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Silence whisper with a devil ( Epilogue )

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Thanks for all comments so here the epilogue 😉😉😉😉


After 1 year , 

Vansh POV, 

I am going to meet her today as everyday…. I was visiting her every day to talk with her to share my daily memories to feel her warmth to touch her….. but today is special for her…..

ha today is her birthday……

I look at the ring and caressed it with a smile….. Happy birthday sweetheart…..

Holding a bunch of white lily I went to the place where my sweetheart waiting to see me …..

ha it’s cemetery 

She was a nature lover indeed …… once she told me that she wants walk with me in road that covered with petals of cherry blossom…. she loved that pink view when the cherry blossom season came ….

So I made her grave under a cherry blossom tree to fulfil her wish…. indeed that cemetery was calm ,peaceful and beautiful place even though it carries sadness….

( imagine a place like this )

( imagine a place like this )

”sweetheart see you devil came to see you” I said placing the flowers on the grave…. I bent down and sit beside the grave to have a little talk with my sweetheart….when I sit beside her I literally feels her warmth and scent like she is really beside me….

”today not only flowers but also I have something else for you….. your favourite” I said placing the mint chocolate ice cream cup….

”If you were here , I am sure you will jump in happiness seeing the ice cream cup” I said leaving a little chuckle….

”Happy birthday anyway ….. you are getting older ”I giggled to myself….

”Kabir and Sejal getting married …. will they take me as a groom mate? maybe there will be more beautiful girls for bridesmaids…. may I look for one for me there…..not a bad idea though” I chuckled looking at her photo….

”awww” I scream a little as a dread branch from blossom tree fell on my head like Ridz is cursing me for what I said……. a smile crept on my face …..

”is that you sweetheart? are you jealousy that I will look at other girls….don’t worry no one is better than my chatter box ” I said giving flying kiss to her photo…. every memory with her began flash in my mind making my heart broke into million pieces

”how are you doing in your world sweetheart….. I am sure you are an angle now as the only sin you did was loving this devil….but for it’s hard to survive without you…. without your jokes,your laugh, your childish behaviour , your craziness my whole life become empty…. ” I said while a light sob left from me and tears began roll down….

”I am sorry I shouldn’t cry …it’s your birthday …I should have happy…but…but I can’t sweetheart….please…please come back….. ”

”I am missing you badly….I miss you ” I said letting my tears to go ….. suddenly a water drop fell on my hand which made me look at the sky…. sky is getting gloomy and small water drops falling like my sweetheart crying seeing me cry…..

”I am sorry sweetheart…. see I am not crying….your devil is the strongest…see…” I said wiping my tears trying hard to smile….

next second sky gets bright with sun rays vanishing the dark clouds like my sweetheart happy seeing my smile….

” I know god is not happy with me but when will he send you to me …. when will you come back sweetheart….. my eyes are dying to see you….my arms are dying to hug you…. please….please sweetheart come back….come back for you devil…..will you? ” I asked closing my eyes to calm down myself from burst into tears again…..

my eyes opened feeling something on my hand …..

It’s a petal of cherry blossom 

one by one petals of cherry blossom began to fell on me like she answered me….like she said yes to me

like she telling me that god permits her to come back to me 

I gathered all of the petals and smile crept on my face….I am waiting sweetheart….I am waiting ….. I thought kissing the petals with the feeling of kissing her ……


After 21 years……

Vansh POV,

It has been 21 years since she left me…. and today is her 21st death anniversary….. now I am a business tycoon in India as a result of tying to live like a human as it was the with of her…during these 21 years there was no a day that I didn’t went to meet her to cemetery with flowers …. everyday , every second I breath with a hope that she will come back…. my faith on her come back never leave as my heart always says that she will come back….come back to her devil….It has been ,

21 years

252 months

1,008 weeks

7,056 days

169,344 hours

10,160,640 minutes

609,638,400 seconds  without her in my life…. through out that there is no mini second that I didn’t miss her…. every night , every morning  , every colour , every rain , every thing around me reminding me her….

But the hope that she will come back make me live that second 

I went to an ice cream shop where I usually buy mint chocolate ice cream cup for Ridz when I go to see her in every death anniversary ….. because there was the best ice creams in city maybe in India too….

I know it’s crazy to buy ice cream for a dead one and place them on their grave but for it made me feel happy as it feels like she is with me ….

as usual I went the shop to buy a cup of mint chocolate ice cream…..

as usual I went the shop to buy a cup of mint chocolate ice cream

 ( imagine a place like this )

”a mint chocolate ice cream cup please ” I said to the girl in the counter and after seconds she gave me a cup with a smile….. I was about to go after giving money when

”hey, a mint chocolate ice cream cup ……” someone talk to the girl in counter with hurry and she almost pushed me …..

