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Pyar ki kasauti- ragsan- shot 5

Hi sissy’s. Next shot is ready..

Sanskar was in his flat sitting alone. He was remembering Ragini badly. He was holding her pic.

San: when u need me most, m not with u. Wish u to get well soon. I’ll be coming to see u.

He called on ragini’s landline number. Janki took it.
Jan: hello.

San: hello aunty. Can I speak with Ragini?
Jan: m sry beta. She’s sleeping now. When she’ll wake up I’ll make her to talk to u.
San: thanku aunty.

He ends the call.

Ragini wakes up and slowly sits on bed.
Jan: Ragini, how r u feeling now?

Rag: better maa. Where is sanskar? Why u brought me Kolkata?

Jan: u need rest Ragu. First get well. Then u join job. U will be alone there. So we brought u here. Don’t take stress. It’s not gud for ur health.

Rag: maa, sanskar?

Jan: he’s there only. Don’t wry, he’ll come to meet u every month.

Rag: every month?

Jan: yes . Till marriage ull b here only. U take rest. I’ll bring soup for u.

Ragini got teary eyed. Sanskar u r not near to me. We r apart again. She got little pain in head.

Janki comes: ragu, don’t cry. Don’t think much beta. If u take stress ull not get well soon. If u want to be with sanskar, then u shud get well soon. U will not take stress na?

Rag: fake smile. No maa. I’ll get well soon.

@sanskar flat
( Sanlak r sharing same flat)

Sanskar gets call from his home.

Suj: sanskar how r u? How is Ragini?

San: now she’s in her home mom. She’s getting fine.

Suj: u r not coming to home?

San: I’ve got leave mom. First I’ll meet Ragini then I’ll come there.

Suj: ok.
She cuts call.

Sanskar goes to meet Ragini.
San: aunty. How r u? Where’s Ragini?

Jan: she’s in her room. U get fresh and meet her. I’ll bring food for u.

Sanskar went inside. He saw ragini holding his pic sitting on bed. She saw sanskar and gets happy. She gets up from bed but cudnt walk properly. She was abt to fall, but sanskar holds her and made her sit on bed.

San: u r weak Ragini. Take rest. M here only.
Rag: sanskar, why this all happening with us?
She started to cry. Sanskar cups her face.
San: stop Ragini. Don’t cry. U have to get well na. Our marriage date is near. If u do like this how Wil u b able to marry? For my sake don’t be stressed. Pls.

Ragini stopped crying.
San: now smile. Get well soon. Take medicine properly. Am going evng to home to meet mom. Again I’ll come soon to meet u.

They hug. Evng sanskar left for Delhi and reached his home.

Suj: how r u sanskar? See how thin u became. Not taking food properly ha?

San: no mom. M ok.

He gets fresh. After breakfast.

Ram and suj both comes to sanskar.
Suj: sanskar we need to talk to u.
San: tell mom.
Suj: cancel ur marriage with Ragini.

Sanskar shocked : mom. Wat r u talking?
Suj: yes sanskar. She is not good for u. Now only she met with accident. May be in future she’ll be burden for u.

San: mom pls stop. Dad tell to mom.
Ram was silent.
San: it means u both want me to leave Ragini. But mom I’ll never leave her. She’s my life.

Suj: acts like crying. Ull also leave us like Adarsh.
( Adarsh is sanskar’s elder brother. He got married with pari. It was arrange marriage. But due to misunderstanding between pari and Sujata, Adarsh decides to leave separately) (sanskar having a sis uttara- studying in final yr)

San: slowly. Mom m not like Bhai. I’ll be always with my parents.

Suj: u r doing love marriage. Who knows after marriage Ragini will make u away from us.
San: no maa. Without knowing any person don’t judge. She’s very nice girl. When she’ll come to this house ull only praise her.

Sujata tried but failed. Finally she agreed to sanskar and kept quite.

Ragini slowly getting well. There marriage is near. All r doing. Preparations. Ragsan r very happy.

Ragsan: finally we’ll b together. No one will separate us.

There marriage happened with all rituals. Sujata and uttara accepted her half hearted.

Ragsan comes to sanskar’s home in Delhi. Sanskar took transferred his job from Mumbai to Delhi.

Ragini accepted all very happily. She was very happy. Sujata and uttara were behaving like ordering. But she never took it seriously. She always obeys them.

After few days.
@ragsan room
San: Ragini today I met Adarsh Bhai. He’s having baby. He took me to his home. All three are very happy.

Rag: why don’t they live with us?
San: I already told u na. But they want to join us. But these misunderstandings… Uff.. Adarsh Bhai don’t want again any fight.

Rag: sanskar.. shall I talk to maa abt this?

San: hmmm.. ok. See situation and talk. But don’t drag if she doesn’t want.

Rag happily: ok.

Next day. Sujata,uttara having tea sitting in hall. Ragini was also there. Sanskar was inside.

Ragini thought it’s gud time to talk.
Rag: maa.. can’t we.. I mean us and Adarsh Bhai and Bhabhi live together like early?

