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RAB SE SONA ISHQ twinj:’episode36




Everyone taking tour of this beautiful farm house while Rahul and Kunj get busy in their office work which they carry here..

Everyone come back after. Servant makes the dinner. Rudra and Omkara went and sit beside kunj and Rahul..

Rudra:Bhaiya what is this here too you bring your work shitt..

Kunj:so it’s my work I’ll wherever I’ll go you go and enjoy get it.

Om:rudra is right kunj leave this he shut the laptop.Let’s go and sit together.they all sitting in living area.Kunj sitting beside lata resting his head on her shoulder while omkara on her another shoulder rudra resting his head on her lap she caresses his hairs.

Rudra:hmm dadi feeling like I’ll sleep here only you had magic in your hands🥰🥰..


Kabir:rudra knows how to buttering anyone 😝😝.. how much he applies butter on twinkle make her stand on 9 clouds 😜.

Kunj:so true.Twinkle look at Kabir and Kunj giving them death glares.

Rahul:good na if twinkle will depend on her husband than she’ll die due to his boring nature 😛😛.

Twinkle:yes jiju thanks to god i had family😛.

Aayat:rudra bro.. rudra give 440 volt smile.And look at avantika While Aayat understand and closed her eyes.

Rudra:mummyyyy😛😛.. did you listen what she said just now.. avantika look at Aayat.Aayat taking steps in backwards.

Avantika:yes I heard. She makes cried faces.


Rudra:now mummy make her chatni😛.

Aayat:no mamma sorry mistakenly.

Avantika just shows her to her eyes. Others watching them.Aayat started crying immediately.Sorry na. Tej was not there. Paaaa

Rudra:today pa will not come to save you.

Kunj:oyy bas.he pulled her towards himself.

Avantika:kunjj leave her.

Kunj:mummy leave her na.. galti se..

Rudra:no many time she did same.

Kunj:shut up aag lagu.(Fire applicable)

Everyone giggles on this..

Aayat: I’m sorry mumma. Just than tej come there Aayat wiped her tears and run to him. Paaaa.

Tej:what happened to my doll.

Aayat:this ru bro see filling mamma ears Against me telling her to hit me everyone mouths got open it..

Tej:acha let me see him.. where is stick rudra.

Avantika:Tej please he didn’t do anything look at your girl first.. Rudra and Aayat started fighting and doing arguments.

Kunj:stopp…you rudra go from here and you Aayat too.

Aayat:haa I’m toh going I’m not interested in this protein powder.Avantika get up kunj understand he lifts Aayat and went from there. Thanks bhaiya ❤❤..

Kunj: do you wanna hit by mumma hands haa.

Aayat: nope.

Kunj: this is bad na Aayat to call your elder brother by name haa what mumma teach us don’t take name of your elders haa.

Aayat:mistakenly paka my pa ru bro protein powder.Kunj give smile.

Kunj:okay now let’s go and apologize him. And mumma too.

Rudra:today bhaiya save this pidhi let her come to me today. Aayat and Kunj come back holding each other’s hands. Aayat went in middle.

Aayat:I’m sorry mumma and Ru bro. Next time I’ll not call him.

Tej: no need of sorry Aayat.

Avantika:acha tej what happened when my boys time 😛.

Rudra:yes in our time toh pa become angry bird.as if he killed us.but leave this pidhi so easily.

Tej:so what..

Prithviraj:let’s have dinner leave this.They all will fight like this only.everyone went to dinning table.And settle down.All servant serving them food.Lavanya admiring Kunj who sitting beside him.While tej feeding Rudra and Aayat food.

Twinkle:look at this girl sitting beside my husband.Huhu not only her mistake all even my sadu husband is not less than her stay away from rubal huhu I didn’t like it what about him he wanted to control on me that I’ll let him control me huhu.After dinner.

Usha: what we’ll do.

Avantika: wait I have something she went in room and bring twinkle and Kunj wedding CD. She gives to omkara he plays everyone sits dim lights were on.Aayat sitting on kunj lap and cuddling him.

Video starts.. first haldi all photos and videos come.

Rubal:Twinkle you looking so cute. Haldi cam Holi jada 😛😛..