”sorry ma’m the last one we had bought by that mister….” I heard counter girl say ….I didn’t saw that girl’s face as they was behind me

”oops…no…I want one..please….it’s my favourite ” that girl began to shout like a kid and I am sure she is so obsessed with mint chocolate ice ream like my Ridz…. I was about to push the door to left the shop when ,

”Hey dude stop…. ” dude ? I am look like a teenager…. aish!!! these days girls…. I stopped but didn’t turned…. why would I?

”I will pay you double but give me the mint chocolate ice cream ” that girl said almost dragging my ice cream  ….. all of sudden a cold shiver went through my body when her hand touched mine accidentally….




I quickly look at the crazy who pushed me asking for a mint chocolate ice cream….My eyes widened and jaw dropped seeing her…..My eyes got teary seeing the girl who is crazily explaining how much that mint chocolate ice cream is important to her…. I was lost in her… my heart is playing drums while my mind is partying….butterflies are storming in tummy… finally God listen to the Devil as,







From Devil to his sweetheart, 

I fell in love with the way you look at me 

the way your eyes met with mine for the first time

the way you smile making my cold heart warm

I never craved attention till I saw you

your soft touch, your soft and unique features 

make my heart flutter

make me smile

and give me butterflies 

I can’t hold back the crazy feelings

when you bright my dark sky

when you become my brightest star

the best day was 

when you whisper that 

you love me 

I love you

I want you 

I need you

living without you is not worthy to even for a try


only you can do a 

🖤Silent Whisper With a Devil🖤


Two strong arms wrapped around me while giving me pecks on cheeks…. the scent coming from him making me crazy and a smile crept on my face as only his scent can do that much effect on me…..

”ya babe….stop now….” without obeying he still burring his face on my neck making me tickling…

”babe stop now…you know it’s tickles me…. see I finished it…. today I finished it writing the epilogue… ” I said yawning while lifting his face

”did he meet her at last” he asked giving a little glance at that

”hmmm finally  he met her like us…. ” I said slightly hugging him….

”did you name it” he asked messing my hair….

”hmm named it… wanna see it… ” I said with a smile and he gave me the same kind of smile

”why not after all it’s the first book written by my wifey” he said pecking my forehead like a proud father… then I heard Ridhvik and Rehana crying …..

”babe they are crying…didn’t you make them sleep” I asked him who is busy reading the book I wrote….

”I tried but handling them at the same time is tiresome sweetheart …I think they are crying wanting br*ast feeding by their mom ” he said with a little wink…. ahhh what a father he is…

”It’s your fault ….it’s you who wants twins …” I said hitting his arm …..

'' I said hitting his arm

(Their twins…. Ridhvik and Rehana )

”anyway I am going to sleep with them today…. sleep after reading this ok…. bye good night …. sweet dreams my cute devil…love you….” I said giving a peck on his cheeks….

”ya sweetheart I am not a baby….wanna lip kiss ” he said pouting….

”In your dreams Mr. VANSH RAISINGHANIA ” I said leaving him there while laughing …..

Third pov,

he began to read epilogue of book and then shouted,

”hey sweetheart… see what you have done ….you have made me cry baby here….not fair… see…huh! that’s a insult for the devil….. ahhhh I didn’t cry that much that time”

he said with a little smirk and closed the book and kept it on the table while murmuring the tile of the book,

”Silent Whisper With a Devil” 

~~~~THE END~~~~


A/N; don’t know what to say ….I am in teary eyes now as I finished it with a happy ending I wished 🥺 This plot was in my mind from the beginning that’s why I had to make you cry in the last epi …..sorry for that 🥺🥺🥺

This was an amazing journey for me as this the first one I wrote with super natural features…. I tried my best when it come to super natural things hope you enjoyed them….💗💗💗

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Thank you thank you so much for your love guys…. 😘😘😘😘thank you for everyone who was with me during this journey….. and hope this ff made you enjoyed it…. 💗sorry if I ever disappoint you or every make you sad….

I start to write a new book called ” Yes maybe No ”….. It’s based on collage love story but surrounded with some mysteries…. hope you all enjoyed it too like this…. 😘😘😘

At last I want to say thanks for every silent readers too

At last I want to say thanks for every silent readers too…. and for now I’ll stop here…. thanks again…. and really appreciate if you can say what you felt when you read this ff….

so I will really grateful if not only active readers but also silent reader hope you all can give me little long description of your idea about this book…..😍😍😍😍😍

and some of you ask not to end this book and want more….

 so tell me do you all wanna a 2nd book of this ? 😃😃😃😃



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