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Sajna Veh FF – “Epi 14” – “Shivaay’s confession “

Sajna Veh

Episode – 14

@City Hospital


Raichand family is shown., all r gathered all tensed and worried. Shivaay is shown sitting on the chair beside ranvir and kaanchi. Gopi and ahem r also shown present .

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Ishani attends a call.

She hangs up.

Ishani – Gopi Mami ji..

Gopi – yes beta.

Ishani – I just got a call from viren bhaiya. He and jeevika bhabi are there with arjun bhai and maya bhabi. Maya bhabi is fine. And even arjun bhai is out of dnager. He will soon be conscious.

Gopi – lakh dhanyavaad krishna bhagwan ka. Beta do one thing, please inform rashi behen and jigar jijaji that their son and daughter in law r fine.

Ishani nods.

Shivaay is shown sitting flaggerbasted .

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Suhana – roody beta , I have never seen shivaay so upset before.

Ranvir – me too. Choti mom. Im feeling really bad for bhai. Finally he had got some happiness.

Anahita in her mind .

  • I just hope annika loses this child. There is no way any boy should be born to shivaay.

Dadi grips shivaay.

  • Its going to be fine beta . don’t worry. Nothing will happen to ur baby.

Shivaay looks on .

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Twinkle Is shown standing on a side . all sadly. Kunj comes there and stands beisde her. He puts his hand on her shoulder.

  • – He is going to be fine baby .
  • – Kunj . if some thing happens to Annika di.
  • – Nothing will happen to bhabi. Don’t worry .

Twinkle looks on .

@ Sugar plums hospital .

Maya is hsown caressing arjuns shoulder. He is shown unconscious .

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Maya – ab uth bhi jaiye arjun. Pehle hi apko adha kho chuke hai hum .  ab aur nahi khona chahte hum aapko.

Nurse asks maya to come out .

Maya comes out.

Aditya smiles at her.

Adi – maya baby.

Maya – go away Adi, I have nothing to do with u .

Adi – u should be ashamed maya . u r refusing to recongise me . today u r carrying arjun’s child in ur womb. Years ago, u carried mine too.

Maya – and u killed it.

Adi – I didn’t do it deliberately .

Maya – whatever. I had married u as u were anahita Badi ma’s firend’s son. I htought u will keep me happy. But als u were a montorus husband . and ur physcial totures had corsses limits thus making my hcild die before it was even born !

Adi – and thus u fled away. With ur cruel brothers Sanskar Laksh and shivaay , u got me arrested and married this guy after divorcing me. whats the pofit, he barely remembers any of it. He barely remembrs ur dead duaghter.

Maya –yes. He forgot Anya. Bcoz he had gotten a shock. A trauma . my arjun loves me a lot. And if he doesn’t gain his memory, we will make new memories. And u dnt need to worry .

Adi – maya..dont u think its not mine or adityas fualt. Maybe fate has decided to keep u childless.

Maya looks on.

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Adi – that’s why he ends up killing all the chidlen u bear. I doubt even this time..

Maya – shut up arjun. Don’t even talk about my kid. Leave …

Aditya smirks and leaves. Maya wipes her tears .

@walia industries

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Viren is shown pacing his cabin. Suddenly, prince comes in .

Prince – kem cho mota bhai..avi jau ?? winks **

Viren – avi jaao..nana bhai…avi jao…smiles**

Prince – hey bhai..what happened. U seem so tired !

Viren – its not like that. Im just worried.

Prince – about jerry. ? don’t worry bhai. He has promised his chachu that he wont repeat such acitons again.

Viren – its not about jerry bhai. Its about his mother .

Prince – Mansha bhabi ? I mean…mansha ji ? why…

Viren – its not about mansha Prince. Its about Jeevika .

Prince – Jeevi bhabs ? oh oh..

Viren – what s that smile about ?

Prince – nothing bhai . just good to hear that u consider her as jerry’s mom now. Nice start bhai. Accha laga.

Viren – prince. Chote…u know I have mistreated her. I relaize he has done a lot for me and my son. My parents. A young and beautiful girl like jeevika could get anyone but hse decided to get married to a divorcee with a son.

Prince – bhai..jab aapne unse shadi ki thi..toh apka ek beta tha. Jo aaj apse zyada unka hai …

Viren – hmm.

Prince – its time to move on and accept her. Make her ur wife in true means.

Viren nods. Prince smiles .

Prince in his mind – kya baat hai chote sher. Sometimes u do speak wonders !

@City Hospital


Doc comes out of the cabin .

Doc – excuse me Mr.Raichand .

Anahita – doc. ? how is Annika. ?

Doc – please calm down.

Dadi – what do u mean by calm down. We are paying all the fees nah ? then why ? where is my pota bahu ? how is she ?

Ranvir – dadi sahab pls cool down. Doc …? Is all fine ?

Doc – we are sorry. She is very critical.

Shivaay – doc. Can I meet her once ?

Doc- but she is not in her senses Mr.Raichand.

Shivaay – plz doc. It’s a request. Please.

Kaanchi and ranveer look on .

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Kanchi – Roody, . isnt it the first time shivaay bhai has ever said please ..

Ranvir – yes Kaanchi. It’s the first time. And its all bhabi’s magic. Bhabi’s love.

Kaanchi – and god..plz don’t let it be the last time.

Doc agrees.

@ Annika’s ward .


Shivaay enters. His legs tremble. He goes and sits beside Annika .

Shivaay – Annika..whats this tantrum ? wake up .and come home. With me . cmon get up .

