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Preetan, Abhigya & Rabul FF : Shades Of Relationships Part 6

Arora house 

Karan drops Preeta outside her house

“Thanks she says smiling

Karan : I dont’ take people’s sorry and thank you, it was my duty

Preeta : won’t you come inside

Karan ; few minutes ago you were feeling embarrassed with me to come here

Preeta : nothing like that, you know we belong to middle class family and people look for gossip

Karan ; only free people do that, one should not change their conscience, maybe next time

Preeta : okay bye (leaves)

Karan watches her going inside. She turns around at the door waving him. He leaves

Phoneix company 

Abhi tries to find the electricity box in the office when Pragya was holding his hand.

Abhi : please keep the candle little front so I can see

Pragya : sorry I am scared of dark

“Okay don’t worry I won’ leave you Abhi assures her calmly

Both finds the electricity box in the corner.

Thunderstorm lights

Abhi : I think due to weather all wires got circuit, you were right its not safe to hold concert here

Pragya : now what will we do? we can’t even go out in this condition

Abhi : I guess we should wait till storm calms down lets sit

Both finds comfort in the cabin resting at sofa.

“I should make her feel better Abhi says

Pragya looks outside the window watching every drops of rain

Abhi : what are you looking?

Pragya : this rain, did you ever feel those drops? (puts her hand outside)

Abhi : no why is it too special

“Try it once in life they have their own feelings, sometimes when you are too much stressed feel those drops on face, you are singer right maybe this rain will inspire you Pragya tells her inner feelings

Abhi ; there is so much to learn from you, actually I never got time in life, mom dad passed away I started working in early age so dadi can relax

Pragya : even my dad died, as a elder daughter I have to help mom, and take care of three sister you know how hard that would be

Abhi : thats too much, you have three sisters?

Pragya : oh yes all three are different poles, north south and west

Abhi ; and you are east?

Pragya (laughs) : I don’t know maybe but they are my world

Abhi : ever since I got mature all I got fans around me, nobody I can trust as friend

Pragya : one should trust themselves first only they give change to others, I am tired

Abhi : why don’t you take some rest on sofa? I will let you know when rain stops

Pragya ; you won’t sleep?

Abhi ; I don’t sleep much you know

“I will sleep on floor, I am used to it but you won’t be able to Pragya tells him

Abhi : I have high status right now but I also come from same background as you

” My mom says when you can’t sleep just close your eyes and think of something you never did try this trick Pragya rests on sofa closing her eyes feeling safe

Abhi keeps looking at her and recall her inspiring words dozing off on floor.

Rainy weather, people often consider to be romantic for love and every emotion but some feelings are hard to define. Two strangers share heart then loved ones. Female voice 

Khanna house

Ruhi comes back home when she sees lock is already opened. She does not see Purab’s car outside and doubts about thief.

“Who is it, come out quickly Ruhi takes the gun out pointing

“I would have but please put that gun down I am ready to surrender a male voice comes

Ruhi : fine I won’t shoot now come out

The person puts hands on her eyes

“Who is it, oh my god Sameer Ruhi realizes and turns around

Sameer (her childhood friend) : hello

“Oh my god you scared hell out of me, hmm you were testing a cop’s sister Ruhi hugs him excitedly

Sameer : of course I wanted to see if you are really a cop’s sister

Ruhi : and you dared to barged in a police’s house like thief (plays with gun funnily)

Sameer : what will you do? send me to jail ?

Ruhi : I wish I could arrest you in my prison for lifetime

Sameer : now will you stay like this or give me some food I am starving yaar

Ruhi : Chaaya get the food, I will just come

Sameer : wow amazing I just loved it

“You didn’t tell me about your arrival from Pune when did you come ask him

Sameer ; this morning forget mine how is your famous fashion magazine company running

Ruhi ; just great you know I got big contract from Paris league they are coming for fashion show soon but I need a photographer

Sameer ; come on, who can deny working with your company

Ruhi : I gave so many ads and did interviews but still didn’t get a good candidate

Sameer ; what type of person you want?

Ruhi : the one who can capture live moment who have passion, that strive to achieve something and work for ambition not money

Sameer : thats very hard to find my dear, but don’t delay much, okay I will take leave I have to go home bye buddy take care

Ruhi : bye (thinks of something)

Sameer and Ruhi’s relation was like deep water more one goes more they find themselves deep. Ruhi loved Sameer more than anything but it is said na nothing excessive is good for health. Voiceover hints about something 

Abhi drops Pragya home after roads are clear as well as weather improves.

Pragya : thank you for everything, take care

Abhi (Stops her) : Pragya, thanks for being such a nice friend

Pragya ; good night Sir (leaves)

She leaves her small piece of earring on the door while going out.

Allah Waariya bg 


Durga wakes up with heavy head when somebody gives her tablet and water.

Armaan ; freshen up and have some breakfast with medicine

Durga (still in same mode) : bhai sorry last night I got little high

Armaan ; be ready we are going out, I am waiting for you outside

Nandita and Uday have argument in early morning due to Durga’s behavior

“Explain your daughter, the name I earned with so much effort she is disgracing like sand Uday breaks glass and blames her for being bad mother

Nandita ; is she my alone daughter, why didn’t you show any responsibility on her

Uday : don’t spoil my mood in early morning, I have very important meeting

Nandita : you and your work, at least think you have family also

Uday ; I also have to run business along with your nonsense, you couldn’t give me a son, instead gave me a burden she herself is doing nothing only enjoying my money

Durga hears their conversation putting hands on her ears with fear. She has seen her parents fighting ever since she has become mature to understand. Only one person who hold her hand in darkest storm was her brother Armaan. Both of them come out and see her leaning against wall.

