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Preetan, Abhigya & Rabul FF : Shades Of Relationships Part 7


Durga is sitting on riverfront thinking about her childhood incidence.

Armaan (sits next to her) : you know when you were not born I always told mom why I don’t have a sister then you came

Durga looks at him

Armaan : I promised to myself that I will always keep you close to me more than real sister

Durga : bhai can I ask you something?

He looks at her surprisingly

“Why dont’ you get married she asks

Armaan ; not until my sister’s hands are adorned with Mehndi

Durga : you know I am not made for all those things bhai

Armaan ; I have not asked anything but today if I ask will you do that for me

Durga : what bhai?

“Go to india for few months he asks her

Durga gets scared of going very far when she herself have not gone out of city alone

Armaan ; what are you thinking?

Durga ; you know I cannot go alone and if dad finds out, I am scared

Armaan ; thats why I want you to go there and leave this fear here

“i can’t I won’t go anywhere she resists in fear

Armaan ; listen to me, if you consider me your brother then for me take this step

“Bhai, don’t say that you are my only hope in life I lost mom dad’s love years go, if this makes you happy I will go she gets teary eyes

Both shares very emotional hug

Armaan gets the ticket for Durga after two days to Air india flight for Mumbai.

Kritika ; i could have come with you but I have seminar for one more week

Armaan : don’t worry my Durga will manage right my sister

She smiles with blank

Armaan : when you come back I want to see another Durga the one who learned to smile

Armaan probably didn’t knew that this trip will change not only Durga but his life also would be be changed forever. Real test will come now for both brother sister relation Voiceover hints on Armaan Durga’s changing dynamics in future

Mumbai at night 

Arora house 

Lights goes out due to bad weather.

Pragya : not again, Preeta can you get the candle from kitchen

Preeta : yes di, Shrishti Bulbul can you go check the electricity box

“Di here is the candle Preeta gives her

Pragya : god when will this weather end? its making me irritated

Bulbul : don’t worry sis we get to see rain once in a while every year

Pragya fixes the lights

Bulbul ; I was saying lets go eat corn please

Preeta : you are crazy we will get sick

“Pragya di, I don’t know in which auspicious moment she went to get her doctor degree Bulbul teases her

Preeta ; I will beat you with this stick if you say anything about my profession

Pragya : so possessive

Dadi : what are my chirping birds doing?

Pragya ; dadi seen na they are making fun of my work (pouts)

Dadi : nobody will bother my child

Pragya : wow dadi and when she used to take money for chocolate from my purse

Bulbul hides her laugh

Preeta (finds the stick) : wait I will show you, always making fun of me

Bulbul collides with Shrishti while running around dropping glass of water on her clothes.

Bulbul : i am so sorry, let me clean

Shrishti (gets angry) ; forget it, I will clean up

Bulbul feels bad seeing her anger again

Preeta : di, I think we should go out too

“Very soon your brain worked good she taunts

Preeta : di please

Pragya : now go get ready, Bulbul dear come we will eat corn on cob

Bulbul signals her to call Shrishti.

Pragya ; you both go I will call her (goes to her room inside) hey my little princess

Shrishti ; yes didi?

Pragya ; get ready we are going to eat corn on cob speciality of this weather

Shrishti ; di you can go I am not in mood

Pragya : come on at least spend some time your sisters too and then study

Shrishti : please di I really dont want to go

Dadi tells them not to force her and go alone.

Bulbul ; how will we go without her

“You don’t have to worry I can take care of myself okay Shrishti argues

Sarla : this is not way to talk, she is your sister

“Of course in this house I am only wrong and you are right after all this is your house Shrishti leaves angrily

Preeta : Shrishti wait, di please stop her

Dadi : let her go

Pragya : but dadi she went in anger

Dadi : she needs some time alone she will be back you all go I will talk to her

The sisters feel bad and cancels their plan

Shrishti walks on road thinking about her bitter childhood. She was treated separately than bulbul by Sarla from childhood days. Her mind and heart go through battle of emotions.

“It is said the more poison goes inside body more the effect it does. The poison was running in Shrishti’s mind from childhood was killing her more voiceover says 

Suddenly it starts to rain. The rain drops soothes her pain of many years. She feels every drop of rain

Behta Hai Mann Kahi, Kahan Jaante Nahi

Behta Hai Mann Kahi, Kahan Jaante Nahi

Koyi Rok Le Yehi

Bhage Rey Mann Kahi Aage Re Mann Chala

Jaane Kidhar Jaanu Naa

Bhage Rey Mann Kahi Aage Re Mann Chala

Jaane Kidhar Jaanu Naa

Shrishti eats spicy paani puri

Behta Hai Mann Kahi, Kahan Jaante Nahi

Koyi Rok Le Yehi

Bhage Rey Mann Kahi Aage Re Mann Chala

Jaane Kidhar Jaanu Naa

Bhage Rey Mann Kahi Aage Re Mann Chala

Jaane Kidhar Jaanu Naa

Sameer who is passing from there sees her dancing with some kids. He is mesmerized with her beauty at first glance.

