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Shakti 15th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman abducts Suomya

Shakti 15th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Suomya asks how dare Harman ruined the grace of her in laws in front of the whole village. She ruined their friendship. He always claimed to love Gulabo, how he fall in love with her then. He must go and find his Gulabo, their friendship has ended. She goes to the stage with Sameer. Harman runs to the stage, pulls the knife off Sameer’s dress and held Suomya hostage. He deters to kill her if anyone dare to get closer. He warns Sameer, then tells the police to leave way while dragging Suomya out of the hall. After they had left, Sameer tries to run behind them. The kinners then come inside clapping, and demands some alms for them. Malika warns Sameer’s mother that it was her second attempt to part Harman and Suomya, she will continue to be unsuccessful in every successive attempt. Roma asks Malika to

go behind Harman and Suomya, they retain no memory of theirs.
Preeto was happy and tells the neighbor ladies that Jolly and Khushi would soon marry. The ladies call Preeto having gone mad. Preeto returns to slap the lady and questions if she appears crazy? She creates a drama there among the villagers.
Harman and Suomya were at the corner of a road. Harman tells Suomya he is aware she doesn’t love Sameer. He believes in marrying the one you love. He will continue to wander around with her till she confesses her love. Suomya hear the siren of police van, Harman stuffs her mouth and goes to a hiding.
Malika calls Ravi to inform her that Harman took Khushi from the stage. Ravi was elated. Preeto also cheers. She calls Harak Singh to hear the news. Malika tells Ravi that Khushi is their Suomya. Ravi says she knew this already, but didn’t share the news with anyone because many here wanted to test their relation. Malika was sure their love would pass any testimony. Preeta asks Harak Singh what he will do now, that guy loved Suomya dearly. Harak Singh comes to a room to make a call.
Harman dragged Suomya away from the police access.
Sameer’s mother calls Lavneet as she must surely be able to do something now. Lavneet was driving a car when she gets the call. Sameer’s mother says Harman has run away with Khushi, Lavneet must find Khushi and kill her. She must never return to her son again. There, Sameer comes to his mother upset. Sameer says the wrong had been done when she informed someone on phone about the venue of his marriage. His mother says Harak Singh asked by himself. Sameer says Harak Singh can only think about his son, but he will get his Suomya back from Harman now.
Suomya still shouted for help. Harman held her mouth stuffed with his hand, then ties a cloth piece over her mouth saying he will continue wandering with her until she realizes his love. It was night, both had fallen beside the wall of their hiding. Harman wakes up in mid night, he realizes she had high fever. Suomya wanted to go to Sameer, he must go to his Gulabo. Harman asks if she can see any Gulabo. From today, she is his Gulabo, and any other flower. Suomya insists upon marrying Sameer, it was her parent’s last wish. Harman says first of all, it’s important to take care of her fever. He was just taking Suomya when the kinners come there.

PRECAP: The kinner comes to Harman’s hiding. He was offensive but Suomya requests their help. Malika smiles watching them together, and prays for them to always stay together like this.

Update Credit to: Sona

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