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Choti Sardarni 15th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Seher gets fever

Choti Sardarni 15th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Seher comes home. She can’t find something. She looks for Dimpy. Ramila asks what happened? She says my clothes aren’t here. Ramila says Dimpy sent them for laundry. They’d be here tomorrow. Seher says but they were washed already. I wanted my night dres. She says don’t worry let me get you your night dress. Ramila comes in with a night dress and says change. Seher says thank you.

Mausa ji reads stories to Rajveer. Ramila says Seher is calling you. Go to the room. Rajveer leaves. Ramila says it’s gonna be fun now. Harshdeep comes too. She says don’t think too much. Harshdeep says you’re so smart Mausi ji. Mausi ji says I will bring them close.

Rajveer says Seher what happened? Were you scared? Why are you sitting like that? She says actually.. Seher’s night dress is too short. She feels shy. Seher says this is the problem. He says you look nice. She says I don’t like these clothes. He says you lived in Canada right? She says I don’t wear such clothes. Dimpy ji sent my clothes to be washed. And Mausi ji got me these. He says wear my clothes. She says why are you giving me these? HE says you can wear this. Seher wears them. He says you will never feel uncomfortable with me. Seher says that’s why you are my best friend. Seher comes out. She says do I look funny? He says no. Rajveer goes out to sleep.

She says you can sleep here. She divides the bed. He says how will you sleep in such small space? She says I do. They both sleep.

Scene 2
Param calls Anurita and says I was making your cheque. I was thinking if I should mail it or would you like to get it in the person. Karan calls her but her phone is busy. Param says thank you for all you’ve done for us. If you weren’t there we won’t have meet didi ji. She says cheque won’t be enough. Get me coffee too. He says done. He says where? She says let me text you. Karan texts Anurita who are you talking to? please call back. She says who is he to ask?

Scene 3
Rajveer snorts in sleep. He comes towards Seher’s side and says he’s crossing the border. Seher puts on earplugs but he takes over the bed. Seher says go on your side. She says how will I sleep on the sofa? Rajveer goes on his side.

Scene 4
Harshdeep asks Bobby did you mix it in the pheni? He says yes. Rajveer wakes up. He says I was snorting. He takes off her ear plugs. Rajveer touches her head and says she has fever. Rajeer says dida call a doctor please. Seher has fever. Please do something. Harshdeep says this was my plan. What Mausi ji couldn’t I will do it.

The doctor comes checks Seher. Mausi says she was fine last night? What is she wearing? The dress I gave her. Rajveer says she was wearing the same dress. She was cold so I gave my dress. The doctor says she has viral infection. It’s contagious. You should quarantine both of them. Mausi ji says why Rajveer? He says Rajveer was with her. Lock them in the room. Harshdeep says Rajveer get all things in the room. Quarantine yourself with Seher.

Karan and Param video call. Param asks how is Seher? Rajveer says she has viral. She can’t meet anyone. The doctor has asked to quarantine her. Don’t worry. Harshdeep sends their stuff in the room. Mausi ji says to Dida you did it right? She says yes I did. Ramila says how did she get the fever? She says phenil I added a herb in it.

Karan says we are just a call away. Don’t worry. Rajveer says I am not going on a war. Param says she becomes a kid when she is sick. She cries and throws thing.s Karan says take out a copy and pen. Harshdeep says Mausa ji don’t worry. That herb won’t harm her. It just gets temperature for a while. She will be fine. Mausi ji says to Ramila your plans always fail. she says so Harsh is smarter than me? Ramila says your idea will fail. Harshdeep says something will happen before the sun rises tomorrow.

Rajveer looks at Seher and recalls what Param and Karan said. He’s scared.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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