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Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 4 (Episode 11) BY ZAIMAL


Swara,sunny and pari were sleeping peacefully together when swara’s phone started ringing.

“bhaiya,your phone is ringing..”pari said in sleepy tone but get no response from her.she was in deep sleep.pari gets up,picks phone from side table and attend sanskar’s call.

“why didn’t you reach office till now..”sanskar’s angry voice echoed in pari’s ear.

“i am school girl how can i come office?..”pari asked sweetly.

“hmm and why this school girl didn’t go school today”sanskar asked with smile as his anger fell hearing her sweet voice.

“i was sleeping,nanny didn’t wake me up today.”pari said in her usual soft tone and gets confused after seeing around.

“this is not my room and its swara’s di did i reach here?’pari asked confusingly.

“last night you slept in office therefore swara took you with her.”sanskar said with smile.

“oh!….”pari said in thoughtful tone.

“now do me a favor,ask your swara di to get up and reach office….”

“i don’t want to wake her up,she is looking so pretty while sleeping.”pari said,staring at swara with smile.sanskar remembered the moment when swara was sleeping in her cabin.

At that time sunny gets up and looks at pari.

“pari with whom you are talking and why are you talking can’t you see i am sleeping”sunny said,throwing daggers at her.swara also gets up because of his voice.sanskar also comes back to ground from swara’s dream.

“bhaiya you wake swara di up…”pari said in annoyed tone.swara smiles and gets  up and kisses on pari’s head.

“good morning…”swara said in her melodious tone.

“morning…”pari said with smile.sanskar also heard her voice and sighed heavily.

“what is time…”

“10…’pari replied.swara felt like someone blasted a bomb on her head.

“WHAT???…..OH GOD! I AM DEAD TODAY,THAT KAHROOS WILL KILL ME”swara beats her head with both hands and gets down from bed quickly.sanskar narrowed his eyes at his beautiful nickname.

“i don’t understand why didn’t my alarm ringed today…’swara said,opened her wardrobe and picked up random clothes.

“it ringed but i stopped was disturbing my sleep.”sunny said while yawning.swara looks at back at him but jerks the thought of taking his glass she runs toward washroom.

“with whom you are talking?…’

“friend..’pari gives him phone.

“hello partner…”sunny said excitedly.sanskar greets him.

“don’t kill swara di today…she promised me she will take me to wonderland this sunday.”sunny said in cheerful tone.sanskar chuckled at that.

“when did she promise this?…’pari asked confusingly.

“last night,when i was not letting her sleep then she promised she will take ME only then i slept.”

“this is not fair swara di…you will take only bhai with you.i also want to go’pari goes to swara who just came out from washroom.

“where you want to go?”swara asked and both goes out while talking.

“why didn’t you let her sleep last night….don’t you know she loves her sleep so much.”sanskar said in chuckling voice.

“what is my mistake,i was not getting sleep.”sunny said while giggling.

“sunny comes for breakfast….”swara shouted from kitchen.

“partner send my plant….bye”sunny said and cut the call and run outside.



“God please save me…i will keep fast.”swara pleaded and knocked at the door.

“come in..”sanskar said in sharp tone.swara cried in mind and entered inside.

“good morning sir..”swara said with tight smile.He remembered her soft voice which he had heard on phone there was so difference.

“if you don’t want to wish someone then no need to wish….no one is forcing you”sanskar said with poker face.

“what do you mean sir?…”swara asked confusingly.

“leave it…files.”

swara walks around the table and gives him files then bends forward to pick up pen from table and her wet hair strikes with sanskar’s face.he closes his eyes.swara moves back and gives pen to him.sanskar looks at her and takes pen from her hand and start signing on them.Swara takes file from him and leaves,thinking that he didn’t say anything to her now she have to keep fast.while sanskar was thinking about the moment when her wet hair,touched his face,he wipes water drops from his forehead.


“WHAT!!!!!….”sunny shouted at top of his lungs.

“yes!…i did promise to your teacher you will bring good marks then it became my duty to teach you so that you can bring good marks…”

“teach me also..i also want to bring good marks”pari jumped excitedly.swara nodded and pulls her cheek.

“i need to think something…”sunny thought while looking at swara with horror.

“i will not study in this hunted house…”sunny said,acting of being scared.swara looked at him confusingly.

“hunted house?…”

“oh! you don’t know…”

“what i don’t know?”swara asked with wide eyes.

“there are rumors that one beautiful girl was murdered here and her spirit is still present here…”sunny said in dramatic tone at that hall’s window gets open because of wind,trio screamed.sunny scream was louder than girls and trio run outside.

sunny and pari run to their house,leaving swara all alone outside the house.swara keeps hand on  her forehead and looks at her house with horror.

“swara he was lying..there are no ghost in this house,calm down”swara said to herself and goes inside house slowly,looking around being scared.she picks up her phone and dials sunny’s number.

“sunny tell me the truth…there are no spirit in this house right?,you were lying na?”swara asked in very scared house.

“say something…’

“spirits don’t exist,don’t you know this?”sanskar’s voice touched her ear.her eyes widened and she quickly looks at mobile’s screen.she had mistakenly dialed sanskar’s number because of same initial.

“sir!i know and i don’t even believe but when you are going to spend night all alone in hunted house and love you life then i don’t think its wrong to confirm things right?”swara said in little scared voice but before sanskar could have say anything,swara’s house gets dark,all lights gets switched off.

“AAAAA MAMA!….GHOST”swara screamed at top of her lungs,drops phone and run outside.sanskar moves phone away from her ear at her loud shout.

“swara?…swara?”sanskar asked but he didn’t get any answer.

“damn women!…”he saidand cut the call and again start work on phone.after 10 minutes,he cursed himself and gets up.


swara was sitting outside the house and rubbing her hands on her shoulders and cold winds were blowing.tears rolled down from her,feeling pity for herself.she covers her eyes when car’s headlights made her blind.sanskar comes out from car.swara quickly gets up,runs hugs him tightly and buried her face in his chest.sanskar was shocked with her hug and kept hand on her back slowly and didn’t do anything else.

“she is scared…”he gave hismelf a reason of her hug.


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