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Love Me Not Love Me – Twinj FF – Episode 7

Love Me Not Love Me 💑-twinj FF 🤗 Episode 7

Twinkle Pov~


I stare at Mahi as he hugs Kunj back, Kunj looks uncomfortable and try to moves away but Mahi holds on, her eyes full of loves as she stares at  Kunj. What is she doing here?

  Twinkl?” She says finally noticing me. I wave at her and don’t smile, just a single wave. I stay silent not knowing what to do. I glance towards Kunj who still holding onto her shoulder. Kunj follows my gaze and quickly pulls his hand away. Mahi sees what happened and her smile drops.

Another girl I have to deal with? Does she like Kunj or someone.

Baby, I’ll get you a new blouse.” Kunj smiles as he walks towards me holding onto my waist pulling me towards his body. I give him the cold shoulder not saying anything.

I’ll leave now, and don’t you don’t have to”. I could tell that my face is full of anger jealousy.

“You leaving already?” Mahi says as she slowly makes her way towards me. I nod about to head out when I’m suddenly stopped by a hand, I trun to Kunj.

“She’s my sister-in-law.” He whispered to me.

It doesn’t look like it! The way she stares at you as a piece of cake, she wants to badly eat.

“No I’m not, not yet, I can still cancel the wedding.” Mahi says while sending a wink towards Kunj.

Just shoot me please!       

“Can I talk to you? Twinkle?” Mahi says as she glances my way.

“Sure why not” I give her a tight smile. She confidently goes and lays herself on Kunj’s bed. Like she owns it. Kunj stays it. Kunj stays in the living room not knowing what to do.

“Why do you look so mad?” I look at her with a fake smile_____

Can you b*t*h. Why you fake! I need to control myself if not I’ll kill this b*t*h!

I’m not the one who is mad. I’m actually happy considering that I had a fun day today,” I say as I show her Kunj’s shirt.

“Are you getting married?” She nods but than her face change into a sad one.

“But not anymore….. Jerry cancel the wedding, the says he found someone else. I’m actually happy because I have my eyes on someone,” she glances towards the door where Kunj is standing.

What the hell that’s gross , first you go for the oldest son and now you are going for Kunj hell nah his still mine.

I try to change the conversation,” why do you have the elevator keys or more importantly Why do you have his apartments keys?”

“I used to come spend my nights here when I felt lonely and it was like a routine and soon Kunj gave me keys to his apartment,” she smiles. Second chance my god. I shouldn’t have believe in Kunj . This b*t*h is giving me headache. I heated her even I was married to Kunj. She was an ugly snake🐍!

“Why can’t we just be friends?” I smile her out of all the people why her!

“Aren’t we friends already?” I smile and trun around leaving the room. I storm out of the house, not stopping as Kunj screams my name. First Aliya now Mahi what the hell!

I get home just in time to see my favourite show Supernatural (actually my fav also) with Sam. While watching the show my mind drifts off to Kunj and Mahi. What did they do after I left? Shit the bingo! I forget it at his house. I was to angry to even notice shit.

“Mommy, sleepy.” I smile at Sam as I trun off the tv and carry him to his room. I place him on his bed giving him a 😘 kiss on his forehead “Goodnight baby” I trun his lamp on and walk out. Going straight to my room. My phone rings and without seeing the caller ID I answer.

“Twinkle.” I hear Kunj speak on the other line.
“Yes..” I say, anger coming out of my mouth. I see Mahi as a sister. I know she likes me and now that Jerry has told me that he lever liked her and they aren’t getting married that she is after me. She found the keys in my brother’s jacket. But this is her first time coming to my house. After you left I told her to leave, I just called tell you. Please believe me!” Wow he said that really fast I could barley unfunderst . My anger slightly faded but it was still there. I debate on answering him but I’m too tired to argues so I agreed.
“Yes I believe you but don’t let her enter inside your house ever again.” I say jelousy spilling out my mouth.
“Okay baby, only you,” I sigh and smile, he always called me baby, Angel. I missed him so much I sigh once again.
“I’m ab—-” 
 Mommy, mommy! I stop mid sentence after I hear Sam scream.
“Who’s that?”     

I hear Kunj say from the other line But I don’t answer I hang up and run to Sam’s room, more worried about him than Kunj finding out about him.


Short I know i’ve been busy lately so I don’t have enough time to write but I promise the next chapter will be longer with a small suprise.







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