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#RIANSH – A CUTE LOVE STORY – Episode – 7 – Aryan is the Culprit, Riddhima in Trauma

Episode starts with…

Soon Angre with others reached and seeing Vansh caressing Riddhima they understood that their worst fear came true. Chanchal ran to Vansh and seeing Riddhima shivering, she was shocked seeing her state. She never saw her daughter this scared. Rudra couldn’t see her in this state and to take her into his protection, he put his hand on her shoulder. As soon as he did so Riddhima shouted out of fear and started crying asking not to touch her. Everyone was shocked of this action from her.

Vansh understood her pain and assured everyone with his eyes that she’ll be fine and taking her away from basement, he signalled Angre to drag Aryan. Angre did the same. He was dragging Aryan the way he dragged Riddhima.

After reaching living room, Vansh made Riddhima sit while she was still holding him tight and was not letting him go. He sat beside her and patted on her shoulders assuring her that she is fine. He sensed the trauma she was going through; everyone was crying at the vision of her state. He could feel her pain, he didn’t want to break and wanted to be the strength of others so composed himself and finally spoke

Vansh: Look around you are safe here. No one would dare touch you. It’s your dad. Look at your mom and dad they are equally worried.

Vansh’s words were soothing to Riddhima that after almost 10minutes of sticking onto Vansh and not looking at anyone she raised her head to see Rudra, Chanchal and Sejal weeping. She couldn’t bare more and leaving Vansh she ran to hug Rudra. She didn’t see into his eyes but as soon as he took her into his arms, they were inconsolable. Chanchal and Sejal hugged each other and were weeping. Vansh saw how she was trying to understand what happened to her and the pain was clearly visible in her shivering body.

Rudra: Beta, nothing happened, look we are here. I am so sorry beta, I couldn’t do the duty of father, I couldn’t protect you. Forgive me. (weeping)

Riddhima was in no state that she could answer. Rudra bought her onto the couch and placing her and sat beside to give her shoulder to cry. Chanchal sat on other side and patted her head affectionately, Riddhima saw her and she too hugged her and consoled her.

Aryan who was dragged by Angre was standing arrogantly not having any guilt and was asking servants to get him his alcohol. Everyone was pissed of his behaviour but before anyone could react, he received a tight slap on his face. He turned his face to see who dared to touch him. He was shocked to see who it was. It was Ishani

Aryan: Isha… (but before he could take her name, he received another slap)

Ishani: Don’t you dare say a word more. How could you do this. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? Did you forget that you have 2 sisters? What if some creep like you did the same with us? She is our friend, our sister. You never did your duty as a brother but today you are not even fit to be called a human… (hatred was clearly seen in her eyes)

Aryan: Ohh cut the crap, Ishani. How dare you raise your hand on your brother? I’ll show you your place now…

Saying so he raised his hand, but before he could move further, he felt someone holding his collar from behind and his hand was held by Vansh, Sejal and Amar.

Sejal: Don’t you dare Aryan. You have already done a big crime by touching my friend but if you dare do the same mistake, I will forget who you are. (anger was visible in her eyes)

Anupriya: Hope I have done this many years back, then today he wouldn’t have dared touch a girl. It’s my mistake that I couldn’t give him good values. The hand which Ishani raised was supposed to be mine, but I never did. (she turning to Riddhima). Beta, whatever happened with you was my fault. I am sorry.

Amar: NO Anu, you are not alone responsible for this instead, we both are.

Angre was observing Riddhima who was in Rudra’s arm’s weeping silently, he felt some connection with her. He could sense that his heart started weeping and his tears expressed the pain his heart was facing. He felt like he wants to do all that takes to bring a smile back on that innocent face. Vansh who usually doesn’t like meeting anyone was now connected to her in all manners and he wanted to destroy the person who hurt her. Uma and dadi stood behind weeping Riddhima trying to console her. Siya and Sejal sat near Chanchal and Rudra. Angre realised that she was weeping since almost half an hour and so went into the kitchen and bought some water for her.

Angre: Have some water, you need it. You’ll feel relaxed. (worried)

Riddhima who covered her face in Rudra’s shoulders lifted head to notice Angre standing with glass and his eyes spoke how concerned and worried was for her. Her hands were shivering and she was unable to hold the glass. Observing this Angre insisted to help her. All this while Angre and Riddhima’s eyes were trying to speak to each other. That’s when he noticed her lips bleeding and he turned towards Aryan with anger bursting out. Vansh too noticed the injuries on her lips and cheeks so he

Vansh: Sejal take her into my room. She needs aid.