Annika is shown unconscious .

shivaay – u love me right ? okay annika. I promise I wont treat u like my property. I promise.  Wake up na. I know im eoiustic. Very rude blue eyd mosnter. But I swear, from now, ill say please, ill say sorry. I don’t show annika. Dosnt mean I don’t..dont care …

Shivaay couldn’t hold his tears anymore..!

SHIVAAY –  its true that this baby didn’t make me very very happy . because I was hell confused annika..u know…its hard..its hard to love..after betrayal ..

Shivaay bnervously licked his lips .

Shivaay – but I ..i have decided annika .  now , I …I really like u I mean..hey u know im not comfortbale syaing those …

Shivaay laughs embarassed ..

  • Hey please wake up .. Annika …see abhi..tum taribaaz ho rahi ho..not me okhayy ? utho..cmon a good girl wake p. hume baby ki shopping bhi karni hai nah..u know, her name is gonna be jennifer, or stella…yeah..yeah..

He licks his lips fadely again..

  • Not any sita gita or kamla..okay ? yeah…

Shivaay breaks down crying . tears roll down on annika’s hands..

Shivaay – annika..u knw the last time I cried this hard . it was when my mom , died. I was barely 3 years old then. Even for shagun I didn’t cry this much . now wake up ..please wake up . jaana…I love u .. I love u..see I have put m ego aside jaana..i l ove u jaana ..i love u ..wake up …wake up jaana…

Shivaay breaks down and kisses his wife’s forhead . annika slowly opens her eyes .

she moves. shivaay cries tears off joy and hugs her tightly. tears flow down annika’s eyes as is unable to understyand the situation.

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@1 week Later

Morning  time

@ Swasan’s room.

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Swara comes out of her washroom in wet hair, and a pretty dark red saree…

  • – .people go to pagpheras right after the wedding. And here we r going after honeymooning . lol .

Swara is unable to find her bag and clothes .

  • – What the hell..where did my bag go.

Sanskar then comes out of the wshroom , in a black robe and wet hair. He hugs her from behind and pouts as his chin brushes her shoulder.

Snskar – not fair baby . how can u leave me like this. Ill not let u go. Not matter what !

Swara smiles. Sheb reaks the hug.

Swara – its u. u hid my bag and stuff ??

Sanskar – hmm ..pouts **

Swara gigles – buddu ram…

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She mock punchesh is shoulder .

Swara – who told u I will not be able to go if u hid my clothes. I have lcothes at maayka too..

Swara naugtinly shows her tounge.

He grips her tiny waist and hodls her close. Snaskar puts his haed on the crook of her neck and nuzzles her collar bone ..

sanskar– baeebyy…plz don’t go will I live 48 long hours without u !

swara chuckles and craesses his hair. – aww baby…its okay nah…I really need to go. It’s a ritual. And no matter what u do I will go to meet my family.

sanskar brekas the hug.

  • – U can go. U know what ? go..i will not even come to pick u up.

He fumes. Swara holds his arm..

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Swara – darling..dont be so mean just going for 2 days …less than half of a week..ill be back..just come and pick me up ..okay ?

Sanskar pouts..- hmm…

Swara gives him a hug and and pecks his cheek. He smiles.

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Swara – now tell me ..where are the clothes ?

Sanskar – in the bathtub…

Swara – what the…sanskar..idiot ho tum !

Swara laughs away. Sanskar looks on pissed off

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@Raglak room .


Ragini comes to the room . laksh is shown packing his lcothes. She hugs him from behind .

Ragini – lucky. What r u doing ?

Laksh – packing my stuff.

Ragini – but why ?

Laksh – because im coming with him .

Ragini makes o face and leaves him in an instant.

Ragini – what r u saying ? what rubbish .

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Laksh shows her his tounge – plz rags . I told u I cant live wihtout u . shadi kya door rehne ke liye kiya hai ? mai bhi aa raha hu…

Ragini laughs – what the hell..stop this..dont be a baby nah . cmon leave it . ull embarrass me for no reason !

Laksh pouts – hmm….

Ragini smiles and puts her arms around his shoulders…

Ragini – aww..ab itna bhi kya adap rahe ho mere lie ??? aa jaungi nah baba …

Laksh smiles and noddss..

he pceks her lips softly.

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Ragini now come well get late .

@ hall room .

Gopi , Ahem , Prince ,Rohan, Kartik, Durga and Ragini’s mom are shown sitting. Both the couples walk down both the stairs.

Gopi and Lata hug their daughters. Sanskar hugs ahem. Rohan and prince jump on swara excitedly and hug her tight…

Swara – my babies…how r u both ?

Rohan – now we r fine .

Prince- haww..di..u r on fire..

Swara winks and pulls his year. – badmash !

Meanwhile, rgaini hugs her family.

Ragini – dad didn’t come ?

Karthik nods in negative .

Karthik – its okay nah didi..u can meet him at home.

Anahita makes face.

Anahita- he should have come to pick his daughter .

Suhana – its okay. We know he was not very glad about this wedding. Its okay. Rags beta..go and pacify him .

Ragini smiles .


Both families leave .

Precap –

Swara and ragini have fun in their maayka. Shivay deals with annika’s mood swings. Dadi reveals family’s old secret in a mandir. Viren and jeevika come closer. In a mandir..Kunj and twinkle are shown in wedding attire ! swara is shown playing with jerry near a cliff. Swara slips falls down the cliff ! sanskar creams Swara !!!!!!!!


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