Rudra:Bhaiya and bhabhi haldi is amazing rubal you don’t know. If you come than you’ll see me enjoy. Kunj and twinkle pre-wedding photoshoot pictures was so beautiful they give pose kunj back hugging him and holding her hands lifted her.While seeing photos both sharing eyes contact.

Malika:hoo kunj And Twinkle hmmm.😛.

Kunj:this all that photographer ne karwaya.

Rahul: he too knows Itself toh you can’t 😂😂.. he sit beside kunj only.Than mehndi function sangeet everyone was laughing to see what they had done it.

Lavanya:kunj you dance I never seen you dancing.

Om:for the first time he dances in his own wedding sangeet 😂😂.left us too in surprise.than wedding.twinkle coming down the way everyone sees her.Kunj just lost in wedding video.

Aayat:bhaiya aap ki shadi😛😛..

Leela:itni soni lag rahi ti Meri twinkle..

Rubal:right aunty most beautiful bride.

Rahul:that also bride of Kunj Sarna.He winked at Kunj 😛😛.. all moments everyone again cherished.twinkle bidaa time.Aayat and rudra started crying to see twinkle crying in video😂😂😂😂..

Aayat:bhaiya bhab crying.. end..

Prithviraj: kunj wedding was my dreams. Finally this dream is complete beautifully.

Everyone looks at Aayat and rudra.

Usha: why you both crying 😂😂..

Rudra:see bhabhi kitna roi😭😭..

Rahul:O bhabhi ke devar ji her bidaai happened long back. Happily 😂. Arey kunj you too cry 😂😂😂. All get shocked and look at Kunj..

Kunj: why I’ll cry haa..

Rahul:haa why you will cry😂😂. Whispered in his ears she cries that time and in your heart ladoo’s breaking na😜..

Zara Zara Touch Me Touch Me Touch Me

A Zara Zara Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me

A Zara Zara Hold Me Hold Me Hold Me

😂😂😂. Kunj push him.

Kunj:di your husband get mad fully. See him okay.. he gets up and went from there.

Anjali:rahul you know Kunj why you tease him 😂😂..

Kabir:yes my jija is so shy😂😂..

Rudra: if Bhaiya went on me than toh life jingalala..

Avantika: great he didn’t went on you. My Kunj is perfect not like. His girlfriends messages coming on my and tej phones too what is this Rudra I’m thinking on whom you went it no one is like this in our family.

Rudra:I’m single piece..😂😂.. mumsy.

Chori maa telling me that chote papa like me 😛😂on his days.

Rahul:impossible did you see papa and you.

Usha:you don’t know rahul about him and tej bhai shab..

Rudra:see now.

Usha:let’s sleep it’s too late.Elders went in their rooms while youngsters too in one room.They all sit on beds and cuddles duvet it’s too cold..

Malika:let’s play a game na…

Kunj: after get pregnant you just wanted to play a games grown up 😂.

Rahul: that his baby wanted to play game in side in her womb 😂..

Malika: people thinking you both so shy most this Kunj ji see him with me.

Kunj:I’m open book 😛😛.. they play games and enjoying Kunj see twinkle with rubal both sitting together.See her again let her come in room. Aayat you sleep now.

Aayat:hmm I’m sleepy but I’ll sleep with you not with mamma..


Rudra:let’s sleep together na..

Aayat: haa but I’ll sleep with my Bhaiya today.

Rudra: me too O you find new place😛.

Rahul: process is going on😜😛😛. He and Malika hifi..

Anjali:what do you mean by this.

Rahul: kunj knows asked him only na..

Kunj:I don’t know he only knows everything nowadays he become detective.. 😝. And yuvi be Alert😛😛.Yuvi look at Kunj he was admiring Avni immediately stop it.

Chal Aayat. Let’s sleep together..

Twinkle: I’m sleeping here..

Kunj:woh stop you.. Rudra and Kunj or Aayat went in twinj room.They lay down Aayat and rudra cuddles kunj tightly. Later om too come. Others sleep together in one room.Twinkle beside Asha and Mahi. They all girls gossiping..

Om:okay goodnight guys. He too went and joint his siblings..

Kunj: finally you come nowadays you are very busy om..

Om:me aur busy this words made for you.

Aayat: bhaiya call bhab too we all sleep together na:.

Kunj:let this siyppa queen sleep there only. After so many days later we all sleep together.

Aayat: let’s make hot chocolate..