Uday : and you? if you cannot raise my name at least don’t try to disgrace it, yesterday again you were at police station

“Dad I am so,,,sorry she stammers with fear

Uday ; sorry my foot, if again you do anything like that mind it you won’t step out from this house

Armaan stops him midway from hitting her. She hides behind him like child

“Don’t worry nothing has happened, she won’t repeat the mistake again Armaan makes eye contact with him sternly

Uday leaves

Nandita : when will you stop your mistakes Durga, every time I have to hear because of you, please think about our reputation before doing anything like this (leaves furiously)

“Bhai that Durga cries

Armaan : its okay (consoles her) lets go we are going out na come

Kritika and Armaan decides to cheer up Durga by taking to shopping mall.

Kritika : why don’t you try this dress? you will look gorgeous

Armaan : please your choice is very bad my sister is very classy and this is too simple

Kritika ; excuse me, beauty is judged by inner side okay

Armaan ; whoever said that might be this universes’ fool

Kritka (runs after him) ; you called me stupid

Armaan ; I didn’t even take your name, you know yourself good

Durga leaves outside silently without reaction. The duo gets tensed with her behavior

Armaan ; I don’t know what to do, I tried everything

Kritika ; you have not maybe thats why she has become corpse

Armaan : what do you mean?

Kritika ; I am still saying send her to india, you see how she is changed living there

In old days daughters were considered as burden to people, as they turn 18 get them married and relieve with responsibility. But there were some people who wanted their daughters to become famous and strong. That day I also realized it was not timing or culture but people’s greedy nature who drove them away from relations. Even today when I see Durga I ask same question is she the same one who got scared even with talking to people Voice over says 


Later at night Shrishti and Bulbul starts preparation of their exams.

Preeta ; hey girls time for milk come on gulp it quickly

Shrishti ; di please you know I don’t like

“You want to top right ? then you need this badly come on Preeta gives her glass

Bulbul : thank you didi, you know soon there is recruitment for jobs

Pragya ; thats great whats the plan?

Bulbul : fashion designing didi, I will work in that company and get experience

Preeta : Shrishti show your camera, I also want to try taking picture

Shrishti (Gets nervous) : di I am tired we will take picture later please

Preeta : but you tell me where is it I will take it by myself

Pragya signals her to not force

Dadi : you both graduated and got jobs let my other two birds learn to fly come on

Preeta : just few more minutes

Dadi ; no more, you can talk after exams, there is whole life to talk

Pragya : good night girls best of luck

“Dont’ forget about my pictures Preeta tells her sister

Pragya : come on all the time pictures and selfies let them study

Luthra house

Rishab ; mom did you talk with Kritika when is she coming back?

Rakhi : I talked with her this morning her seminar is almost done so she will come in few days

Dadi : Rakhi girl is getting mature, lets start finding grooms for her

Rishab : whats so hurry? let her stand up on her own feet and then think

Dadi : when did I say get her married right now? it takes time to find good boys

Karan : let her enjoy life first then think about marriage and she is still young

Dadi ; where is my other daughter?

“Did you adopt your phsyio Karan asks her

Dadi : consider it like that you will also say same thing if you meet her

Preeta : I am here dadi (comes there)

Karan recognizes the voice and turns around to see her standing.

Preeta ; you?

“You? he stands up

Rishab : you both know each other

Karan ; doctor madam tell bhai how do we know each other (Teases her)

Rishab : what are you whispering to her

Karan tells him everything

Preeta : he is the bhai you were talking about

Karan : of course he is my jaan, Rishab so you are dadi’s phsyio, you made her so used of you she is not giving us attention

Preeta : oh please she is elder you all should pay attention to her

Rishab : Karan aren’t you getting late for practice go

Karan : okay, bye Ms doctor take care of dadi properly (leaves teasing her)

Rishab : don’t mind he is just a kid, but his heart is very clean

Preeta : I know thats why I didn’t mind his jokes before either and he helped me yesterday too

Dadi : Preeta will you only do chatting come to me please

Preeta : coming dadi

Rishab sees her treating dadi like her own family more than a doctor

Jogi hona bg 

He comes inside

Preeta : Rishabji you also see and tell your brother how much dadi have improved

Dadi : you don’t need to prove anybody

Rishab : not bad, you know dadi made every doctor run away using all tricks I guess she ran out of ideas

Preeta : she didn’t need to use on me

Bulbul goes to cafe nearby her college when she sits on table not knowing somebody already took it.

Purab ; excuse me ma’am I am already siting on this table (does not see her face)

Bulbul : sorry sorry (turns around)

Purab : you? you should be sorry

Bulbul ; I take my sorry back because you don’t deserve it

Purab ; what do you mean? I just told you one simple thing I took this table before you

Bulbul ; I have not forgotten that insult, I very well know people like you

Purab : listen I am cop at least be respectful

Waiter ; yes ma’am he is very honest cop, and he came to this table first

Bulbul ; does it say your name

Purab : oh god why are you so irritating? this is public place every body is here to enjoy

Bulbul : I am not here to spoil their mood you are doing that noble deed

Purab : waiter take his money and you drink that coffee

Bulbul : thanks for the table bye and don’t cross path with me again, Waiter get me a hot chocolate please

Purab turns around to see her and leaves irritatedly.

Precap : Durga comes to india when some thugs goes behind her. Bulbul and Shrishti starts preparing to go at trekking camp. Abhi’s first concert goes little haywire due to his rival whom Pragya is unaware. Preeta’s friendship blossom with Luthra brothers

PS : Guys I am trying to give equal importance to every character and family in this story since its very big one. 

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