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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Vibhuti steals Helans earrings

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anu meditating, Vibhu what all is this, what does this mean, Anu says it means god and you are bad man, Vibhu says this bad man is your husband and you have some duties and responsibilities towards me, Anu says and which of yours have you followed, Vibhu says I look after the house, wash utensils, clothes etc, Anu asks why do utensils get dirty, Vibhu says because we eat, Anus ays and I get the money to bring grocery to eat food and so I have followed all my duties, Vibhu says I am talking about our relation, Anu says all this is myth, but god is omnipresent god just believes in honesty and true love and that is what I am offering to god.
Vibhu at an job interview, his employer is also from same Chapra University, he says Vibhu is very bright student but why is he jobless, Vibhu says actually I wanted to do something after my pass out but when I jumped in field I saw it is all of corruption and so I stepped out, employer says we like honest loyal employees like you, Vibhu says I can write on stamp paper that I am very honest, He says you are among our top 3 candidate we will give you call back, Vibhu says I cant wait no more, He says I will come to your colony and do your background check.
Angoori on call with Amaji says I no more can see pain of no grandchild, Amaji says you are right, Angoori says but this time I have taken it very seriously, Amaji says I will talk to pandit Rampal for a solution.
Vibhu walks to Angoori and says congratulate me because I am shortlisted for a interview, Angoori says this always happens with you and you fail. Angoori gets a call and leaves. Prem walks to Vibhu, Vibhu asks what is it, Prem says we lended some money from Laturiya and then lost in gamble, now he wants his money back, and if we don’t he will cut into pieces, Vibhu says don’t you have money, Prem says im already in loss, Vibhu says don’t worry I will do something.
A man walks Vibhu and asks for Tiwaris house, he says I am Tiwaris new client can you please tell me how he is, tell me about his background and work, Vibhu says except his wife he has a mother who has 2 husbands, Client says forget personal life will business relation be good, Vibhu says he is a bad man and whoever works with him they go bankrupt, Gupta who worked in JV with him is running mad on streets, Client says thank you, Tiwari walks out and says hello Vadwani please come in, Vadhwani yells at Tiwari, Tiwari says he is unemployed does nothing don’t believe him, he is jealous of me, Vadhwani yells at Tiwari and leaves.
Vibhu walks in Helans house and thinks of stealing money and says sorry I need money, Helan asleep Vibhu slowly steals her earrings.
Helan next morning searching her eaarings, David helping her search, Helan says they are worth 1.5 Lakhs, David says I know that I gifted you on your birthday, the thief is very smart, Vibhu asks what happened, David says Helans earrings are stolen, David says lets go police station, Vibhu says for just small theft, Helan says they are worth 1.5 lakhs and curses thief, Vibh tries to stop, Helan scolds him and says If I don’t find my earrings I wont come back, Vibhu says really, Helan says shut up. Prem walks in says why lie aunty the earrings are 150Rs, David says it was real good, Prem says Vibhu came to me to sold it, jeweller said it just has gold water over it, and Vibhu return my money. Helan slaps Vibhu and David.
Saxena dressed in traditional, Boys ask what is he upto, Saxena says I am into telepathy, Boys ask for their horoscope, Saxena says your faith and destiny is interlinked and ask his parrot for their horoscope, Parrot hands a hand card, Saxena says this means you have no Past, No Present, No Future, meaningless life. Master walks to Saxena and asks for his horoscope, Saxena says a crow is going to shit on you, Master asks what do you mean, Crow shits on master all laugh.

Pre Cap:Tiwwari says to Anita today lets discuss on Philosophy. Anita asks wat is Dharma. Tiwari says father of Bobby and Sunny.
Vibhu with his Employeer and Angoori and asks Angoori to tell something about him, Angoori says he is very chracterless.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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