Kunj:good idea.Let’s go.They all get up.

And went in kitchen Aayat sit on kitchen slab.Om and Kunj making hot chocolate for them.

Om:here weather is go cool and good na.

Aayat:why this rain not stopping.

Twinkle feel thirsty she got up and come down goes in kitchen for water. She entered in kitchen and see kunj omkara or Aayat and rudra.

Twinkle:you people here at this time..

Rudra: you didn’t sleep bhabhi till now.

Twinkle:nope woh me and rubal was watching movie that’s why. She lied just to make kunj hey jealous 😜.Kunj look at her face.

Kunj:in cold voice than why you come here.

Twinkle: for water.

Kunj: so pe or ja na…

Twinkle: Kyu if I’ll not go than what you will do.

Om:kunj you call us childish what about you and twinkle 😂😂..

Aayat:haa.Bhab good you come bhaiya making hot Chocolate.Kunj filled in cups.

Didn’t give to Aayat keep it in side to get cool down. He gestured to omkara to give twinkle too.

Om: Twinkle hot chocolate.

Twinkle:tell your bhaiya he gestured you to give me he can too Itself. Not any fight happened.

Om:chal rudra and Aayat he takes Aayat went from kitchen.Now only twinkle and Kunj left in kitchen. Kunj looking at twinkle.

Kunj:jada nahi bol rahi hai tu..

Twinkle:me toh jada hi bolti hu.you keep your mouth shut I can’t like you. Kunj went near her pulled toward himself.

Kunj:ab bol.. siyappa queen haa.

Twinkle:kya tum sadu ho yeh bolu😛😛..

Kunj: very funny go and sleep.nahi toh dark circles will come on your face you’ll look like ghost than you have to applied numbers of paint on your face 😂😂..

Twinkle:very lame Kunj Sarna she punched on his stomach.

Kunj:ouchhh. Rubal come there.

Rubal: Twinkle come what happened.

Twinkle: yes I’m coming she takes her hot chocolate mug and went with Rubal. While Kunj hit his hand on kitchen slab.

Kunj:ouch this rubal what he understands himself haa nonsense always behind my wife like a bhawra (bumble bee he is huhu.

He takes his mug and went in room.They drink their hot coffee and sleep took over them. At middle of night.Priyanka wake up and see thunderstorms voice she gets scared and went in room where her bothers sleeping.


Kunj:hmm in sleeping voice. He open his one eyes and look at Priyanka.You pinku.

Priyanka:hmm. Bhaiya Dar lag raha hai.

Kunj:Kyu twinkle company me Iss ko bhi Dar lag raha hai.. okay you sleep here na.

Priyanka:thanks She sleeps on chaise couch.Due to heavy rain water coming from room ceiling that falling on kunj face.

He wakes up and see rain water coming..

Kunj:shittt.. water.. he waked up his siblings.

Rudra: Bhaiya where I’ll sleep now that room is also full 😭😭.

Kunj: mummy and pa.They all get up run.

Kunj banging the door due to this they both wake up.

Avantika: who is at this time.

Tej:let me see. He gets up and went to door and open the door and find his kids.

You all here.Aayat and rudra just went on bed and jumped.

Kunj:pa in our room rain water coming from roof..

Tej:what.Kunj went on bed and immediately lay down they are in deep slumber.

Avantika:you all sleep on bed.The bed was really very big.They all siblings fit. While tej and Avantika sleep in side couches.

Next day everyone waked up weather was so lazy.But tej kids sleeping peacefully.

Twinkle went in room didn’t find anyone there.

Twinkle:where is this all went.She took her clothes and went in washroom.And get freshen get ready Wear a white kurti. Looking stunning.She went downstairs everyone come for breakfast.

Lata:where is other kids..

Avantika:your kids sleeping mummy ji. Omkara come and sit beside mahi.

Avantika tell them what happened last night.while having breakfast mahi and Omkara sharing eyes contact.

Rishi: abey oyye Yuvi what’s going on.

You just lost in rahul sister.

Yuvi: hmm look at her yaar I’m just love with her.

Rishi:what😱.. Look at yourself and her she is top Psychologist. And you nothing.

Yuvi: I’m Yuvraj luthra that’s enough Arey she didn’t give look.To make her fall it’s hard but I’m too Yuvraj. Everyone done with breakfast others went in garden and sit there.

