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Love Makes Life Beautiful Episode 55

Hai friends I’m back with today’s episode. Thank you so much for your comments. Please keep commenting and supporting.

Mishti is walking towards the bus stop from college. She gets an intuition of being followed and turns back. A stranger is 2 feet behind her. She sighs and walks forward. She feels that the stranger is closer to her. In fear Mishti starts to walk faster…she suddenly tumbles and falls down. A hand holds her. Mishti looks up and is relieved and surprised to see Abir there. She hugs him in fright. Abir notices her tension

Abir: Mishti what happened

Mishti: Is someone behind us

Abir: Haan..many are there whom are you talking about

Mishti breaks the hug and turns to see many of her college mates coming out towards the bus stop.

Mishti: Abir..someone was …was following me

Abir: Haan it was me

Mishti: Arrey nahi..someone else was walking so close to me

Abir: Arrey you are getting afraid for no reason…chill

Mishti in mind: Perhaps Abir may be right..I can’t jump into sudden conclusions

Abir pulls her into his embrace and: Oye madam.,what happened

Mishti: Nothing…

Abir: Don’t get afraid for small things you are a sister of Sherni…which means you are a Sherni too

Mishti: Okay sir…

She hugs him tighter. The scene freezes.

Scene shifts to Kaira’s college. Kartik and Naira are walking towards the college block from the hospital.
Kartik: Keerthi di’s reports will be ready..hope this treatment removes the nephrotoxicity and cure her.

Naira: Haan Kartik…I wish the is a long and painful process both mentally and physically

Kartik: Haan you are right
Just then Vikrant hits on Naira as he is walking while looking into his phone. Naira loses balance and is about to fall while Kartik holds her in a reflex Naira holds Kartik’s shirt. 

Kartik: careful..Vikrant cant you see and walk

Vikrant : I can ask you the same thing

Kartik gets angry and holds his shirt collar. But Naira stops him

Naira: Kartik..don’t fight with him and waste your energy .

Kartik leaves his collar and: As you say jaan..

He puts his arm on Naira’s shoulder and starts to walk

Vikrant: Kartik..Tara loves you madly..don’t hurt her

Kartik: Itna concern Tara pe..oh Acha I got it…she is the college beauty and ur crush right

Vikrant: Haan..I love her but she loves you madly accept her

Kartik laughs. Kartik: If so woo her why are you asking me to leave my love for someone who constantly hurts the girl I love

Naira: Vikrant..we don’t consider Tara as our enemy but she considers us specially me as her she gets hurt whenever we are happy…better you put medicines to her wound with your love..

Kartik: They won’t understand your heart let’s go Naira

Kartik and Naira walk their way and scene freezes.

Scene shifts to Komolika’s room. She is lying on the bed looking at Anurag’s photo

Komolika: Anurag..why did you marry someone else…when you love me …is that marriage for family pressure…I know you aren’t happy in the marriage that Prerna isn’t suitable for you..don’t worry baby I know how to make us happy…I love you and I know you love me…

Nikka nikka sound plays in background as scene freezes on her smile.
Scene shifts to Vadhera house..Jeevika is cradling Sara while Viren is taking bath .

Viren: Jeevika…Jeevika…Jeevika…

Jeevika: Haan Virenji

Viren: Jeevika my towel…please bring it

Jeevika: Ek minute I’ll bring it

She takes the towel and gives it to Viren whose hands alone are out. He grabs the towel and Jeevika is about to leave when he suddenly pulls her inside..He closes the door and Jeevika leans on it as he comes closer…in order to block her way he rests his hand on the door near her and slowly leans to kiss her.

…..just then Sara starts to cry

Viren sighs and: Lagta hai meri beti possessive hai Apni papa pe

Jeevika laughs and opens the door. She runs towards the baby and lifts her in her hand and starts to console her while Viren comes out toweling his head.
Viren: I’m so proud of Prerna

Jeevika : Yeah..she is fulfilling her duties as a bahu in a great way

Viren: Bechari Keerthi is suffering a lot due to that Aditya..first she lost her parents then got kidnapped and now this one

Jeevika : Hope she gets well soon and everyone gets happy

Viren gets the baby from her in his arms and: Aur uske baad we are going for a family picnic Hena bacha..Hena Hena

Jeevika: Family picnic sounds great Virenji

Viren winks at her and the scene freezes.

Scene shifts to City hospital. Akshara is sitting in a corner waiting for results. Naitik comes there

Naitik: Akshara let’s have something to eat

Akshara sees him and starts to cry

Naitik: Arrey Akshara kya hua

Akshara: Naitik..the reports..

Naitik: It will be positive for us..don’t worry

Akshara: Bechari Keerthi is suffering a lot and it is due to one person called Aditya..

Naitik: Akshara…Akshara,.be strong we must be strong to support Naksh..think from his state…how bad will he feel..Akshara…be strong

Naitik wipes her tears .

Meanwhile Anurag walks to the doctor’s room to find out the results of the treatment..he is tensed..Prerna runs to him

Prerna: Anurag..don’t worry everything will be fine..Keerthi will get well …don’t worry..whatever it is we will face it as a family

Anurag holds her closer .
Anurag: Prerna..I hope that my sister doesn’t suffer anymore

Prerna: She won’t suffer.


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