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Vighnaharta Ganesh 14th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Brahma dev meets tarkasura.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 14th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with mahadev saying parvati, now a last test of yours is remaining that I shall take. Mahadev smiles and he disguises himself as a rishi and goes to the place where parvati meditates.
Mahadev comes as a rishi and parvati’s friends welcome him and say rishi var, we welcome you and shall help you in any way possible, what do we do? Mahadev says don’t do anything but I came here to alert your friend devi parvati to stop her meditation. Mahadev goes to parvati and says parvati, I have noticed you here for years that you have been meditating for the right husband that is mahadev whom you want. Parvati says pranam rishi var, you are right, I am meditating for that. mahadev says it is not worth it, what you are doing and mahadev doesn’t deserve you. parvati is taken

aback and says what are you saying? Mahadev says parvati you are praying and meditating for mahadev since so many years but he hasn’t moved an inch for you, he is taking such a harsh test which shows that he doesn’t care for you, you don’t deserve a husband like him because he is nowhere near you! he is a baba who lives in Kailash alone and will not even keep you happy as he will always keep meditating, he is a cheap baba and nothing else.
Parvati gets angry and says what are you saying baba? Rishi I respect you but you don’t dare say anything against mahadev, do you know whom you are insulting? Mahadev is para brahma swaroop and his bhakti gives every human the greatest peace they have ever had in life, only taking his name makes you feel so pure of all sins! Mahadev is the one who is start and is infinite, the universe lives within him yet he peacefully stays in Kailash meditating and wears simple tiger skin clothes with bhasma on his body which shows the simplicity he lives in, he doesn’t wear any precious things but wears only that reflects his character and that is living a life of a simple person with nothing but peace, he is known as bholenath because as dangerous his anger is, the same way he is kind as well and forgives the greatest sinner as well.
Mahadev disguised as the rishi says, no devi parvati, he has taken such a test of you and I suggest you shouldn’t marry him but rather marry me, what is wrong in me? and mahadev will not take care of you. parvati says it is enough now, I heard you and now I wont listen to you anymore, you have said what you wanted and I don’t want to insult you. parvati says to her friends, lets go from here I cannot stay here a moment more. Parvati gets up.
There brahma dev goes to tarkasura’s palace. Tarkasura welcomes brahma dev and says pranam my prabhu. Brahma dev says tarkasura, I have seen everything but have come here now, I have come to guide you tarkasura in your journey. Tarkasura says prabhu please sit on the throne. Brahma dev sits on the throne and tarkasura says what should I do brahma dev? Brahma dev says tarkasura to be a great king, you have to be kind as well and as you are building your new planet, shaulyalok, you should concentrate on building that for all demons and let the dev gan do the small work because you are a great king and it doesn’t suit you to do the worldly things that gods do. Let the gods do the small things and let them live here in swarg lok. Tarkasura says maybe you are right brahma dev, I should do what you say.

Precap: tarkasur allows gods to live in devlok again. mahadev asks parvati’s hand in marriage. Rishi vashisht takes invitation of mahadev’s marriage to parvati, at raja himavan’s place.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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