At room. All youngsters went in room and see Sarna siblings sleeping.Rudra and Aayat almost on kunj While Priyanka beside them on bed.

Rahul:look at these brothers and sisters.he clicked their photos..

Anjali: they will not wake up let them sleep we all will go and enjoy it.They went from there. At afternoon, they still not wake up peacefully sleeping.Tej and Avantika went in room.

Tej:wake up your kids here they not come

For sleep.

Avantika:kunj and pinku wake up.We’ll have lunch than wake up them. My babies looking so cute just wish they all stay together like this only.they went downstairs.Aayat and rudra wake up and both started fighting which disturbing Kunj sleep.

Kunj:mummyyyyyyyyy.You both wait I’ll not leave you.

Rudra:she started first. Avantika come there and see the four of them hitting each other with pillow mess whole room.

Avantika: you all..they stop and see Avantika.

Priyanka:they started mummy not me.

Avantika:wait today I’ll not leave four of them.Avantika see Wooden stick in side. They see and get shocked run from there.

Everyone sees them.They come down.

Rudra:Bhaiya save.

Kunj:same to you..

Lata:what happened to them.Avantika running behind them.

Avantika:wait today.

Kunj:I’m sorry please first this rudra and Aayat starts. Mummy..

Priyanka:yes me and bhaiya didn’t do anything.

Rudra:haa this Aayat. Everyone saw and enjoying it.

Anjali:today they are gone uff after days they come on her hands.

Rahul:badi MAA hit them 😂😂.They come down and in one groups stand..


Avantika:haa call everyone.They three of them cuddles Kunj and hide behind his back.Kunj forward his hand.

Kunj:okay I’m sorry. Leave them.Avantika look at him.She raises stick while Kunj closed his eyes Avantika see and give smile she about to hit him and stop in middle throw it in side. Kunj open his eyes.

Rudra:Arey Bhaiya ko nahi padi😂😂😂.

Avantika:see your brother you save him what he says it.Next time if I’ll see you and Aayat again rudra than I’ll lock you both in room.She went from there while they take deep breath.Uff.And go and get freshen up.Kunj went in his room.Twinkle finished her lunch. And went in room see kunj laying down on bed.

Twinkle:again you sleep haa didn’t you heard what mummy ji said you.

Kunj: hmm I know give my clothes..

Twinkle:huhu.She takes out his clothes. Kunj get up and take his clothes and went in washroom.He gets freshen and get ready went downstairs.

Rudra:di give me something.

Kabir:you all quickly finished your lunch. Kunj come sit beside rudra.

Kunj:give me too.

Rahul:give oder to your wife not my 😂.

Kunj:acha Okay.Where is my wife. Twinkleee.She come with food and place on table.They all having their food. Now you both don’t dare to.. today she leave us not every time.

Om: what happened actually.

Kunj:Arey this two wild cats all the time just chiii. I didn’t understand rudra she is not your age one still.

Rudra:haa But she teased me first.

Kunj: your mind matching with her😂😂.


Rubal:Guys lets go na they will come it.

Anjali:yup.They all going.

Rubal:Twinkle come.Kunj see rubal.

Rudra:Arey you go and my bhabhi will come with us.Rubal went.Twinkle feeding Aayat food.They all finished their food.

Let’s go.They all went in garden. Cool breeze going on.Aayat playing with her toys in garden. Twinkle dancing to see peacocks they were dancing.

Twinkle:peacocks see.

Kunj:we have eyed 😂😂.She gives death glares.They all Roaming here and there.

Yuvi: boys let’s play cricket what’s say.

Kunj:sure like last time you lose😜😜.

Maya:true 😂😂.

Kabir:even elders too.

Manohar: haa tej bhai shab.

Tej:long back we didn’t play.

Avni:two teams.

In one team Yuvi, kabir, Bebe, tej, hansh or Rt, usha, maya, twinkle ,Anjali rubal, chinki, naman,rishi Surjit,Anita

In second team.

Kunj, rudra. Om, Priyanka, Rahul, Lavanya Asha,raj, mahi, Avni, Prithviraj,lata avantika, Manohar. Leela. Kunj and yuvi toss the coins. Yuvi win the toss.

Yuvi: bro I win now let’s see my whole team make you all chatni😛😛.

