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Ishq Mein Marjawan FF # Ishq Nahi Aasan (Chapter 52)

Hey guys , Here is a new episode. It’s long this time . Thank you for all your support. Hope you all enjoy reading this episode. Please give your valuable opinions about the episode on the comment section.

Episode 52:-

Sameeksha is upto something !!

Sameeksha/Samika and Dev reached back to Mumbai by Mid Night and the went to their respective houses.

Next day , Morning

Sameeksha/Samika comes down after getting freshen up. Mr. & Mrs. Chowdhary is waiting for her at downstairs.

Sameeksha – “ Mom, What is there for breakfast? “.

Mrs.Chowdhary – “ Aloo Paratha “.

Sameeksha – “ Great , Asha Didi haven’t come today?”

She sits on the chair near the dining table.

Mrs.Chowdhary – “ No, she is on leave “.

Sameeksha (with a smile)- “ So you made it !”.

Mrs.Chowdhary – “ No .. your Dad made it”.

Sameeksha – “ WOW !! Impressive.. Dad not bad , Haa “.

Sameeksha looks him with a smile. Mr.Chowdhary smiles back.

Mrs.Chowdhary – “ Until you came back , he was not happy “.

Sameeksha – “ It is a usual thing since he loves me a lot “.

Sameeksha starts to eat it.

Mr.Chowdhary – “ How was everything at Shimla?”

Mrs.Chowdhary looks him and indicating why did he ask her about it now.

Sameeksha pause for a moment. She smiles.

Sameeksha – “ Dev was just trying to bring out Samika out of me . But he failed miserably. Then he put forth his next move -‘ I love you Sameeksha’. Then I took his test. He won and I agreed to his proposal. And the fish is caught in our trap. He is thinking he trapped me but everything is happening according to my plan”. 

Mr.Chowdhary – “ What if his plan was to get you there and to get any leads ?”

Sameeksha – “ It won’t happen.  I was prepared for that too”.

(Fb:-  Sameeksha calling someone and another man is on call. Sameeksha asking the person to clear off every marks after Dev and Sameeksha leaves the places (in Shimla) . A man (face not revealed) following them at every place.

When they went to cafe and waiter behaved weird seeing Sameeksha . A man was looking at Sameeksha .

After they gone out of cafe. Sameeksha messages someone and the same man gets message from her. It is revealed that it is the same man who Sameeksha assigned to help her. He gone to every place including their cottage. He cleared every trace . He talked to everyone who was assigned by Dev. He informed everything to Sameeksha. )


Sameeksha – “ Everything is done “.

Mrs.Chowdhary – “ So next what ?”.

Sameeksha – “ Something interesting !”

Sameeksha smirks. Mr.Chowdhary gets into thought.


Raichand Mansion

Dev is at his room. Trisha hugs him from behind. Dev smiles.

Trisha- “ I missed you, my love “.

Dev – “ I miss you too “.

Dev turned towards her. They smile at each other.

Trisha – “ Did you stayed in different rooms?”

Dev looks her and Trisha seems to be jealous.

Dev – “ No .. “.

Trisha – “ What ?”

Dev laughs . Trisha gets angry and hits him.

Dev – “Ouch !!”

Trisha – “ Hurting ? Haa … ! You don’t know how much it hurts me to see you with her. Iam supporting you in this just to throw her out from our lives forever “.

Dev – “ Trisha , Iam just acting infront of her… and Iam sure is doing the same . You just support me like this . Everything will be fine very soon”.

Trisha – “ I have done my part perfectly, did you got any lead regarding her identity?”

Dev – “ Nothing .. She is ahead of us . But she has fall into my trap . I know that she don’t love me but she will pretend to be in love with me and that’s where Iam going to play my game “.

Sameeksha’s house.

Sameeksha / Samika is sitting on a chair. She remembers her past .

(Fb:-  5 years ago, New York.

Samika cries a lot after regaining her memory.

Samika (while crying ) – “ Why .. Why ? Mata Rani , Why did you spare me ? I did a mistake my loving Dev , Why did you punished my family for my mistake? …. “.

Samika hits on the bed hardly.

After crying a lot.

She see a blade kept near table . She takes it and looks it .

Samika – “ Iam not worth of this life , I don’t want to live my life like this … I should end , I can’t live “.

