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#RIANSH – A CUTE LOVE STORY – Episode – 8 – Riansh are Friends

Episode starts with…

Riddhima changed her clothes and as she comes out from washroom, she saw Ishani and Angre talking. The three sat when Ishani formally introduced Angre

Ishani: Sorry Riddhima, I couldn’t introduce you to Angre. He is Angre, Vansh bhai’s best friend and we both are in relationship. He has his own Private Detecting Agency. And Angre you know her, she is Riddhima.

Riddhima: Hello Angre. (handshake). It’s good to hear about you both.

Angre: Hi Riddhima (his voice was heavy while taking her name).

They were chitchatting Riddhima was silently listening to their talks when Vansh with Siya entered interrupting them. Vansh was staring at Riddhima as if his heart wanted to see her smile and that wish of him has been fulfilled. He smiled at her, though even she smiled back she was wondering why did she feel safe in his arms when she didn’t even know who he was. She was wondering who could he be. As if Vansh read Riddhima’s thoughts he came and sat opposite to her forwarding his hand for a warm shake…

Vansh: Hii, I am Vansh Rai Singhania.

Riddhima realised he was that person; she was curious to meet. She realised all that was said by Sejal about his attitude but the way she saw him from past few hours he didn’t seem like the one Sejal told of… he was totally different from that

Riddhima (shaking hands): Hi Mr. Vansh, I am Riddhima Sharma.

Vansh: You can call me Vansh (smiling).

Riddhima: I didn’t expect we would meet in this manner.

Vansh: O!! just forget it. Let bygones be bygones.

While Vansh was trying to normalize the environment, Angre was awestruck listening to Riddhima’s surname. He was confused. He had many questions for which he needed answers but he didn’t feel like it’s the right time so decided to stay put. Just then they saw Sejal getting something for everyone to eat. That’s when something popped and he staring at Sejal

Vansh: We have known your family for years but I never knew that you have a sister.

Angre thought “Thank you Vansh for asking that question which I wanted to”

Sejal: Bhai, that’s a long story will tell some other day.

Ishani: Yes bhai, but you have to know one more thing that since yesterday she has become a part of our family too. So technically, she is our friend (pointing towards herself and Siya).

Vansh: Sejal don’t forget you should tell me the whole story later. And as Ishani just said that you are a part of family now, Welcome into the Family Riddhima.

Angre wanted to know the truth behind Riddhima but as everyone shifted their focus from that topic, he didn’t want to pull that topic any longer so just let it go.

Riddhima smiled at Vansh and thanked him for his gesture.

Vansh: So, as you are friends with Siya and Ishani, I was wondering if even we could be friends?

This statement hit hard to the onlookers. Who were literally shocked to see that Vansh wants to be friends with an unknown person whom he met few hours back. This never happened in the past 3 years. They were wondering if they were dreaming. Sejal and Angre looked at each other and exchanged glances of what’s happening.

Riddhima was touched by the way he expressed his wish to be her friend. Riddhima nodded her head and shook his hand. She saw Angre and others communicating with their eyes. She interrupted their gestures and spoke

Riddhima: Angre, can we also be friends?

Angre (he wanted to ask that but the question being popped from Riddhima made him speechless): I’d love to…

Sejal: Acha acha ok, there have been much introductions and friendships now let’s have some Carrot Halwa made by Paa and Some Pasta made by Vansh bhai.

The word that Vansh cooked made Angre, Ishani and Siya stand from their place and shout “What??? Vansh cooked”. They were shocked and amused by his change. Vansh rolled his eyes, seeing which the 3 took their seat and stared at Sejal who indicated them that’s truth. Riddhima who was observing all this was puzzled by their reactions.

Siya: Sejal di, uncle never cooked halwa for us! I want to taste first.

She was about to grab the dish when Sejal stopped her

Sejal: We aren’t that lucky sister. He rarely cooks for me but whenever Riddhima comes home, he doesn’t allow anyone into the kitchen and cooks all her favourite dishes by himself. And this dish is her favourite. She always adored carrot halwa.

Angre had an instinct that what he is thinking might be true but then some links were missing and was unable to join everything and come to a conclusion.

