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1st Epi – Chandragupta Maurya 14th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Spectacular Start With Energetic Young Chandragupta’s Mischieves

Chandragupta Maurya 14th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Voiceover says around 323, Jhelum’s battle had finished between 2 great warriors of the time, but dreams of conquering Bharath had not finished yet. Alexander’s aide Selukus had returned to Bharath aiming to conquer it via Magadh. Dhanand continues his unusual ways and tonsures a man’s head asking if he is thinking he is doing barber’s job due to his family’s lineage. Mahamartya enters and says Puru’s chapter has ended. Dhananand says hair regrow as their roots are under skin and if they remove skin, hair will not grow; similarly, human is hair and his thinking is his skin; Puru may have ended, but brahmin Chanakya is entering Magadh with Puru’s thinking. Mahamartya says they will not let Chanakya and his thinking enter Magadh. Dhananand says

brahmin’s thinking is via scriptures, he will change Chanakya’s thinking via scriptures.

Chanakya with Bhairav walks on Magadh’s streets and see poors being taxed 30% and wealthy 20%. A man pleads guard that he sold his shop, land, etc., to pay taxes, let him enter in and meet his family. Guard pushes him away ordering to bring taxes first. Bhairav asks Chanakya why poors are taxed 30% and wealthy 20%. Chanakya says poor revolts and Dhananand wants to depress them. The see poor being throw food on chariot. Bhairav asks why did they come here then. Chanakya says Selukus wants to conquer Bharath and soon he will conquer whole Bharath if he is not stopped, at present Dhananand can stop Selukus. Bhairav asks why would arrogant Dhananand help them. Chanakya says even when sun reaches its peak and gets arrogant, moon/Chandra will control it.

Young Chandragupta is introduced where he tricks a man to steal gold coins from him. His friends pull over tree via rope and he act as god and orders man to submit him coins. Man agrees. Snake crawls towards his friends, they leave rope, and he falls down. Man realizes thief wants to steal his money and shouts. Chandragupta wearing mask runs escaping from man’s aides who try to catch him. He finally shows his face. Man identifies him as Chandragupta. Chandragupta rescues his friends. Aides surround him. Chandragupta says it is impossible to catch him and jumps away holding stick. He continues running with his friends and man follows them with his aides. His friend hypnotizes aides and make them chant they are thieves. People trash aides. Chanakya stands laughing with his friends.

Chanakya tries to enter palace to meet Dhananand, but Mahamartya stops him and asks why did he come here. Chanakya says if he had guided Dhananand in a proper way, he would not have come here; Selukus wants to conquer Bharat now and only Dhananand can stop him. Mahamartya says Dhananand would not listen to him. Chanakya says nobody can stop him from meeting Dhananand. He enters Dhananand’s royal court. Dhananand acts as surprised seeing him there and ordres courtmen to respect the great scholar and then starts insulting him.

Precap: Dhananand insults Chanakya puulling his hair.
Chanakya takes oath to throw away Dhananand and replace him with a comptabile king.

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