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Rishton Ka Manjha 15th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Diya takes Arjun’s advice

Rishton Ka Manjha 15th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Diya asks Arjun to go away, anyone can see you. Arjun says I won’t go without talking to you. Diya asks him to go away, I am already worried. Arjun says if you don’t talk to me in 10 minutes then I will create a scene. he is about to fall down from the window sill but Diya holds his hand and saves him. Diya asks him to be careful. Arjun says you were there to save me, just come downstairs in 10 minutes, he jumps down. Diya says he is mad so I have to go and meet him.

Karan tells his manager that Arjun will try to make that girl win so I want you to keep an eye on Arjun and that girl. Keep an eye on Ragu kaka also. Karan recalls Arjun blaming him for corruption in front of the media. Karan says I won’t let Arjun come back to this world.

Arjun is waiting outside the house. Diya comes there and says it’s raining. Arjun says why do you not want to play badminton anymore? Diya says I am getting married and it’s my situation. Arjun says so you have lost to it? Diya says it’s the end of the game. Arjun says marriage was not your destination. Diya says my father tried to kill himself by taking poison. Arjun says your actual destination is badminton, you are playing for your father. If you tell your would-be husband then he would accept you playing badminton. He would support you and I can talk to him also. Diya thinks he is right, if Ajit agrees then Mohan won’t mind be playing badminton.

Mohan can’t sleep and tells Meera that I haven’t hugged Diya in so many days. I am always angry at her and I was offering her poison yesterday. He cries. Meera says I know you are stressed. Mohan cries and says I am broken, I am always scared what if anything happens to me then how will Diya get married? I really love Diya. Meera gives him 10K cheque and says Diya won this money. Mohan sadly looks at it and recalls how Diya said she was trying to help him only. Mohan says I will deposit it tomorrow.

Arjun asks Diya when is her wedding? Diya says 4th October. Arjun says so you can have an off from training. Diya says how? Arjun says we are both getting married on 4th October. Diya says you are getting married also? Arjun says yes. He asks her to talk to her would-be husband and show up for training. He leaves from there.

Mohan tells Meera that Diya will get married soon so how will I stay away from her? I will go and check on her. He leaves the room. Mohan comes to Diya’s room and sees her lying on the bed with a sheet over her but it’s actually pillows. Mohan says she must be asleep. Mohan cries and says I am sorry, I love you a lot. Diya comes there and hides. She hears him. Mohan says I will get you married and I will deposit your cheque also, be my daughter always. He leaves. Diya says I will be his daughter, I will marry and also get a job to support him.

Ajit is a goon, he is beating some innocent family. The family asks him to give them some time but Ajit says I want my money back.

Diya comes to Mohan’s room and wakes Meera up. She asks what happened? Diya asks her to come outside. Meera goes to her.

Ajit is beating the family and asking for money. Arjun is driving by and stops. He glares at Ajit.

Meera asks Diya what is going on? Diya says I have a solution to help Mohan. If my husband allows me to play badminton then baba won’t mind. I can talk to Ajit and I am sure he would support me. Meera says you can talk to him after the marriage. She leaves. Diya recalls Arjun’s words.

Ajit asks Arjun who are you? He says I am Arjun. Ajit tries to stop him but Arjun says stop it. Ajit is about to beat him and says you don’t know me. Arjun beats him and asks him to go away. He beats him and Ajit runs away with his goons. The family thanks Arjun for saving their house. Arjun gives them money and leaves.

Diya comes to her room and recalls her meeting with Ajit. She says he looked supportive, I should talk to him. She calls Ajit.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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