Samika is about cut her vein on her wrist . But before she could do it , someone knock on the door . She gets worried and gets up . She walks slowly towards the door as her legs aren’t alright till then. Thus she has some problem in walking properly. She opens the door and finds Mrs.Chowdhary standing there with food. Samika gets tensed . Mrs.Chowdhary finds her behavior weird.

Mrs.Chowdhary – “ Are you okay ?”

Samika (trembled voice) – “ Yes .., “.

Mrs.Chowdhary – “ I brought food for you , dear “.

Samika – “ Iam not hungry now “.

Mrs.Chowdhary – “ You haven’t ate anything today , how can you skip your food .. you have medicines “.

Samika – “ I will have it after sometime .. “.

Mrs.Chowdhary – “ I won’t take any excuses from you .. “.


She gets into room forcibly. Samika gets worried. Mrs.Chowdhary see the condition of the room , It is fully messed. Mrs.Chowdhary makes her sit on the bed and sits beside her. Samika could feel her care and could see her concern . For a moment she get lost in Mrs.Chowdhary’s care. Mrs.Chowdhary gently caress Samika’s head. She then keeps hand on her hand. Suddenly Mrs.Chowdhary finds the blade in her hand . She understands why wasn’t she letting her come in. Samika bow down .

Mrs.Chowdhary – “ You were trying to end your life “.

Samika- “ Iam Sorry, I couldn’t find a reason to live “.

Mrs.Chowdhary – “ I can understand your feelings . You lost your family at this young age , you got cheated in love , your love pushed you to death .. Have you thought even after all this your life got saved , don’t you thinks god has planned something for you “.

Samika- “ I don’t know !! “.

Mrs.Chowdhary – “ I think everything is happening for a reason. We lost our first child while saving your pregnant mother when she was carrying you both. I think we were connected to both of you before your birth. We lost our child , we thought our life has end. Then Kashyap ji and Bhabhi ji gave us Sameeksha and she became our life . She made our life beautiful like a heaven . She was carefree , bold and smart . Jithendra and Sam had a great bond . They were like friends and I was practical mother . Still I couldn’t say ‘no’ to any of her demands. Life was so nice. One day, she got to know that we are not her biological parents. We thought she will leave us but she assured us that she won’t leave us ever. But she wished to see you and your whole family. That’s when she decided to go for a 1 week camp at Dehradun and she planned to visit you all along with us after the camp. Thus we came on the final day to Dehradun . But life had another plan . Sameeksha was more excited to meet her twin sister. Sameeksha was always adventurous and loved to do risky things . On the final day, she took part in river rafting. But she fell into river accidentally. People tried to save her and they got her. But while she fell her head hitted on a rock. Her injury was severe. We took her to hospital. Doctors tried their level best but they couldn’t save her. Doctors declared that there is less chance to get her back.  We were devastated by that news . But we had a hope for a miracle. Jitendra tried to contact Kashyap ji but there was no response. Jitendra decided to visit you all and came there to tell you about this news . That’s when he got you . He found you in a heavily injured state. He took you to a nearby hospital. That’s where Riya came to the same hospital coincidentally and got to know about your condition.

She handovered your diary to Jitendra , which you kept at her home’s postal box. Jitendra got the news about your family’s mysterious death. He paid the hospital staffs a huge amount to hide your identity. Since there was less facility in that hospital. You were shifted to the same hospital were Sameeksha was admitted. We prayed to get you both back. But fate had something else for us. Sameeksha was  declared brain dead and you slipped into coma. You see , the play of fate. A night changed everything. We still hoped for a miracle. But doctors said us that Sameeksha won’t come back to life. Even though you were in coma , you were also critical. You had multiple fractures and injuries. We agreed to remove Sameeksha’s  life supporting system with a heavy heart “.

Samika’s eyes get filled with tears . Hearing about her sister’s death.

Mrs.Chowdhary wipes her tears.

Samika – “ I couldn’t see my sister for once .. From childhood, I always longed for a sister. Fate is really strange , I had a sister but when I got to know about it .. she is no more! I use to remember that Papa and Ma use to leave us our grand parents house and leave for religious trip that too every year .. we use to wonder why they go every year .. do they come here to meet Sameeksha ?”

Mrs.Chowdhary – “ Yes, they use to come here to meet Sam .. But they came here as just our family friend . They use to bring all of your kids photographs.. “.