Kunj:let’s see brother what will happen you just win the toss game will remain.

Yuvi:first win even game too.

Kunj:okay.Both give each other tashan.

They all set to play cricket.Yuvi team come first. Malika was umpire.game start. First Avni and yuvi come.Yuvi was lost in Avni.

He winked at her she shocked but leave it Yuvi playing good his balls get end than Kabir. Kunj balling.

Kunj: ready saale shab😛😛..

Kabir: yes jija ji😝.Kunj balling Kabir get difficulties to hit kunj balls. Like this they all come and play..

Anjali: now twinkle turn. She takes bag and stand.

Rahul: haa Kunj okay cricket with your wifey 😜😜woh nahi yeh cricket shai🙈.

Kunj:shameless man you are. Kunj balling twinkle slowly hit the ball.

Kabir:cheating Kunj give her normal balls haa give her to fast.Kunj didn’t listen them giving twinkle slow balls she hit six and started dancing.

Rahul: kunj will lose like this.

Kunj: don’t worry let her enjoy little in next ball she’ll out😂😂.

Twinkle: sadu chalo balling.

Kunj:wait siyappa queen. Kunj give her his style ball twinkle hit the ball kunj catch the ball.Yuvi team face drop down.OUT


Kunj:that your team will tell you go. Usha come rahul give her balls. Like this Yuvi team done now last one is tej.

Rudra: I’ll not give ball to pa.

Om:same me too.

Rahul:me bhi.. they send kunj and Rahul first Rahul give than Kunj. Tej playing so smartly in each balls he gives six and six everyone gets amazed to see tej.

Twinkle:waha papa ji show this kunj what you are 😛😛..

Kunj:Rahul pa will not let us win.Tej hits the runs Aayat clapping for him.

Rudra:what pa eating he had so much energy.Tej balls finished.

Rudra:now our turn.Yuvi team all set. Anjali come Rahul on batting.Kunj team playing very well.

Kunj:aww rudra. One by one everyone come and their turn went. Kunj/Tej.

Rudra: O and G in front of pa bhaiya can’t stand and speak how he will 😂😂.

Rahul:wait na..world war hai😛😜.

Tej:ready mr Kunj Sarna.

Kunj:yup.kunj doing his best he and Rahul didn’t leave any single runs.Everyone get surprised to see kunj.He was playing with full passion.Last ball is left.The game depending on this ball they just have one one point difference between them.Kunj see tej he too.Kunj hit the ball and ball

went so high everyone see the ball.Ball went it’s a six kunj through the bat Kunj team started hooting😛.They all share group hug.

Tej:well played..

Kunj:aww Yuvraj Luthra finally I win what about you 😂who win first That only win in last.

Rudra:always my bhaiya wins.😎He show tongue to tej 😂.They all youngsters sit on grasses.

Kabir: hmm kunj I don’t know you are very good player 😂😛.

Rahul:Arey you didn’t see my kunj till now.

They all couples roaming alone here and there.Twinkle going alone kunj went and hold her hand. She look at Kunj.


Kunj:yup did you thinking rubal.

Twinkle:very funny..just than little bit rain started.They all stand under tree.Even sleeting too starts.All get happy.Sleets fallings on grasses it’s looking like a peals showering.It’s so beautiful.

Anjali:it’s so beautiful. Aayat went and started collecting sleet balls.


Om:this girl Aayat come here.Sleet hit on Aayat head so badly.Kunj run towards her and cuddles.she started crying.He lift her they all went inside. He rubbing her head.

Kunj:shhh bas I m telling you don’t go but you didn’t listen to me.

Tej:why she cry.Rudra tell him.Aayat face become all red.she making puppy face and look at Kunj who too make puppy faces she laugh out…

Rudra:Aayat chale let’s watch cartoons.

Kunj:which one Aayat.

Aayat:hmm let’s see come first. They went in room and lay down watching cartoons.

Mahi was making tea for everyone omkara went in kitchen and stand beside her.



Mahi:do you wanted something.

Om:nope just come to see you… we win let’s celebrate what’s say.

Mahi:good idea but what we’ll do.

Om:planned something.They both talking to each other’s Usha see them and give smile.

Usha:think see my om is so happy. 😀bas he too got girl like our twinkle.

