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Siddhi Vinayak 15th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi proposes to conduct Urvashi’s medical test

Siddhi Vinayak 15th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Urvashi announces that Vin took advantage of her in his inebriated state last night. Vin requests her to trust him. I dint do anything. She warns him not to come near her but he asks her to trust him. She says I trusted you which is why I came to call you upstairs to do puja. Vin says you are my brother’s widow. I cannot do anything like that. She scolds him. She tells Shankar to take him away. Shankar promises her that no one can do any injustice to her in this house till the time he is here! He takes Vin with him. Urvashi gestures Gauri who decides to stay back with Urvashi. Everyone else leaves as well.

Vin requests Shankar to listen to him. Shankar asks him to come clean. What did you do to Urvashi? Vin says I wont lie to you. I don’t remember anything. I was drunk. Urvashi came

in the room later.

Urvashi says things happened just the way I wanted them to. Vin was crying for Siddhi and drinking. I took use of that opportunity. I mixed some tablets him in his drink. This was my plan. He wouldn’t remember anything. Gauri understands her game plan. You want to trap Vin! Urvashi smiles.

Vin says I woke up and saw Urvashi sitting in a corner covered in a duvet. Her clothes were lying on the bed. Shankar slaps Vin and pushes him away. Manjari comes as well. Shankar is hurt. What did you do! You misbehaved with your brother’s widow! You took advantage of a widow! Wish I was no more so I dint have to see this day! Siddhi is outside the door. It cannot be true! I cannot believe it. My Vinayak can never do it. He has surely fallen in some game plan. I know him. Situation can be extreme but he will never play with a woman’s dignity.

Urvashi is in the temple. She is listening to music with an earphone plugged in her ears. Siddhi slaps her. This is what was left, right? You are now showing your true colours finally! Urvashi starts shouting for help but Siddhi slaps her again. She twists her hand demanding to know why she is doing all this. I can shout louder than you! Urvashi laughs. I proved you as the worst person. You cannot do anything now. You are talking about Vin who does not even care about you. If that was so then he wouldn’t have been with me. Siddhi pulls her hair. My husband hasn’t done anything! I know him well. He can never do anything like that in his dreams. Urvashi manages to overpower him. He has done it already. I kept saying no but he did what he wanted to. It is truth. Believe it or not! Siddhi vows to make sure she pays for trapping her son. I wont leave you so easily. It is my promise to you! She walks away. Urvashi looks on.

Vin is still shaken by the entire incident. Urvashi’s words haunt him badly. He shouts. Trust me Urvashi. I dint misbehave with you! Trust me.

Siddhi asks Shankar if he really thinks Vin can cheat. That girl is cheating him! Shankar says I don’t know who / what to trust anymore. I cannot trust you too well too after seeing that video. Vin was my pride but he has broken me completely today!

Vin wonders how he did all that. Urvashi might forgive me for a moment but how will I forgive myself.

Siddhi says you cannot make an opinion against Vinayak without hearing his side of the story. You have raised him all these years yourself. Do you think his upbringing is so weak? Vin is your son. You don’t trust your son of 30 years and trust a girl who is here only since 30 days! Shankar asks her if a girl can act about her dignity or threaten to kill herself like Urvashi was doing. Siddhi reminds him she is from a drama background. Shankar refuses to hear any word against his DIL. Siddhi too refuses to let anyone point fingers at my husband. I will prove it is a lie. I have an idea to do that!

Urvashi pretends to be sleeping and her head is in Gauri’s lap. Manjari enters. Gauri tells her to be quiet. She was crying badly and has slept just now. Manjari sends her to bring turmeric milk. Urvashi requests her not to go but Manjari shouts pointedly at Gauri. Gauri leaves. Manjari sits next to Urvashi. Whatever happened was wrong. I might not like you personally but I can understand the pain of a woman. Was Vinayak completely out of his senses? Urvashi nods. Manjari slaps her angrily. How dare you point fingers at my innocent son? I was mad to bring you here in my house. Urvashi insists she isn’t lying but Manjari tells her she knows her and Vinayak well. He hates Siddhi as much a she loved her once but he can never think of any other girl till date. He hasn’t done it till date. She pulls at her hair demanding to know the truth. Shankar interrupts her. Is this a way to behave with the DIL of the house? You are a woman yet you cannot understand her pain. Urvashi tells him to let it be. Don’t say anything to Aai. Gauri enters with turmeric milk followed by everyone else.

Shankar tells Siddhi her suggestion was right. Let’s get her medical test done to clarify everyone’s doubts. Urvashi starts acting. Do you also think I am lying? Siddhi replies that test will prove it. We all want to know the truth. Why worry if you aren’t lying? We are with you. Urvashi is hesitant but Shankar promises to get her justice if medical test comes out as positive. Urvashi thinks Siddhi will trap her. Manjari too seconds the idea. I don’t want to blame any woman falsely. Call doctor. Shankar calls doctor. Siddhi murmurs that truth surfaces sooner or later. We are not far from truth now. Everything will be crystal clear after the test.

Precap: Doctors come to Kundra Mansion to collect samples. Later, Vin reads the reports.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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