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Devakshi An Eternal Love Saga – Ft.Arranged Marriage Love A Twist In Tale Episode 17

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Its the day before DEVAKSHI’s marriage. After Haldi ceremony Dev is changing in his room when his phone rings. It’s Tina.

Dev: Haan Tina

Tina: Dev sir…I’m sorry to disturb you but you need to come to the office

Dev: Anything serious

Tina: Sir…Mr.Gujral has filed a case on you

Dev: What..I’ll be there in 15 minutes.

Dev reaches the office where Tina and the lawyers are waiting for him.

Dev: What happened lawyer sir…?

Lawyer: Mr.Gujral has sued us sir

Dev: What..but why

Tina: Sir…Natasha mam has relieved herself from our project …but he thinks that it’s you who betrayed her and broke her heart by removing her from her dream project

Dev: Lawyer sir what do you want me to do

Lawyer: Sir…we can sue him in return

Dev in mind: Natasha is already hurt her dad doesn’t understand the real reason  but I should understand it and not hurt her more

Dev: No need sir…don’t do like that…just face this case …let’s not file any case on Mr.Gujral or Natasha

Lawyer: But sir..

Dev’s face gets grim and he leaves

Tina: Lawyer sir he is Dev…once decided he won’t change his decision ..and for him relationships matter more than money and prestige.



Dev gets into the car and calls Sonakshi.

Sona: Dev..

Dev: Sonakshi..I want to tell you something

Sona: Kahiye

Dev: Shall me meet at the park

Sona: Abhi… ?

Dev: Haan

Sona: Dev…okay I’ll come

The scene shifts to the park. Sona and Dev reach there

Sona: Dev is everything alright

Dev: Sonakshi woh..

He tells her the happenings from Natasha’s love confession to Gujral’s case and his reaction

Dev: I should have told you earlier but…

Sona: Arrey koi baat nahi and I am happy that You have respected Natasha’s feelings ..but it’s all because of me..if not

Dev: If you hadn’t entered my life I wouldn’t have become a person who knows what love were the one who introduced this feel to me..and Jahan tak baat Natasha ki love ki..I have always considered her as a good friend and that’s it..I haven’t thought anything else regarding her

Sona: I am so lucky to have you in my life

Dev: If you are lucky to have a complicated guy then I will call myself infinite times lucky to have an angel like you .. I feel so guilty for not telling you about Natasha’s confession long back

Sona: Dev..there is  nothing to feel guilty in this…whatever you did is right

Sona’s phone rings. It’s Asha

Sona: Baap re it’s Maa.. I must go now…

Sona is about to leave. Dev goes near her and puts his arm around her and they start walking.
Dev: You are leaving as Ms.Sonakshi Bose now and next time we meet you will become

Sona: Mrs.Sonakshi Dixit

Dev takes her with him to the car

Dev: I’ll drop you for one last time.

Sona smiles. The scene freezes.

It’s DEVAKSHI’s marriage day.
Sona is gazing at their wedding card. She runs her finger on their names and feels happy

Sona: Heyy…aaj…meri shaadi hai….I’m getting married…to Dev…my man…wow my man

Sona starts dancing …..just then Elena enters..Sona gets shy and hides her face with her hands

Elena: Shona….it’s your wedding today…don’t stop let’s nacho

Sona and Elena dance..Saurabh records the video of their dance

The scene freezes


Sona and Dev look awesome in their wedding outfit. Their chemistry looks sizzling as they pose for pics together.



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