Sejal: So, this dish is prepared for my Riddhima and she never shares her halwa with anyone, when specifically, it is prepared by dad.

Vansh: Chanchal Aunty was telling me that you love Pasta, so, this is from my side on name of our new friendship.

Riddhima was happy and thanked him and said

Riddhima: Thank you Vansh. And yeah Dad made halwa for me and as Sejal already informed you all, I don’t share dad’s halwa with anyone but…today I am happy as I got a family, many friends so sharing is accepted (smiling at everyone)

After Sejal distributed the pasta and halwa to everyone, there was only some portion of that was left and there were 2 more to be distributed (Vansh and Riddhima). She was staring at them in confusion

Vansh: Sejal, give it to Riddhima. It’s for her and she loves the dishes

Riddhima: Not at all, we both will share. You raised the dishes as a toast for our friendship so how could you not eat. You’ll eat and Sejal can you please pass the bowls.

After Sejal passed the bowls, Riddhima signalled Vansh to eat from her bowl which he refused but she was in no mood for no so she fed him with herself. This action of her had received many reactions from others as they were all in total shock. Vansh was surprised too as how Riddhima fed him suddenly. And so Riddhima kept on feeding him as Vansh was staring at her due to her gestures and her expressions as she enjoyed the food. While he was adoring the kid in Riddhima, others were having entertainment as they were observing their changed version of Vansh and Riddhima forgot everything that happened few hours ago and is being normal once again. Vansh didn’t understand why he was unable to distract himself from Riddhima. After a while when they were done, Riddhima realized something and started to go out in a hurry when Vansh stopped her by holding her hand

Vansh: O hold on madam. Where are you rushing and why?

Riddhima: Vansh there’s lot to work on. We don’t have time to waste. Tomorrow is the festival and we are supposed to work on decorating and other works by tonight. So, leave me I need to go.

Vansh: Ms. Riddhima, everything is done. Sejal coordinated with everyone and all the work you were supposed to supervise was done by Ishani and Siya. Angre spoke to caterers and explained them everything. Everything is on spot ok.!!

Riddhima was shocked to know that Vansh did all this. Though she didn’t know anything about him, but the Vansh Sejal told about was nowhere to be found and this person was not that Vansh. She was amused by his gesture and had no words to express.

Riddhima (patting her head): I forgot I was supposed to buy Diya’s. Dadi wanted to have Diya’s all around the house. I thought I’ll buy today but I totally forgot. I need to go Vansh.

Vansh (Giving her stern look): Sejal, your sister is so stubborn. How do you bear her!!

Sejal laughed while Riddhima said she is stubborn when its matter of her patients or clients.

Vansh and Angre: Patients?

Riddhima: I didn’t tell you right, I am a Physiotherapist. I am a visiting doctor in many hospitals. Whenever needed I’ll reach there.

Vansh: Interesting Very Interesting

Angre was once again lost in some thoughts. Riddhima asked Vansh to leave her hand as he was still holding it.

Vansh: On one condition, you are not going anywhere. Whatever you want will be arranged. You just relax.

Riddhima: But who’ll go, I don’t trust anyone when it’s about perfection. Vansh please let me go.

Vansh: Not at any cost. Do one thing, give the designs you want I’ll get it for you.

Everyone was shocked in surprise. Vansh Rai Singhania would go to buy Diya’s for his new friend. And he was convincing her for that was like an electric shock for them. They were making sure it wasn’t a dream. Riddhima was first puzzled but then agreed to give designs and address of the place where he’d get them with the quantity she wants.

So, Riddhima handed over all the details in a note to Vansh. All this while Siya, Ishani, Angre, and Sejal were puzzled as to how can Vansh be so different with a person whom he met today and in few hours of meeting her, he was behaving odd. It’s been 3 years for them since they saw this normal Vansh. They were happy to see their old Vansh back but at the same time were wondering what’s the reason he was being old Vansh with Riddhima.

Precap: As everyone was enjoying dinner, they heard banging sounds. But Vansh asked everyone to enjoy their food and not pay heed to it

So that’s all for today. Hope you guys are enjoying and please do comment and let me know your views and suggestions if any needed.

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