Kunj come down and he was passing from lobby his eyes went on twinkle who was with Rubal. He stop there and watch them.Twinkle earrings falls down she bend down to pickup her back dori was open and back was deep too and rubal staring her back.This kunj see and closed his fist eyes become fully blood red.He keeping staring twinkle back. He went towards her pulled her rubber band her hairs get open he untied her hair due to this her back hides.

Rubal see and immediately turn his gaze.Twinkle look at Kunj. And get up.

Twinkle:what is this.

Kunj:don’t you have sense haa. He look at rubal.

Twinkle: don’t know what happened to you next moment.Give me my rubber band back.She snatch from kunj and went from there. Kunj keep looking at rubal.

Kunj:rubal what about your GF.

Rubal:my good.

Kunj:great than concentrate on her.He said and went from there.Twinkle went in room and stand in front of dressing table and look at herself. Talking to herself in mirror.

Twinkle:see babaji this sadu.Just than Kunj entered in room and see twinkle.She tie her hairs. Kunj went towards her stand behind her like back hugging.Tum.


Twinkle: what happened to you at down haa.Stop giving this look to rubal.

Kunj:don’t take his name.And you are so careless haa.Don’t you know about yourself. Just busy in your style sometime see around yourself.What type of people arounds you. When you can’t carry this clothes than we something else.

Twinkle:why did I do something and looking bad this is normal clothes which I usually wear it. Kunj hands went on her back and hold her back dori ends and tie her back dori twinkle look at Kunj through mirror and understand. He tied the dori twinkle turned and look at Kunj.

Kunj:nothing is bad in these clothes but this is.he take out twinkle hair clutcher and her hairs falls downs.Now looking perfect.

Twinkle:I don’t know about this.

Kunj:I know it’s okay but still be care full.

Twinkle:I’ll change it na wear something else you’ll loved it. She went in washroom while kunj standing waiting for her.She come out of the washroom she get ready in washroom only.And Kunj eyes went on her freeze down to see her she wearing sleeveless long Anarkali dress in light peace colour.Looking so pretty he didn’t blink his eyes just look at twinkle only.

How I’m looking it..

Kunj:first time good 😛😛less paint more pretty 😜😜.

Twinkle:this rubal is better than you at least praise me.

Kunj:haa go to your rubal only na. She about to go kunj pulled her towards himself.Both looking at each other eyes.

Twinkle:kya hai..

Kunj:where are you going haa.

Twinkle:wherever I wanted.

Kunj:Acha.He hugged her tightly.While twinkle too him hug.Caressing his back.

Chinki and Asha come there and see twinkle and Kunj they just stop at door. Both look at each other give smile.They both started coughing due to this twinkle and Kunj break the hug and found them get embarrassed.

Chinki:Twinkle woh Leela aunty calling you.

Twinkle:hmm..she went with them kunj stand there only giving smile.

Avni reading book Yuvi see her come to her sit beside Avni.

Yuvi:how much you love books give sometime to handsome😛.Avni look at Yuvi corner of her eyes.

Avni:can’t you leave me alone haa.. just behind me..

Chinki: hmm twinkle what’s going on has romance.

Twinkle:kya romance nothing is like that just a hug.

Asha:we see just a hug.Both teasing twinkle lot.They three of them sit together.
Chal twinkle tell us about you and Kunj.

Twinkle:what I’ll tell you both about kunj haa.

Chinki:Twinkle now you are married girl. Leave this rubal concentrate on kunj. Impress him.

Twinkle:Huhu he didn’t look at me once. See him with Lavanya. Baby baby 😏😏.

Asha:you went close to him na. If you stay like this than one day Lavanya will take your kunj.

Twinkle: why will she take my kunj haa he is my husband I’ll not let anyone take him.

Asha:ha so give him time na. Love most.


Chinki:no buts or ifs twinkle you don’t know about husbands they didn’t get anything from wife’s they searching

outside.Here Lavanya itself behind kunj so you can think about her.

Twinkle:Kunj isn’t this type of man chinki and Asha.

Asha:acha mans will be mans end of the day if is your kunj or others. Twinkle thinking on whatever chinki and Asha tell her just now.

Twinkle:now what I’ll do now I mean. If he think about any other girl I’ll kill him.

Chinki:so leave everything just kunj and Kunj.Give him what he wanted.

