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Yaariyaan, friendship and love, part 4


Ragini, as you know is the synonym of carelessness, but when she does something for her loved ones, she becomes a perfectionist.

Also I am using Ragini’s dadi in sr as Laksh’s dadi here.


Laksh picked up Ragini and then Sanskar and they went to Regional cancer centre. They were there till noon, gossiping with the paitents. They steps out after having lunch with them.

Lak: where are you both going next?

Ragsan looked at him blankly.

Lak: Ragini told me that you spent the whole day outside. So…

San: Nearby orphanage, the kids there treat us as their siblings, we spent half the day with them.

Rag: You too come na, it would be fun.

Trio reached there, Ragini introduced Laksh as her friend. Laksh started to talk with him.

San:( teasing) Why did you introduce him as friend, he is not just your friend,

Rag: Oh yeah, he is my bestie’s finance.

She winks back at him, when everyone else are shipping Raglak, Ragini is shipping sanlak.😉😉

She never leaves a chance to tease Sanskar.

Sanksar gives her “you are impossible” look.

She smiles.

Later, ragsan along with the kids started to play cricket. Laksh was being the spectator.

He then went from there when he received a call.

The kid who was batting, tried for a six and the ball hit the side mirror of Laksh’s car, breaking it.

The kid started to panic.

Kid: Di, Bhaiya would definitely scold me.

He was crying. Ragini consoled the kid and told the kids to say that it was she who broke the glass and not he kid.

Sanksar smiles seeing her.

Just as Laksh came back, Ragini apologized to him saying that she accidentally broke the side mirror of his car and took him to the car.

Laksh was very furious and started to scold her very badly.

He was shouting so loudly that the kids panicked. Sanskar took them in and Ragini, by then lost her control.

Rag: Laksh why are shouting like this? I agree I did a mistake, but it just the side mirror, why are you so fussed with it, as if I completely damaged your stupid car.

Lak: Dare you call me car stupid.

He was burning.

Rag: I would call it stupid only, stupid car of an idiotic kadoos materialistic person.

Saying this she kicked the car hard. He was hell angry by now, he was about to raise his hand on her, but somehow hold back, he without saying anything drove form there fuming.

Ragini was furious with his reaction.

Sanskar came there and touched her shoulder.

Rag: Did you see what that kadoos did?? What is wrong with him?

San: (calmly) Exactly, what is wrong with him, that was not a normal reaction right, don’t you think there would be a reason.

Rag: (calming down) Can be…. Wait, I will just confirm.

She dialed Park’s number.

Rag: Do, what is Laksh’s relation with his car?

Pari: That, you can even say that it is his life, it was a gift from Grandpa, when he completed his first individual project. It was given as a token of appreciation. He is so fond of it, after all his Dadiji  gifted it and that was the last gift he gave Laksh, because soon he…

Rag: Damn!!!

Pari: What happened.

She narrated the broken mirror and Laksh’s anger.

Pari: He would be hell angry now, last time for just a single scratch in that car, he created earth wuake in the house.

Rag: Shit, and what did I do. I, I kicked it. I hurt his emotions. Well, so please leave me a message when he reaches.

Pari agrees and cut the call.

Ragini was very guilty now.

Rag : Damn Ragini, why can’t you think with a calm mind. I hurt his sentiments. Well, i know I am not completely at fault still I will have to make up with him.

Laksh reached home very angryly and directly went l his room. As others know the reason they kept quite. Pari messaged Ragini.

Ragini calls Laksh . He  rejects the call seeing her name.

Rag : So Mr kadoos, you rejected my call, now see what I do.

She calls for another five times and he rejects the call each time. He switches off the phone. She calls again and found it switched off.

Rag : What do you think? By switching off the phone you are safe? Not at all Mr kadoos….

She calls Adarsh.

Adar : Yeah sis, tell me.
Rag : Bhaiya give phone to that kadoos.

Adar : To whom?

Rag : Laksh, Mr Kadoos.

Adar : Wow, nice name. Did you call him that?

Rag : Yeah, I did.

Adar : Oh God, why are you troubling him?

Rag : I am not troubling him. I am just saying facts.

Adar : Yeah right. I don’t think he will take the phone.

Rag : He will bhaiya, pakka.

Adar : No way, I know him.

Rag : Let’s see then.

Adar : Yeah sure.

Adarsh goes to  Laksh.

Adar : Laksh, Ragini wants to talk to you.

Laksh looks at him angrily.

Adar : I told you Ragini, he won’t attend the call.

Rag : Oh really, then tell him that I will call Ap aunty and will tell her to give him phone.

Adar : Laksh, she says she is going to call Ma!!

Rag : What!! She can’t do that!

Adar : She will do that.

Lak : God!! This girl, give me the phone then.

Adar : You won Ragini, here you go.

Adarsh leaves.

Lak : What do you want?

Rag : I want to talk.

Lak : Why? Don’t you have any exciting book to read?

Rag : Of course I do, but you know, my friend’s mood is not fine, so I thought to deal with it.

Lak : So you want to make my mood ok?

Rag : Did I say that? I just said a friend; I didn’t mention your name.

Lak : Ok then, why are you wasting your time talking with me, call your friend, I am going to disconnect the phone.

Rag : Hey, wait wait wait…….I was just kidding. Are you still annoyed?

Lak: Yes I am, and I will remain so  until you apologise for insulting my car and calling me kadoos!!

Rag : I did apologize for the car but you are not ready to listen, that’s why I kicked it, so I won’t apologize again.    About calling you kadoos, I didn’t say anything wrong… And don’t you dare to cut the call, I swear I will call aunty.

Lak : Are you threatening me?

Rag : Yes I am.

Lak : You are very stubborn!!

Rag : You are nothing less.

Lak : You threatened me.

Rag : Only because you made me do that!!

Lak : (sighs) You won’t stop arguing until you win, right?

Rag : Yes.

Lak : Ok then, I accept my defeat.

Rag : Wow, this fast?

Lak : Only because I don’t want to spoil my mood by arguing.

Rah : Don’t create such foolish excuses. I know you are lost for words. You will be, after all you are arguing with Ragini Gadodia. No one alive can defeat me in an argument.

She started to explain about her past experiences. He held his head. After so many hours(As Laksh felt), she stopped.

Lak : You know, you will surely defeat Rajdhani express!!

Rag : Rajdhani express? I defeated it long back, my aim is to defeat aeroplane.

Lak : I must say your practice is efficient, soon you will achieve your aim.

Rag : I know that!!

He couldn’t help it, he laughed. She smiled.


How was it ? Ignore mistakes please☺☺

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