Sujata gets angry.
Suj: it’s not been a month also u came to home and u started to order us?

Rag: no maa. M not ordering. I just wanted all to live together.
Suj: stop now.

She called sanskar. He comes from room.

Suj: see ur wife wat she is talking?

San: knows situation.. she’s just want to unite us mom. Nothing more.

Suj: oh. Now u also speaking her Lang.

Both sujutt fumes and goes inside. Ragini was crying.
Sanskar calm her: don’t wry. U tried , but they don’t want then leave on time. Everything will b fine as time goes on.

Ragini got pain in head. She holds her head.

San: caring. I told you not to take stress. U r weak Ragini. Still ur tablets r running.

Rag: it’s ok sanskar. M ok.

Evng Ragini went to uttara room to clean.

Utt: Bhabhi. Don’t touch anything. Just clean it properly. That cupboard is having more dust. Clean that also.

Sanskar there only passing listens.

San: angrily. Uttara, she’s ur Bhabhi. Not maid. Ask sry.

Utt: Bhai. Y shud i?
San: ask sry.
Rag: leave it sanskar.
San: be quite Ragini. Ask sry uttara.
Utt: fumes. Sry.

Sanskar takes Ragini to room.
He is observing from starting Sujata and uttara not liking Ragini. In one or other matters they’re making her only responsible. Sanskar thinks if this continues ragini’s health will get prob.
He decides something.

Next mrng.
San: mom, dad. From tmrw Ragini Wil join job.

Suj: why? Wat is the need of job?
San: it’s not abt need mom. If she goes out, she will feel change. She’ll meet new friends. It makes her stress less. And improve in her health.

Suj: u mean we r giving her prob. Coz of us she takes tension.
San: no mom. I just said if she goes out it may help her in her health.

Suj: wat people will say. That we r living in dil’s salary?

San: mom who’s going to say? In which time u r? It’s modern world mom. Be broad minded.

Suj: now ull make me understand? Do whatever u want.

Ragini was listening this from her room.
Rag: sanskar why this…
San: stops her. Ragini whatever m doing its good for everyone.

Ragini started to go for job. As well as she was doing house work also. She was doing her all responsibility.

Days were passing. Ragsan were happy being together.

After 2yrs.
One day
Suj: sanskar now shud plan for child.

@ragsan room
Ragini hugs sanskar from back.
Rag: shyly. Sanskar.. maa is rite we shud think of child.
San: no Ragini. I don’t want till 2 more yrs.
Rag: but sanskar maa and Papa want. And I too want to be mother.
San: seriously. Ragini. I decided rite now no plan for child.
Ragini first time saw him so serious.

Sanskar remembers FB.

When ragini’s accident happened. After discharging her. Doc called sanskar to cabin.
Doc: u r her fiance rite?
San: yes doc. Why? Wat happened?
Doc: nothing serious. Actually Ragini is very weak physically. Till 5 yrs she shud not become mother. It risks her life.

San: no prob doc. Ragini is important for me. I’ll keep in mind.
FB ends.

He talks this all seeing ragini’s pic.
San: I can’t loose u Ragini.

He hears Ragini crying. He goes to her and hugs her.

Rag: sanskar y did u hide this from me? M really bad. I can’t even fullfill maa,Papa’s one wish also.
Sanskar some how console her.

After few days Sujata, ram also came to know abt this.
Suj: first only I had told. Don’t marry her. She’s not gud for u. But u dint listen. See the result now.

Ragini was crying.
San: mom y r u making this big issue. After 2 yrs we’ll become parents. It’s not like she can’t b mother. It’s just she’s weak now.

Suj: that’s wat I told after her accident. Don’t marry her. She’s not good for anything.

San: got angry. Stop mom. It’s enough. At least now stop. She did everything that she had to. She fulfilled her all responsibility. But u r not trying to accept her. Only coz she’s my selection? Why mom? For this behaviour only Bhai and Bhabhi left u.

Ram slaps him.
San: slap dad. But it’s truth.

Suj: this is all coz of her. I don’t want her to be in my home.

San: my home? Fine m taking a house for rent and keep her there.
Suj: ull leave us for this girl?

San: don’t wry mom. Am not like Bhai. I’ll complete my responsibilities as a son. And as a husband also I’ve responsibility towards her. She’ll b in rent home.

Suj: in one city only 2homes? Society will think bad abt us.

San: u r only telling everything. But I’ll not leave her at any cost.

Suj: she’s very bad. She snatched my son from me. She snatched my home happiness.

Stop Mrs Sujata maheshwari. Some one said.
All look at that direction.
Shekar and janki were standing at door. Janki was crying. Ragini runs and hugs her crying. Shekar was luking at them angrily.

Precap: last shot.

I think this was a longer update. Well I hope I didn’t bore u guys. I don’t want to drag unnecessary.
So plz drop ur views. I want to know ur views.
And friends wat u all think? Wat shud sanskar do at this situation? Is he doing correct?
Ending I’ll write truth only. But just wanted to know ur views. That in this modern life also this kind of things happen. Who’s fault in this? Ragsan? Her parents?;or his parents?

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