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Nimki Mukhiya 15th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki tells everyone she left Babbu

Nimki Mukhiya 15th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tune says everyone is talking about you. Nimki goes out. People talk about her everywhere. Ganesh says I think nimki was kicked out. Ramla says she is here to spend time wit ram. Ganesh says no she sent Babbu to jail. Nimki says yes I sent him to jail. What were you saying? I left haveli. They can’t dare kicking me out. I kick people out.

Mauha is in tears. TUne says your beautiful face doesn’t look good with tears. Mauha says they wont let us live. Ramla says they don’t respect a girl who leaves her house. Guddan says okay wait. She dresses and comes out. SHe goes out and dances on main breakup karliya. She dances in the entire village. Tune and ramla dance with her.

At night, Nimki comes to her room. She is in tears. She recalls everything that happened.

Scene 2
Tettar says to Annaro my friend has invited us in his son’s wedding. We should go. Annro tears the card. She says people are talking about us. Babbu says nimki is dancing and telling everyone she left us. I wont stay now. This is about our family. Tettar says I wont stop you. We will kill her. Ritu says are you all out of your mind? We have no power in this house. Until we have sweeti we can’t do anything. If sweeti changes statement we can’t do anything. Babbu would be in jail.

Tettar says Mahatu also said he wont help if this case escalates. Rekha says she has more power than you. Ritu says we can’t do anything until She is Mukhiya. BDO is her power too. We have to take both powers from her. Nimki would be another village girl.

Abhi sees Nimki’s dance video.
Nimki makes sweeti walk. Sweeit says glad you and abhi are friends again. Nimki says he thinks a lot. Nimki makes her walk. Sweeti is about to fall. Nimki holds her. She says I told Abhi I can handle you. He was really worried for you. If I told him about haveli he would have come there and fought them all. Nimki says he should worry about himself. Sweeti says what about you? Nimki says I will manage. I am beautiful. I am young, I will find another guy.

Abhi says to moraylal I don’t know what to do. I am on a way that takes me to Sweeti and other to Nimki. I don’t know which should be my next step.
Rekha says to Dablo where is my necklace? She says where did you get this money? He says I have a business. Don’t you know I earn. SHe says you don’t earn anything since a month. Where did this money come from? He says I got this returned from the tower booking. I have to return this money to nehar. She takes the money and says tell me where it cam from.

Sweeti says if he told me this day wont ace come. Somewhere I am your enemy took. Nimki says what are you saying. You should look forward to life
Abhi says Sweeti is so nice. I promised to marry her. But I can’t hide feelings for Nimki. Moraylal says you should talk to sweeti. she will tell you a way out. She is very mature. Abhi says you are right.
Nimki says abhi is a very nice man. You can’t find people like him every day. Never let him go.

Precap-Mausi says I hope nothing comes between this wedding. Sweeti says everything will be fine. Mausi says everyone leaves him. First elena’s mom then nimki and now you were shot too. Sweeti says Nimki?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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