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Agnifera 14th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Chachaji Wants To Kill Kishen

Agnifera 14th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

After Chachaji’s failed attempt to kill Kishan by trying to throw chandelier on him, Yash finds burnt rope. Shristi checks it and says it looks like someone burnt it purposefully and not an electric shock. Chachaji thinks he tried to kill his brother 20 years ago and now Kishan for famly wealth, but failed. He enters and says who would harm Kishen, it is just an accident and disperses family. After sometime, Kishen gets ready to leave for work when a goon enters and frightens Kishen to accept his project. Kishen says he is not interested in his illegal project. Goon warns denying him is denying minster. Kishan says he does not care and warns to get out. Goons pull gun. Devi shouts. Kishen says he is not afraid of guns. Goon says he is spaing him due to his mother and leaves. Family gets afraid. Yashi says they should inform Agni. Chachaji says no need for that, he will not spare goon, thinks he will kill Kishen and blame goon.

Sakshi takes care of Devi. Devi says he is worried for Kishen, so she will keep chhatt fast this time for Kishen. Yashi says how can she, it is very tough fast. Devi insists. Yashi asks how will she prepare kheer then. Sakshi says she will prepare kheer. Agni enters and even she agrees. Sakshi thinks she agreed seeing Agni, how will she. KD enters and suggests they both should prepare kheer. Sakhsi prepares kheer watching Agni and asks Devi to touch spoon to make it sacred. Devi gets emotoinal and praises Sakshi. KD suggests both can take kheer to temple and then serve family.

After pooja, family sits for dinner. Golu serves plantain leaves and says there only 1 leave left for bhaiya and would be bhabhi. Agni says she willhave kheer on plate. Kishen says not all. Revathi says it is auspicious to have kheer on leaves. Agni agrees and has kheer with Kishen. Sakshi gets jealous and starts impressing Devi to grab Kishen.

Precap: Chachi gets snake to kill Kishen. Kishen gets tensed seeing snake.

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