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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Dadi slaps Akhilesh

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Akhilesh gets a call from Keerti. She shares she isn’t fine. I was packing sweets. I used to pack gifts and sweets for only one place till last year but don’t divide my family into two. I thought the baby will be born in a happy environment but things have changed so much suddenly. Akhilesh tells her to make one box for her side of the family only. Don’t send me my box! Saying so, he disconnects the call.

Samar gives him water. You are the only one who cares. No one else does. Don’t they have any responsibility towards their daughter? What if something happens to her? Akhilesh tells him not to say so. Even I don’t like it. He says Diwali isn’t far now. It is just a day away. Samar smirks.

Everyone gathers for the puja. Both the families stand at the

other ends of the temple. Akhilesh asks his brother to give him the papers. Kartik hands the papers to his father who gives them to Akhilesh. Samar is pleased to see the papers.

Flashback shows Kartik and Naira talking amongst themselves. They decide to fake sign on original papers. They wont be accepted. Kartik decides to twist the signature a little so they are rejected. She calls him smart. He says one has to be smart if there is Samar Chachu on the other side. Flashback ends.

Akhilesh asks Kartik’s family to atleast spend Diwali here. Naira stops him as he turns to go. She keeps a gold coin in his hand. Today is Dhanteras. You gifted it to me the day I entered in this house. I am not returning it to you out of anger. I am giving it back to you as you gave it to me when I was starting a new phase of my life. It is your turn today. He walks away.

Some dancers come to wish them Happy Diwali. Akhilesh pays them. The main dancer looks at Samar who signals her to go to Naira’s family. The ladies praise Naira’s family and their jewellery. Don’t you guys have that kind of jewellery? They dance around Kartik’s family. Samar tells his brother not to pay heed to their words. It might be that Surekha Bhabhi isn’t interested in jewellery. It is her personal choice. Kartik’s family also pays the dancer heftily. Dancer asks Kartik if Naira is fine after operation. He is surprised that she knows so much about them. She says we keep all the information. Now give us some money. We will bless you guys and go then. Kartik also pays them. Samar adds fuel to the fire. He asks Bhabhi why she isn’t wearing any jewellery today. How will Akhilesh Bhaisahab welcome the guests today? Akhilesh asks everyone to leave. The dancers comply. Akhilesh asks his mother to give him something on Dhanteras. His mother asks him what he wants. He asks for some cash or jewellery. Surekha is the DIL of this house too. Give her jewellery to us right away so no one else can snatch her rights. Naira asks him who he is pointing at – Dadi, Ma or me? You think we will do anything like that? He says it is happening already. You are wearing the necklace which Ma made for Surekha. Swarna says it is mine. I gave her my necklace. Surekha’s necklace is in the bank locker. Most of her jewellery is there only. Naira says if we give you anything, you feel it is alms. If we don’t, you feel we are snatching everything from you! You should tell us yourself what you want. We really cannot understand anything as to what you want. Her MIL asks him to come clear with what they want. Akhilesh demands to see Surekha’s jewellery right away. Swarna repeats that most of the jewellery is in bank locker. I will still bring whatever is at home. Kartik asks him what has happened to him. Akhilesh tells him to mind his business. We can get jewellery from bank even if it’s a holiday. Get them somehow. His brother asks him which bank will be open today but Akhilesh does not care.

Naira, her MIL and Dadi start removing their jewellery one by one. Akhilesha sks them why they are insulting him like this. Kartik says now Surekha Chachi will match up to your level. He shouts at them to stop it. How did you guys learn to make a mountain out of a mole? I asked for Surekha’s jewellery and not yours. Why are you doing all this then? How did you (his mother) think that I will accept your jewellery? Stop trying to make me feel ashamed and give us what belongs to you. Surekha adds that she has ample jewellery of her own. Why should we take what isn’t ours? We have only separated. Why shall we accept your pity?

Swarna reminds her of various incidents when she had given her things to others just because she dint like it. You could have thought of it as our love. Naira says you don’t understand that banks will open today just because you want Chachi’s jewellery to be here. We are giving you what you are asking for yet now you don’t want it. Naira and her MIL ask them what has happened to them lately. What belongs to you will always be yours! Akhilesh tells them to stop lecturing them. I am in no mood to argue anymore. He starts picking the jewellery shocking everyone. He asks Surekha to come. They will keep lecturing. Kartik says wish you had tried to stop Dadi and Ma from taking off their jewellery with the same right with which you accepted all this. His father seconds him. Akhilesh and his wife are irked that they dint ask for anything. Ma and Bhabhi did it voluntarily. Love and Kush tell Dadi their hands wont be empty. We got something from the market for everyone. They give jewellery to Dadi, Swarna and Naira. Akhilesh looks on unhappily. Love and Kush apologize to their father. You choose to stay away from family whereas we choose to live with them. They join hands with Kartik and his family.

Akhilesh pulls at his sons but Kartik and his father tell him to stay away. Akhilesh is angry with them for getting his kids on their side. You want to throw me out of my house! You are just strengthening your team. Love Kush struggle against him. Dadi ends up slapping Akhilesh as he is not stopping at all. Samar recalls a past incident where someone was slapped. Everyone looks on in shock.

Precap: Kartik asks his father what he is hiding. What is the secret related to Samar Chachu? Naira too asks him to tell them the truth now. Naira confronts Samar for committing a mistake and blaming someone else instead. You got that third person punished too! He shouts at Kartik and Naira to stop their nonsense.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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