(Vansh who never allows anyone into his room, was now asking to take Riddhima into his room)

Family noticed it but didn’t bother as it was not the situation for all that. The usual Vansh who never felt attached to any outsider, was concerned and was determined to protect this outsider. His heart turned heavy seeing her in this position. His heart wanted to protect her from any sought of trouble. The rock heart started melting for Riddhima. He didn’t even know who she was, the fact was he didn’t even know her name but in the very first meet he felt attached to her. His heart wanted to stand by her in all her ups and downs but his brain was not accepting all these facts. His heart tried informing him that he is connected to her but brain was not interested in accepting the reality.

Sejal helped Riddhima get up and was taking her into Vansh’s room while Ishani and Siya followed her. Chanchal and Rudra totally broke seeing her condition and were unable to control their pain and were thinking how would Riddhima cope up with this trauma.

Angre and Vansh were observing her struggle to walk. Their concern was visible in their eyes. After a while, Sejal returned down when

Vansh: Sejal why did you leave her alone; your sister needs you.

Sejal: Bhai, Ishani and Siya are with her.

Rudra and Chanchal (together): beta how is she? Did she speak anything?

Sejal: No, she didn’t even utter a word. She’s in shock. But you know her she’s the strongest person we have ever met. She’ll take time but if my instinct is right then our girl will be back by tomorrow (trying to smile)

Chanchal nodded her head. While others were just staring.

Sejal: Dad I am going home, actually, her dress is torn so I’ll go and get her some of my clothes.

They nodded while she left. After a while when she returned, she saw Aryan still sitting in living room and his eyes were guilt free, seeing him without guilt Sejal was burning to trash him. Vansh noticed it and

Vansh: Sejal I understand what you want to do. I’ll give you the chance to do so. It’s my promise.

Sejal smiled thanking him and left to see Riddhima. As she entered Vansh’s room she saw Ishani and Siya banging washroom door. She was worried

Sejal: What happened? Where is Riddhima?

Ishani: She went into the washroom and isn’t answering. We are worried.

Sejal went near the door and placing her ear onto the door, she tried listening to what’s happening, she heard some weeping noises and she understood what Riddhima was up to.

Sejal: Guys relax, she’s weeping…

Before she could complete her sentence, they heard a knock on the door. It was Angre.

Angre: Where is she? Is she ok?

Ishani: Angre she is in washroom and weeping from 10mins, she isn’t opening the door

Angre was worried and asked if he shall break the door. Sejal stopped him saying,

Sejal: Guys relax, she is weeping her heart out. Let her…

Angre: Are you mad Sejal, she’ll fall sick if she locks herself and weep in this way. She has been in this condition for an hour now. How can you say it so casually?

Sejal: Because I know her Angre. She’s like this, she’ll come out after her heart cries off. If we want her to be normal again then this is necessary. She’ll take time but she’ll be normal. Trust me.

Angre nodded his head as he didn’t know her much and Sejal was the only one who knows her. They all sat-on bed staring at the washroom door to open. After a while, their wait was over. Riddhima opened the door and was standing there. Her eyes were lifeless, the charm in her face vanished, she stood their motionless and lifeless. She lost her strength. She had no energy to speak. She wanted to assure that she’ll be fine but her lips didn’t cooperate with her to smile and her eyes were numb so she wasn’t able to convey her assurance. As she stood in the entrance of washroom, everyone was staring at her wanting her to speak up,

Vansh: She can speak if she has any strength in her. Let her have a piece of cake specially prepared by her mom

Sejal understood that Vansh wanted to create a normal environment so she joined him

Sejal: Maa always does this, she always prepares her favourite dish (making a face)

Everyone was waiting for Riddhima to react. She started walking towards them but was stumbling when Angre went and gave her support.  His touch felt like a known touch for Riddhima. She stared at him as even he felt like he knows her. Riddhima felt safe with him. She walked silently with his support, she walked towards Vansh and silently took the plate from his hands which had cake and sat on the bed and was having it like a small kid. Everyone smiled seeing her and by this time, elders too reached there and seeing Riddhima having cake they had tears in their eyes. Chanchal and Rudra understood that their daughter was trying to get back to normal. Riddhima didn’t even lift her head while eating, she was engrossed in eating. Finally, after she was done, she felt like she gained energy to speak and was trying to speak something. Everyone was eagerly waiting for her to utter a word.

Riddhima: Because mom loves me more than you….

Her words after an hour felt like a soothing pleasure, listening to which Sejal ran and hugged her tight.

Sejal: I Love you soooo much!!! And yeah, I know mom loves you more than me

Interrupting their conversation was Rudra entering the room,

Rudra: Not only your Ma but also Pa loves Riddhima more than you.

Riddhima gave a small smile to him when he and Chanchal gave her a hug which was joined by Sejal shouting it’s a family hug!!!

Seeing Riddhima finally speaking, their heart calmed down. They too smiled. Vansh had a natural smile on his face after 3years. Siya saw him smiling and was shocked and informed Ishani who too noticed and was amused.  They both hugged each other out of happiness.

So, did you guys like the meet of Riansh? Let me know your views and suggestions in comments.

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