All mans decided to make barbecue food.

They all arranged everything in garden ladies get happy today men’s making dinner for them.

Rudra:Bhaiya put chilly more 😛.


Rahul:Arey let hitler have😂😂.

Kunj:very funny he is my father

understand don’t dare to think about this.

Later dinner is ready.They sits around bonfire having their dinner enjoying the moments.

Kabir:this small vacation is awesome.


Avni:we can come here anytime.

Lata:right. Dinner was too good.

Tej:after all we all make 😂😂.

Rudra:me too.

Om:just touch 😂.they had their dinner all went inside. Twinkle standing near to window and looking outside firefly flying in darkness the view was so beautiful.

Twinkle:jugnu 🥰. She run outside and running behind firefly try to catch it.Kunj was searching he see door was open it he went near door and see twinkle he too went outside and see twinkle he give smile. He went to twinkle. She about to catch firefly but fly.


Twinkle:Kunj see na this jugnu going away.

Kunj:so what.Let him fly.Just in few second whole garden fills with firefly. Twinkle whirling so fastly openly with her arms.Kunj take out his phone making her video..

Twinkle:Kunj I wanted this. See people do anything for their partners.

Kunj:what you wanted tell me I’ll do.

Twinkle:this firefly I wanted get for me.

Kunj: nope. She make sad face and went in side kunj give smile. He catch the firefly and hide under his both palms. And went towards twinkle stand in front of her she looking at him.

Twinkle:what why you come to me haa.

Kunj:I have something for you.He open his Palms 

Kacchi doriyon, doriyon, doriyon se
Mainu tu baandh le
Pakki yaariyon, yaariyon, yaariyon mein
Honde na faasley

Eh naraazgi kaagzi saari teri
Mere sohneya sunn le meri
Dil diyan gallan
Karaange naal naal beh ke
Akh naal akh nu milaa ke

Dil diyan gallan haaye…
Karaange roz roz beh ke
Sacchiyan mohabbataan nibha ke

Palms twinkle see firefly in kunj Palms she give smile kunj take near twinkle face she look at firefly.Twinkle and Kunj face glowing due to firefly light.Twinkle blow on firefly Fly run.

Twinkle: aww thanks kunj.

Kunj:come with me.He take her last corner of this farm house.Numbers of firefly Roaming there.And moon light reflecting on near water pond.

Twinkle:Kunj this is so romantic na.

Kunj:in this too you find romantic.

Twinkle:yes perfect moment for those who wanted to enjoy this and with their love and romance. Kunj raise his eyes brows.

Kunj: Aisa hai kya than let’s fulfill your this wish too.

Twinkle: how. Romance with whom??

Kunj:what whom.You are here and me too.

What else you wanted more haa.Twinkle give shy smile.

Twinkle:romance and you no never.Kunj held her hand and pulled twinkle.She landed on his chest her both hands resting on her shoulders.While Kunj hands went on her back.

Sataaye mainu kyun
Dikhaaye mainu kyun
Aiven jhuthi mutthi russ ke rusaake
Dil diyan gallan haaye
Karaange naal naal beh ke
Akh naal akh nu mila ke

Tenu lakhan ton chhupa ke rakhaan
Akkhaan te sajaa ke tu ae meri wafaa
Rakh apna bana ke
Main tere layi aan
Tere layi aan yaaran
Naa paavin kade dooriyan (x2)

Kunj:what did you said no never really.He kissed on her temple twinkle closed her eyes.She rest her head on kunj shoulder.

Both admiring this moments.Both sit on grasses.

Twinkle:Kunj I felt like we stay here only. So peaceful place.

Kunj:hmm but can’t na.

Twinkle:True. We are going back tomorrow huhu.

Kunj:you stay here na😂😛alone.

Twinkle:never.Thunderstorms stated due to this twinkle get scared she hugged kunj tightly.kunjjj.

Kunj:Twinkle I’m here only.You girl are so Delicate darlings sacred with this things.

Twinkle:why you making fun of me.

Kunj:because you are a joke😛😝.Rain started. Let’s go.

