Wednesday , November 25 2020


Leap of two days @mrng
San smiles by seeing ragini who forwards half cup of coffee to him..
Rag:get ready ,all r waiting for u
San nods
San holds her hand when she abt to go
San:signs her to sit infront of him
Rag sat on the bed
San:b4 and all u will drink coffee infront of me but now u r waking me after u drank it …im missing those moments..its seems like u r (stops)(fb shows ragini drank coffee after waking sanskar,both have their naughty talks)
Rag:seems lik im just fulfilling my duty,am i right?
San nods lightly
Rag:even im thinking so…its just became like a love …(eyes became moist)
Rag:y u r avoiding me??y u r not speaking to me like b4?(cries) y u r not giving my mrng kiss?
San:hugs her immediately
Rag:i accepted wat u said?(for not having second baby)then also y?
San:hugs her more tight
Rag:(cries)plz talk to me like b4 and in one kiss ,in a hug ,i wont became pregnant
San:smiles a bit with teary eyes
Rag:is it k?
San nods and tries to break the hug
Rag:(who senses him)hugs him tight…c now also(annoys)
San pulls her more on him…both closed their eyes by feeling each other

San:kissed on the ayush(ragsan baby)head and moves towards ragini
both looks into each other
San:pecks her forehead..bye ,i will b waiting to c on evening
Rag smiles happily by hearing those words after few months
When sanskar abt to go,she holds his hand
Rag immediately goes towards him and pecks his chin…bye
San nervously nods and went to office

Sanskar is continously blushing by reminding of ragini’s act…

San:ragini tmrw me and laksh going to mumbai regarding a project
Rag:(face fell)when u will b back
San:after 3 days
Rag nods
San:cupped her face..i know im disappointing u alot
Rag immediatsly nods as no and hugs him..u r making me numb by showing ur love by staying away frm me
San :responds to her hug ..but
Rag:but (smiles )im angry on u..angry becaz u r not even cuming near to me
San:becaz i control myself when im near to u
Rag chuckles and break the hug
San:im sry
Rag:peck his lips
San widens
Rag:u r cute when u say sry
San in mind:ragini plz dont kill me by ur cuteness
Rag blushes(as she heared it) and goes

Leap of 3 days
Laksh happily :v got project pappa
All smiles widely
Ram:where is sanskar? Laksh
Lak:actually pappa he met his frd there..he told he will cum after a day because his frd’s wife is admitted in hospital
Suj:wat happened to her?
Lak:nothing ma..she is pregnant
All nods
Rag felt bad ,becaz he didnt call her and say regarding his delay

Rag:laksh i want to c ma and pappa ..can u come with me
Lak nods:y r u face looking dull
Rag:nothing..i thought today sanskar will cum..i will go along with him (pouts)
Lak:so disappointed it seems
Rag hits him….

She stayed in her home itself becaz of shekar and janaki by getting permission from her uncle and aunt

@night 7.00pm
As soon as she opened the maindoor shocked to c sanskar over there
San:shall i
Janaki who saw him immediately welcoms him and all had their family talk together…
Sanskar tries to talk with ragini but got interrepted by shekar and janaki….

@night @10pm
Sanskar enters into ragin’s room
Ragini was shocked to c sanskar’s state
Rag:r u drunk
San:nods as no…i drank normal water oly
Rag:dont lie
San:seriously ragu
Rag in mind i dont know when will pappa stop his drinking habit..may b by mistake he drank it..i thought to spend some time with him by talking but he (huffs)
San:wat r u thinking ?(in slurred speech)
Rag:nods as nothing ..
San:where is ayush?
Rag:he is sleeping in mumma’s room…she goes towards him and holds him through his waist..cum u also sleep
San:but i thought to talk to u
Rag:but u r not in state to speak
San pouts
Rag smiles by seeing his pout and makes him lie on the bed
San jerks and sat on the bed and pulls her on him
Ragini got dashed with him…both had a eye lock
San:goes close towards and kissed on her cheek sensouly
Rag:clutches his shoulder…closed her eyes tightly
San:started rubbing his lips all over her face…when he rubs her lips with his thumb,ragini let out a breath …san smiles and goes towards her when his lips lightly touches ragini’s..(ragini got flashes abt sanskar’s decision).she immediately jerks and stands up frm me and starts to leave the room as soon as possible
San immediately holds her hand and pinned her to the wall
Rag::sanskar wat r u doing?
San:nuzzling her neck..dont u know loving my wifey
Rag:but san..san(her sentence left in middle when sanskar’s kisses on her clavicle bone)
San:started kissing frm her neck to ear…ragini by using all her strength pushed him a little when he bites on her earlobe
San:looks at her
Rag:sanskar plz understand u r not in sense..u will definetely regret of it
San:look into my eyes…do u really think like that?k but understand one think i will NEVER REGRET of loving u.(in stammering voice).turns to leave
Rag immediately back hugs him..i love u
San:smiles and turns towards her..kissed on her head…i love u too by saying he carries her towards the bed
Rag forgets everything in his eyes..

@mrng..ragsan r shown ..ragini is placing her head on sanskar’s bare chest
As soon as she woke up …she blushes widely by seeing them ..she got ready hurridly (to c ayush)

After few minutes
She came along with a cup of coffee and wakes him up blushingly…
San:who opens his eyes slowly ,holds his head..OMG wat happen to me?my head is aching
Rag:(worries)wait i will bring lemonnade by saying rushes to kitchen

San shown drinking juice
San:wat happened yesterday? Im not remembering anything
Rag:shockes..her eyes became teary…dont u really dont know
San nods as no
Rag became nervous whether to say this to him or not

Hope u like it
Next episode is last one
No ideas r there in my mind to drag it

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