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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 15th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha goes to ekanga.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 15th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with balram saying kanha, since ekanga has become a trouble for us, you are supporting her. Radha says yes, why are you supporting that demoness? Balram says now kanha, I will kill that ekanga. Kanha says no brother, ekanga is our sister. Balram says whose sister? Our? Kanha says yes brother she is our sister. Balram says angrily, if she is our sister why didn’t nand baba tell us? kanha ]says yes brother but truth is mother and father don’t know it. radha says kanha what are you saying? After looking at yashoda kaki and nand baba, you have gone mad. Kanha says radha, you don’t know anything, but ekanga is my and balram’s sister. Rishi gargacharya says balram, kanha is right, ekanga is the daughter of nand and yashoda. Balram says but how did a demoness become

our sister? Kanha says I have to go and talk to ekanga. Balram says even I will come. Kanha says no brother, I will convince ekanga but I want to be alone, you stay here for mother and father. Balram says okay and kanha goes.
Bhadraksh says to kansa, bhagwan kanha is going to ekanga. Kansa says that chakradhari doesn’t kill any demon soon, and ekanga is still his sister and he wont kill ekanga, because I know Vishnu, he is emotional and for him ekanga is his sister and not any evil.
Kanha goes searching for ekanga, he comes to a cave and enters it. kanha says ekanga where are you? come in front of me. ekanga appears. Kanha says ekanga, you are my sister and our parents are same, because of your evil powers they are unconscious and can also die, save their lives ekanga, you can do that. ekanga’s evil powers appear. Ekanga says no, I wont do anything, I will kill them. Kanha says ekanga, deep down I know you want your parents and your brother back, then why are you creating hate? Ekanga says I don’t want anyone, I want revenge for what you all did to me and I will not leave yashoda and nand, if they die today then I will be peaceful and if they don’t then I will come again and kill them finally. Kanha says enough ekanga, kanha gets angry and says I tried convincing you but you don’t want to change, I wont listen anything against my parents and I was quiet so long because you are my sister, until I am there nothing can ever happen to my parents, even you cannot do anything. Kanha goes.
Ekanga gets angry and tells her evil power augar, go and destroy the entire village and kill all people.
Kanha goes in the village to balram and says brother, I tried convincing ekanga but she doesn’t want to listen, now she will be taught a lesson but what has to be done will be done by me. kanha says you being my elder brother, please I want you to protect nand baba. Balram says okay kanha I trust you. kanha goes.
Kanha goes to radha and says radha, only you can do something now, you are devi laxmi and only you can kill the evil powers.
Radha goes to statue of lord Vishnu and devi laxmi, she prays and says mata tell me what to do? Even kanha doesn’t have any solution and now there doesn’t seem any way. Suddenly mata laxmi appears and radha is amazed. Mata laxmi says radha you know that you are only devi laxmi, think about it and you will know who you are. Devi laxmi goes. Radha closes her eyes and then sees herself in vaikunth dham then she smiles and says yes I am devi laxmi.

Precap: radha takes the form of devi laxmi to fight the evil power of ekanga, augar. Augar comesand spreads fire in vrindavan and poison all around.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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