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Mere Sai 14th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Helps Sahdev Get Rid Of Stealing Habit

Mere Sai 14th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Sahdev apologizes Sai for stealing. Sai blesses him and reminds him telling he has to get rid of unwanted things in his life if he wants to live a peaceful life. Sahdev says he was a normal child, but got stealing habit which never left him till now. Sai asks how did he get it. Sahdev says his father was very strict and never used to give them good food or clothes thinking we would spoil, reminisces asking jalebis from his father scolding him, not getting him toys and getting him pigmy instead without giving any money to save. He continues that he used to be sad seeing other children enjoying their childhood, then one day he stole his friends’ toys then stealing became his habit and he could not get out of it, so he decided to stay at home; his father taunted him even for that, so he used to

stay in dark room. He requests Sai to get rid him off stealing habit, else his family would be insulted. Sai says everyone does mistake in his/her life, and if they feel guilty and try to change with determination, it is possible. Sahdev asks how. Sai says whenever he thinks of stealing, he should remember the person he trusts and loves most. Sahdev asks if it is sister, jijaji, or baba. Sai says has to decide that and get out of house in search of work and take it as challenge; if he suceeds in this, he will even leave his stealing habit. Sahdev says he will follow his advice for sure.

Kulkarni looks at ledger and gets happy that all his debtors returned interest due to his fear even after festival. He finds mistake and scolds accountant for calculating 11 months’ interest instead of 12. Accountant apologizes. Kulkarni orders Anta o throw away accountant and warns not to return again. Kulkarni asks Panta to bring ledger of other villages, maybe accountant has done mistake even in that.

A traveler walks into Shirdi tired and requests Shirdi man if he can help him reach his village as he could not get any job. Shirdi man offers him bullock cart riding job and offers 6-7 rs. Traveler scolds him that he will not do a meager job for small salary and leaves yelling. Sai notices thhat. After sometime, Sai hears traveler crying.

Sahdev thinks of following Sai’s advice and goes to sweet shop seeking advice, but then thinks he will steal even here and leaves.

Sai hears traveler crying and asks what happened to him. Sai’s disciples passes by greeting him. Traveler realizes he is speaking to Sai and requests for help.

Precap: Sai gives food to traveler for his children.
Man angrily throws it in lake thinking Sai gave stale food.

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