Samika – “ Papa , once said to me that we have someone to trust … he told me that once we could escape from that problem he will contact his dear friend.. “.

Mrs.Chowdhary – “ Maybe that’s the reason why Jitendra reached there on that night .. “.

Samika – “ But Why did you both gave me Sameeksha’s identity?”

Mrs.Chowdhary – “ It was Jitendra who decided to give you Sameeksha’s identity in the medical records. After Sameeksha’s cremation, we brought you here to New York. Everyone here thought that you are Sameeksha. We felt to maintain that misunderstanding to keep you safe. You were in coma for two months. Then one day , you moved your fingers . Then slowly you became conscious after a month. Doctors then assured us that they will make you normal . We were mourning for our Sam but this news was a new hope for us. Even though you were conscious, you couldn’t move or talk. Slowly you started to move your hands , legs and started to talk. That’s when we got to know that you have lost your memory . That’s when we decided to tell you that you are Sameeksha . Even doctors suggested that you shouldn’t be exposed to any stress. But trust me dear , we just wanted to give you a peaceful life . We too felt like we got our Sam back “.

Samika looks her with sad face. Mrs.Chowdhary folds her hand to apologize but Samika holds her hand to stop her.

Samika – “ Please don’t … I can understand your intentions and emotions. I know you did all this for my betterment. My heart is aching, I don’t how will cope up with this misery. But I promise you , I won’t let your efforts go waste “.

Mrs.Chowdhary hugs her and they become emotional.

Mrs.Chowdhary – “ Samika, by time every wound will be healed “.

Samika – “ Physical wounds will heal by time but wounds in heart won’t… It was not just an accident.. I was betrayed by the person who I loved immensely. He is the only reason why I lost my family, my dreams and I lost everything. His family killed my family and they didn’t even spared my Chotu … how can I forget their faces , how can just forgive Raichands you took everything from me ?”

Mrs.Chowdhary sits silent.

After this Samika turned silent for few days thinking. After 3days ,  she came out of her room and told them Mr. & Mrs. Chowdhary that she want to kill Raichands for their deeds. That’s when Mr. & Mrs. Chowdhary made her understand her that she shouldn’t waste her life being a prisoner after killing Raichands . They gave her the new direction.

Samika decided to shed off her real identity and to accept her late twin sister’s identity. She also accepted them as her parents in every means. Thus they became a family.

Samika became Sameeksha . Her behavior start to change. She continued her education. She started to work to set up her business. )

Fb ends .


Sameeksha is at her secret room. Sameeksha looks at the board where she has pinned Raichand family members photos and her plans. Mr.Chowdhary is standing behind her.

Sameeksha/ Samika – “ The day I became Sameeksha .. I started to plan Raichands destruction. When I analyzed their game , I came into some conclusion. Apart from god planning, they had power and money which took lives of many . That’s where they should be attacked. I made sure that I will face them directly only when I regain my health and become more powerful than them financially. From last 2 years , I was behind them fully.. they were attacked from me indirectly.. that’s the reason why they became vulnerable to financial crisis.., even though I got almost every details about them .. I still missed some important details that’s reason why I thought to stay near them to extract it from them . Being Dev’s girlfriend, I will get more close to Raichand Family’s deep buried secrets “.

Mr.Chowdhary – “ That family is strange .. everyone has atleast one secret that is fatal for them .. I think Dev will try to get your secrets out “.

Sameeksha – “ I know but I won’t give him time  to work on his plan . I will distract him . It’s time to strike Raichands down with our next plan“.

Mr.Chowdhary – “ Will they fall into this ?”

Sameeksha – “ They will .. my plan is full proof . It will work for sure “.

Mrs.Chowdhary – “ I agree .. but don’t you think that Dev will be planning against you“.

Sameeksha – “ That’s for sure but my plans are already fixed. Afterall Iam planning all this from last 5years. My hard work won’t be waste ; by hook or crook , I will destroy them”.

Sameeksha smirks .


Raichand Mansion.

Roma Raichand is checking some files. Dhruv comes there .

Dhruv – “ Good Morning, Mom”.

Roma Raichand- “Good Morning “.

Dhruv – “ Mom, Did Nani called you ?”