Later Shrishti comes back home when she sees Dadi waiting for her.

Shrishti : you didn’t sleep yet?

“No I want to talk with you, go change first you will get cold Dadi goes to kitchen

Everybody else sleep in their room. Shrishti goes to hall

“Now drink this milk quickly you won’t get cold Dadi tells her to sit and dries her hair with towel

Shrishti : what happened dadi? today all this suddenly

“You tell me whats up with you? I am scared with your temper now, why did you talk with your sister like this Dadi asks her

“I don’t know what happens to me but even if I don’t want to I vent my anger on her, thats why I tell her to stay away from me, I cannot handle my anger Shrishti puts hand on her lap

Dadi : you have to learn to control your anger or one day you will land up in big trouble

“I am very stressed dadi with everything, I dont’ know what to do my heart and mind are fighting  everyday’ Shrishti gets tearful

Dadi : remember this word of your dadi, leave few things on god and if your heart is true it will never let you go wrong way don’t hold your past very tightly let it go and move on, everything will be fine go and sleep good night

Shrishti ; good night dadi (leaves)

“Wahiguru please don’t let my girls ever get astray help them and my Shrishti show her ray of hope Dadi prays

Phoenix company

Pragya makes all arrangement for Abhi’s concert in evening

Sophia ; Pragya why don’t you go at venue and check everything

Pragya : yes ma’am I will go and check (leaves for venue)

Abhi comes to studio asking for Pragya

Sophia ; Sir she went to venue to make arrangement for your concert

Abhi : okay but remember there should be no mistake in this concert


Maya : Hey Preeta I have some exciting news of you

Preeta : what is it?

Maya ; this morning I got a call from sports academy they need a physio for team, their physio is not available

Preeta ; really? but I have no experience about on sports team

Maya : oh come on you are a doctor, you just have to treat if anybody gets injured

Preeta gets nervous and excited too at the same time. She goes to the field to meet coach and the team members

Rishab : Preetaji you here?

Preeta : actually Maya sent me here, she said one team needs a physio

Rishab : oh yea Karan’s cricket team needs a phsyio their is not available

Preeta : okay

Coach : you are here? come I will introduce you to team members

Rishab : best of luck

Preeta ; thank you

Concert venue 

Pragya : hurry up we don’t have much time concert is in few hours (stands up on ladder)

Abhi comes there and is taken aback with her dedication for work. He sees her feet is about to slip from ladder. In process both ends up falling on each other. Pragya falls on his top sharing eye lock

Reh Bhi Na Paaye Yaar

Seh Bhi Na Paaye Yaar

Behti Hi Jaaye Dastaan

Reh Bhi Na Paaye Yaar

Seh Bhi Na Paaye Yaar

Behti Hi Jaaye Dastaan

Umra Bhar Ka Intezaar

Ik Pal Bhi Na Karaar

Ungli Pe Nachaaye Dastaan

Abhi tugs her hair behind ear. Her scarf gets stuck on his chain.

Ho..Apne Roothein, Paraaye Roothein

Yaar Roothein Naa..

Khwaab Tootein, Waade Tootein

Dil Yeh Toote Naa..

Roothe To Khuda Bhi Roothe

Saath Chhoote Naa..

Roothe To Khuda Bhi Roothe

Saath Chhoote Naa..

O Allah Waariyan

O Main To Haariyan

O Tooti Yaariyan Mila De Oye.

Both gets uncomfortable and stands up.

Abhi : sorry you were going to fall

Pragya : thanks (adjusts her duppatta) you here? did you need anything

Abhi ; no actually I just came to check if everything is ready

Pragya : don’t worry there will be no problem

Bulbul is looking something in store for Pragya’s birthday. She looks at very beautiful show piece with quote ” Best sister. Before she could pick up Purab chooses same one

Bulbul ; dont even think about it

Purab ; excuse me I saw it first so this is mine leave this

Bulbul ; being a cop you are arguing with a citizen so rude

Purab : hello excuse me, I help people in need not your personal servant

Bulbul ; I dont care who you are leave this show piece right now and you owe me an apology for that day

Purab : what nonsense

Both fights for that same gift for their respective sisters.

Precap ; Abhi’s concert goes haywire leading to big drama on venue. Durga arrives to India. Preeta becomes physio of Karan’s team. Shrishti and Sameer’s meeting


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