Twinkle:Kunj no I wanted to dance in this rain. She get up and dancing in rain along with her duppta.Kunj see her madness totally crazy girl.Kunj forward his hand twinkle give her hand to him both dancing and drenched in rain totally.Twinkle feel cold she cuddles kunj.Firefly fly around them.Love must be as much a light as it is a flame.One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life.that word is

love.Life is the first gift,love is the second, and understanding the third.Love is when two people who care for each other get confused.It is difficult to know at what moment love begins.it is less difficult to know that it has begun.Kunj cupped twinkle face her lips shivering.he caress her cheeks bones.He turned her back hugged her.His hand around her waist while twinkle hand resting on her hands. Kunj chin was on twinkle bare shoulder. Both lost in moments.He kissed on her wet shoulder she closed her eyes.Twinkle turned to him both look at into each other eyes their face is just inch apart.Twinkle blushed and push kunjjj. She run inside kunj ruffles his hairs he too behind her..
Avantika and Usha see kunj and twinkle both drenched water.

Main jeena haan tera…
Main jeena haan tera
Tu jeena hai mera
Dass lena ki nakhra dikha ke

Dil diyan gallan
Karaange naal naal beh ke
Akh naal akh nu mila ke

Dil diyan gallan…

Raatan kaaliyan, kaaliyan, kaaliyan ne
Mere din saanwale
Mere haaniyan, haaniyan, haaniyan je
Lagge tu na gale

Mera aasmaan mausamaan di na sune
Koi khwaab na poora bane
Dil diyan gallan
Karange naal naal beh ke
Akh naal akh nu mila ke

Pataa hai mainu kyun chupa ke dekhe tu
Mere naam se naam mila ke
Dil diyan gallan
Karange naal naal beh ke
Akh naal akh nu mila ke

Dil diyan gallan

Avantika: why you both drenched.

Usha:yes.Twinkle and Kunj look at each other.

Twinkle:woh due to rain.

Avantika:first go and changed your

clothes.Both went in room and changed their clothes. Kunj went down he about to went in kitchen Lavanya come there.

Lavanya: hi kunjj.

Kunj:yes. She come near to him. Her arms lock around kunj neck. Lavanya.

Lavanya:Arey kunj you totally forget me haa.

Kunj:Lavanya please.She hugged kunj tightly just than twinkle come there and saw this get shocked.To see kunj hugging Lavanya.Kunj making faces tears dropping from twinkle eyes she went from there.kunj break the hug with jerk. Lavanya how many time I told you don’t come closer to me.Please stay away from me.He went in kitchen and make coffee for him and twinkle went back in room. And see twinkle sitting.

Twinkle:think why I’m crying if he hugging her why it’s matter for me haa.Kunj come and sit beside her. He saw tears in her eyes.

Kunj:Twinkle why you crying are you okay na.She look at him nodded her head in yes.Coffee.

Twinkle:nahi mera mood nahi hai.

Kunj:why.She give look at Kunj. Twinkle get up about to in washroom Kunj pulled her. What is this haa.. he twist her hand on her back 

Twinkle: acha. What are you doing just now haa.

Kunj: what I did understand.

Twinkle: you didn’t understand why you’ll understand haa. She grab his collar and anger clearly visible in her eyes how dare you she hugged you and you too her.

Kunj:Twinkleee you taking me wrong.

Twinkle:I didn’t kunj.When you didn’t like than how can you expect from me haa. What is this Lavanya.Tears escaping from twinkle eyes Kunj can see it he felt bad.
Heyyy twinkle.He cupped her face.

Kunj:Twinkle trust me please.

Twinkle: I trust you kunj more than myself but I didn’t like it. Kunj give smile.

Kunj:stop getting jealous with her. I’ll remain your husband only.He wiped her tears and kissed on her forehead.For this you crying pagali.They both sit and have hot coffee. Aayat come there with teddy bear.

Twinkle: Aayat you.

Aayat:yes me I come here to sleep with you.

Twinkle:aww good come.

Aayat: bhaiya today water will not come na.

Kunj:no I solve the problem.They lay down on the bed Aayat in middle she looking at Kunj and twinkle.Kunj patting on her Forehead to put to in sleep. Kunj and twinkle cuddles her.And sleep with her.

_____________________________________________how was the episode I don’t know anything hope you all like it I’m busy so can’t write good episode.No proof reading guys leave mistakes😑😑. I know you all wanted confession in near don’t worry. Soon you all will get. 

Bye love you all give your views.. 

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