Roma Raichand- “ No , you know that she is on pilgrimage trip . What happened ? Why are enquiring about her now ? “

Dhruv – “ My wedding date is coming close , how can we miss her out ?”

Roma Raichand- “ Dhruv , are you out of your mind ? Actually it’s good that she not here . That’s reason why asked I Ritu’s father to prepone your  wedding date . I hope she would reach after all mess is cleared up “.

Dhruv – “ I don’t think anything would be okay if you let Dev interfere in these matters”.

Roma Raichand( sarcastically)- “ Then whom should I let interfere ? You ? “

Dhruv – “ Mom ! You always side him .. in your eyes he is the only one who is capable of solving all problems “.

Roma Raichand- “ Dev , is smarter than you and Daksh . It’s true that I believe he can solve everything. So you better don’t come here to talk ill about Dev”.

Dhruv gets upset and leaves.

Roma Raichand smiles upon Dhruv’s move . Just then Sameeksha arrives Raichand Mansion. She keeps her left leg first and thinks – “ Raichands, Your bad time begins “.

As she gets in glass slips from a servant’s hand and it breaks. Roma Raichand see this and gets worried.

Roma Raichand (thinks) – “ Breaking it glass is a bad omen . I hope everything is okay “.

Sameeksha comes in .

Sameeksha – “ Good morning, Mrs.Roma Raichand “.

Roma Raichand turns and get to see Sameeksha on the doorstep. She looks her and gets up . She smiles at her .

Roma Raichand – “ Hai Sameeksha , please come in “.

Sameeksha – “ Yeah .. “.

Roma Raichand- “ Please take your seat “.

Sameeksha – “ Thank you “.

Sameeksha sits on the sofa with Roma Raichand sitting on the adjacent sofa.

Roma Raichand – “ Is everything fine ? I mean business.. “.

Sameeksha – “ Yes.. Mrs.Raichand ! Can I meet Dev ?”

Roma Raichand – “ Yes .. Ofcourse.  Bhindya.. “.

Bhindya (house help ) comes there .

Bhindhya – “ Yes Madam”.

Roma Raichand- “Please ask Dev to come down .. and bring a cup of tea for Sameeksha “.

Bhindya nods and goes to call .

Sameeksha – “ Mrs.Raichand , please don’t take the trouble.. I just had breakfast so I don’t want anything now “.

Bhindya then goes to call Dev.

Roma Raichand – “ Is there any problem?”

Sameeksha – “ I came to return something.. “.

Roma Raichand gets tensed.

Sameeksha – “ You see,  Mrs.Raichand . I don’t prefer to keep things , which isn’t price of my work . I return things which don’t belong to me . Let it be things or debts .. I don’t forget and won’t let others forget it “.

Roma Raichand – “ I didn’t get you “.

Sameeksha – “ Nothing.. By mistake, Dev’s watch was with me . So I thought to return it back . That’s it “.

Roma Raichand – “ Oho .. “.

Just then she get to see Dev coming downstairs hurriedly. Roma Raichand gets worried seeing his tensed face. She gets up.

Roma Raichand – “ What happened?”

Dev  – “ Mom.. our deal with… “.

Just then he notices  Sameeksha being present there. She smiles at him. Dev is surprised.

Dev – “ Sameeksha .. you “.

Roma Raichand – “ She came to return your watch . You were saying something..“.

Dev – “ I will tell you later , I need to leave for office right now.. there is an emergency “.

Sameeksha – “ Dev, is everything alright ?”

Dev – “ Sameeksha , I don’t have much time now .. I will let you know .. bye .. bye Mom”.

Roma Raichand –  “ Okay “.

Dev leaves . Roma Raichand gets worried. Sameeksha smirks.

Sameeksha (thinks) – “ Poor Dev.. you are into a big trouble.. “.

( Ishq Mein Marjawan intense tune played on BG )

Precap :-  Roma Raichand gets angry and throws her phone. Dev , Dhruv , Daksh ,?Prithvi , Menaka , Trisha  is present there .

Roma Raichand – “ If this happens.. we will be over. Dhruv , we told don’t do it but you didn’t listen .. see what happened?“.

Dhruv is standing there with head bowed down .

Dev – “ Mom , cool down . Trust me , I will solve it “.

Sameeksha is smiling in a evilish way and sitting on a chair in her secret room.

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