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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Ishita reveals Rohan-Karan are Sudha’s sons

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishita asks Sudha why she hung Rohan and Karan and where is Raman. Sudha points at Raman who is drinking like mad. Ishita tries to take bottle away. Raman says he’s drinking to save them only. Sudha says she knew if Raman is in problem, then Ishita would come right away. Ishita asks what’s going to happen by making Raman drink. Is she mad? Sudha tells Ishita that she was screaming and saying in court that her brother was alcoholic. Today Raman is drinking and he will do same what her brother did. There will be a twist. Raman won’t shoot himself, it will be Ishita who will shoot her husband.

Mani and Shagun gift watches to Aliya and Ruhi. They both love it. Mani says they chose watches because time changes for girls after wedding. Aliya says they are lucky that they

chose their life partners. Mani gives credit to Ishita for that.

Sudha says she wants to punish her brother’s killers. She takes out a gun and says that is what finished her brother’s life. Today she brought it for Ishita and asks her to take it and finish Raman. She can then save her son-in-laws. Mani is calling Ishita. Sudha asks her not to tell anyone anything else she will shoot her. Mani wonders where she has gone. Simmi says she went to pick up something. Mani gets a call and he gets shocked. He asks Simmi so much happened with Raman and she didn’t say anything? Mani says everything happened in office and she was there, right? Simmi says so Mani didn’t figure out about kidnappings. Mani figures something is wrong and asks Simmi what’s the matter. She tells everyone about kidnappings and Raman, Ishita being there. Mani, Simmi, Ruhi, Aliya leave to go there.

Ishita tells Sudha that she can’t shoot Raman. Raman asks her to shoot him. Sudha threatens Ishita that she will finish Rohan and Karan then. Ishita takes the gun. She begs Sudha to not make her do this. She can’t shoot Raman. Sudha asks to bring her brother back then. Ishita asks how that is possible. Sudha counts till 5 else she will kill Rohan and Karan. Ishita says she’s ready to shoot. She points gun at Raman first, and then at Sudha. Sudha is shocked. Mani and others arrive at the location. They search for Ishita, Raman.

Ishita says enough now. She will shoot Sudha, she has no right to be alive. Raman asks her not to be crazy, Sudha will really kill Rohan and Karan. Ishita says right, then she will kill Rohan and Karan herself. She shoots at them, but neither of them is hurt. Sudha gets scared. Ishita asks what happened and shoots again. Mani and others come there. Everyone tries to stop Ishita. They manage to take the gun away, but Ishita now jumps in the crane truck and says she will kill them. Sudha says she can’t. Ishita asks why not. Sudha says because they both are her sons. Ishita brings them both down. Sudha is relieved. They both come and hug Sudha. Ishita slaps Sudha.

Mrs. Toshiji is crying at home. Amma consoles her. They are worried at home. Mihika says she called, but no one is answering.

Ishita tells Sudha that she already knew everything, but she wanted to hear from her mouth. Whole family did such a big drama. She used her own sons, did their fake marriages.

Precap: Karan asks what’s in Ruhi to fall for her? 2 guys left her previously. Ruhi is hurt.

Update Credit to: Jenny

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