being affected but mata calms her & thinks what is happening while dev rishi asks her what happened. Mata feels something fishy so tells him to come out of this house & mata sees telling dev rishi that asoor powers have surrounded us so he tells her to do something please.
Ushma stops telling asoors to beat indresh & also tells everybody to not to do anything weird now. She asks them what you wish & they tell them all that only two days left for moon to leave till then we’ll stay here & you all under our eyesight & if anybody try doing tricks then we won’t leave you all. All are quiet while ushma thinking how to plan to tackle them & save indresh.
Devi polomi comes to inform mata santoshi that whatever your form ushma has done with their brother’s so all of them are facing the trauma by them & also says that how much you try to hide swati from me then too you’ll lose your efforts against me as the asoors won’t spare anybody. Mata santoshi warns devi polomi saying whatever you are doing is against gods policy but she ignores her talks & leaves.
Dev rishi pleads mata to do something but she tells him it’s because we are being clutched by this asoor’s guard I can’t contact ushma.
Ushma takes chance to go inside a room where she feels I can now contact mata but while praying she too feels the same what mata felt that why I can’t contact mata & she too searches why this is happening & understands the house is clutched by asoor powers guard.
The other asoor wonders where ushma went so he goes to see her & finds inside a room & shows his powers to her by passing through his mouth blown towards abhishek to make her warn in anything weird she does than all will be killed this way while abhishek gets wild by his powers in which he attacks indresh for making his love nidhi enter into his life & he starts fighting with him wildly while the asoors are enjoying their fight. All are trying to save indresh but they are also hit & pushed wildly by him while ushma thinking how to save & bubli inspite got hit by ahishek smartly tricks him & takes away indresh inside the room to save him but instead he sees bubli injured & applies medication on her while she asks him are you remembering swati & he is thinking of her itself. Here abhishek is calling indresh to come out while the other asoor shows his gun to him & he gets instigated to squeeze it from him to aim towards lovely & warns indresh if he doesn’t come out then he’ll blow off lovely but indresh comes out & he aims him.

Precap : Dev rishi asks mata santoshi what is this kind of evil plan polomi is doing & mata tells him we have to answer her. Abhishek is aiming gun towards nidhi for betraying him & as he is about to shoot indresh comes in between & bullet hits him on his hands.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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